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  1. Well Warka is near the bottom of ratings, hope it moved up some.
  2. Promise raising the value would of got my vote.
  3. Maybe they will be the next Dubai.
  4. One knows you can serve God and not have to be on holiday to do it. They should really try it. Maybe they think that if they have enough holidays good will prevail. So messed up. Or, all there holidays get double pay. 🤪
  5. This site is not to be confused with face less book.
  6. I will gladly have numbers in my bank account verses paper in my mattress.
  7. So much BS, they can't possibly get anything done before they are ousted or run out.
  8. Just haven't tried to go online with them in a long time. 😔
  9. Sounds like international help to me. And they don't want to be paid in worthless money.
  10. Taxes means paper trails... now they are keeping track of the money.
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