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Update from MtnGoat at TNT Forum Wednesday PM - 07/10/2013


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MtnGoat: Hi Everyone.

I hope I am not repeating myself since I was not done with writing my post and somehow I hit a key and my screen closed. I hate when that happens. I can't find it anywhere so I guess it got deleted? I will start again. But in case you also catch a half completed post somewhere please ignore it. This is the real deal.

It is nice to be on ****** and I hope we all stay friendly over here. Lets get down to business of this post.

This morning I talked to 3 contacts in Iraq. This is what they told me. Remember I am only repeating the news as I get it.

To make you understand I have to regress a bit to the past so bear with me. Okay?
As we know the SMART cards were activated but only in certain beta tests users and a % distribution in each providence.

They needed to know they worked prior to doing the entire rollout countrywide. They used a rate of $3.44 as we know. They had to go live with some. Once these tests where done they had to rollout the rest in groups.

Second, if you remember Iraq had technical difficulties rolling out the activation of the cards. It took entirely too long, longer than the planned 10 days they told the IMF. They requested a 48 hour extension window and they got the extension.

After the 48 hours they are still not completed. The IMF was not so happy to put it simply.

Next a huge meeting took place to look at the impacts of going full international RV while they complete the SMART card activations. The IMF decided to go ahead anyway with the RV. Incidentally many of the articles you are seeing from Iraq about removing the zeros are from the frustrations of the Economic and Finance ministries telling the CBI to go ahead with the final project to remove the zeros.

The translations of these articles are not so good. Also they must cover their butts with the population since they don't want riots. Someone has to take the blame someone. The CBI had begun the project already but they wanted the people to believe that the CBI was the bad guy and hold up.

Someone had to take the blame. Its all politics. Most citizens over there would not even believe what is really going on so why tell them. We know from our perspective it is held up due to the rate not showing up internationally as of yet.

The CBI is working with the IMF to get it done. There is so much now at stake. I was told to disregard all the articles about starting the project to remove the zeros. Its already done. Its all just a cover story.

Over to a call to the IMF contact today-

I asked the contact - So why don't we see it international and at the banks as of yet, if in fact it did RV? he said, oh ! did RV for sure. The CBI let it go already.
So the saga continues......

So I asked then what is taking so long for us to see it? He answered-

The IMF had to run the algorithms to assign the new rates again since the clock kept ticking with all the additional days. This should have been no big deal. As you may know the algorithm balances out the rates among countries according to the assets of that country. It assigns a new rate. There are maximum thresholds on the rates. Once the code runs they check the rates.

Since this has been held for the SMART card issues the plan changed. Other currencies slotted for the second basket had to be moved over to the first basket. Why..I was not given that information. But it happened and there were impacts when they did it.

Some of the rates got flagged were too high. They are now trying to fix the code to get the rates to balance again. They will continue but even when they do get it right there is still timing issues to contend with since financial institutions, time zones, etc,, must coincide when they roll out this many changes in currencies all at once.

I am told they expect to have it completed today and we should see the new rates later today or tomorrow early. Remember I said expect to get it done today. It is not me promising anything. If it was up to me we would have been at the bank and back home,...

If they don't fix it we could be sitting here waiting longer. Then again who is to say more issues of another nature don't crop up. Once they roll the rates out it will show on the CBI site too at the same time.

Later FOREX will get it and away we go...Some of the banks are seeing changes in the rates pushed down to them and some don't. These rates are just test rates. There will be a final push once they are ready. So we should ignore these inactive rates for now and don't go into a hype it you see something crazy again.

In summary all I can say is it was a mess! Plain and simple. Like a soap on American was the overall feeling I got. We all would think that something of this magnitude would be well organized and work like clockwork.

That is just not the case. Maybe the next baskets will go more smoothly. The good news is we are almost there and this could be our week to finally see it. I wish I could give you a more specific date for sure but I can't.

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MtnGoat: Hi Everyone.

I hope I am not repeating myself since I was not done with writing my post and somehow I hit a key and my screen closed. I hate when that happens. I can't find it anywhere so I guess it got deleted? I will start again. But in case you also catch a half completed post somewhere please ignore it. This is the real deal.

It is nice to be on ****** and I hope we all stay ...


I'll take a guess and say the ****** was replacing the word acid.

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    • By ronscarpa
      Hi Folks,
      Here's Mtn Goat's latest lengthy perspective for those of you who are interested or curious as to what she/he has to say.  As always, eat the meat  and spit out the bones. Please don't shoot the messenger.  Have a great Tuesday, and be blessed...!  RON
      Mnt Goat Tuesday Update - "The Spiders Web" Part 1 - 10/7/2014 

      UU9933 - “The Spiders Web” by Mnt Goat

      Hi Everyone,

      Today southern Bavaria is experiencing some of the nicest fall weather I have ever experienced in theAlps. The trees are simply bright colors and beautiful and the air is crisp and clean. However this all such short term beauty that will quickly fade into cold and snow. Then another miracle occurs. The season of winter begins and we encounter the joys of this new wonderland.

