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  1. To bad they cant use their laptops....
  2. Yeah nothing for me also.
  3. Our money and there's should NOT be in the same pic.....
  4. com·pli·ance /kəmˈplīəns/ Learn to pronounce See definitions in: All Physics Medicine noun 1. the action or fact of complying with a wish or command. "they must secure each other's cooperation or compliance" Lol......
  5. Must be having dunkin donuts on the table for these meetings to be happening so much!!
  6. Sounds like time to cut off some hands. Can't have sticky to fingers.
  7. Thanks, Will keep trying and change things up a bit.
  8. Opera search engine also has allowed me thru to the warka website. Still a few hoops, bit thru. But still no answer from them on lassword reset.
  9. I did a stupid thing. They were always slow, but faithful to help me rest my password. But I erased my old password because I forgot that I needed it to reset my new one. Omgosh. Its like I fell off the edge of the world. No response foe months now.. I have no idea when or IF they will help...
  10. Omgosh, This country has more problems and a red light district next to a police station.
  11. May be simple version, but still long on my reading list. 😆.
  12. I'm going to go POSTAL..... Oh we may not have a postal...... I really hate IRAQ.....................
  13. These guys have been around since the beginning of time, they must have loop holes in there DNA.
  14. I have 2 accounts in Warks. One Dinar and one USD. I was hoping to in bank transfer Dinar to USD account, then hopefully wire that to another bank more available. But that still is a long shot with Warka. But they did take my seed money at one time. Maybe with USA help, we can get it out.
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