      Now Meine Kinderen are in der schule and I am sitting on a large outcrop rock overlooking the village today. Meine Hubby is here too so we are free today to discuss the pages and pages of notes I have written from hours on the tele with Iraq contacts.

      I come to you today to share my recent findings and give you an update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

      Today's news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 10/5 (LINK) as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

      I am sorry once again. There was just so much news and clarity that needed to be given to you concerning events now happening in Iraq and about the RV in general. Before I knew it I had 8 pages to send you. I am really trying to keep it short. Is this a record….lol....?

      I want to thank everyone for your great comments in your emails and letters. This feedback helps me s much to focus on your misunderstandings and so I can then explain further in my next news letter. I hope this news letter is once again informative.

      Today’s News

      Today is Tuesday 10/7 and the news is all very good however I still see some are clinging onto these make believe fantasies about how the formation of the new government is working. Perhaps it’s because you have been told so many times by the so called “gurus” this information. I do not want to address this disinformation now so much in this news letter as I already passed my thoughts on to you before.

      About The Global Currency Reset (GCR)

      What is this GCR? After all we are hearing this almost term almost daily in the dinar investment community. First I want to tell you there is not, and I whole heartedly know this for a fact, that there is not going to be 200+ never mind even 10 currencies all revaluing at the same time in the near future. The term GCR is not even recognized by the IMF. There is no GCR planned. Yes – there is a global reset that is ongoing and it has been for four years now. The IMF has already revalued or devalued over 150+ currencies since then. They had to adjust these currencies since many of these countries had bad balance sheets and were on the verge of insolvency.

      So this is the history of the term. Someone at around 2010 began using the term GCR in the dinar investment community. One these so called gurus. They did it to attract attention to their info calls. They may have meant well but they once again totally misinterpreted the data in this matter from the IMF. So typical of these irresponsible people. Thus the term was spread as rumor at first and now it has been used so many times people now just accept it as fact. It is all a big fat lie. Sorry to disappoint you ! Did you hear me…..a BIG FAT LIE.

      I am not saying that many currencies will not simultaneously revalue when the IQD does. But it is fact that 200+ currencies will not revalue together. If this was true then why do we only keep getting about a hand full of the same currencies listed by these guru’s? You know the ones I mean. It’s the same list that keeps popping up over and over again – the IQD, VND, ZWD, INR, WON, etc. When you ask them about the other 195+ currencies they never can give you a straight answer or any rates for that matter. Funny how though they can give you consistently the rates for these other five currencies. Why don’t they simply look on their back room bank screens and check the others out for us too? The answer is they can’t because there are no other 195+ currencies revaluing and when you press the point they simply can’t produce the evidence. I got to tell you there is absolutely no factual basis for this rumor for 200+ currencies to revalue. Enough said on this topic. It is growing very old.

      About the “Cabal”

      You have heard it many times statements like “the Cabal must fall prior to any RV or GCR”. What?

      Cabal defined- A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers: "Espionage is quite precisely it a cabal of powerful men, working secretly"

      So let me tell you something now that is very important. If it were not for the “Cabal”, as many of you refer to with vengeance I your voice and minds, there would have not been victory in WWII since who do you think forked up the money for the war effort?

      Also who do you think is now financing the global debt? Why has your standard of living risen so much in the last 20 years. Who lends you the money for these personal “luxuries”? More people in the USA now own private homes, drive multiple cars and go one annual vacations then ever before in the history of the USA. Why do you think they allow so much consumer credit debt? Of course it good business but where does the money come from? Are they not allowed to make money too? Do you think they are going to just give you their money?

      So you have to be careful about the “Cabal” since it is the hand that feeds you. Do away with them and replace them with what? Do you want a communist system of total control over all aspects of you lives and absolutely no say in the government. Do you want to live in high rise government housing using mass transportation as your only means of transportation. Will this then make you happier when the “Cabal” is gone? Do you want no freedom of choice?

      Always remember there are forces behind the scenes ever so secretly and almost unnoticeable putting the seeds of dissention into society. Yes they want to replace the current PTB or Cabal but with what and why? Are there motives other than looking out for you? Just remember what happened with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Go read about it. It is a very good lesson on politics. It all started off with very good intentions. We witnessed the lasting results over the dark communist years and now the aftermath with ex KGB leaders like Putin. Maybe this is a good example of what could happen to the entire free world if we are not careful in whom we listen to. Just some food for thought.

      Update on the Remaining Minister Positions

      As you know there are still two of the critical positions in Abadi’s cabinet to be permanently seated. They are minister of Defense and Interior. Currently they are being held as proxy positions by the candidates originally send to Parliament many weeks ago for confirmation. They were rejected then. I am now hearing the front runner candidates are - for the Interior is Hadi al Amri and defense Khaldi Al-Obeidi.

      Earlier this week we heard more latitude was given to Abadi to select the minister of Defense. Personally I believe he is going to pick Khaldi Al-Obeidi and he has been his choice all along. Obeidi is also now serving as the proxy minister and was the original submitted candidate that was rejected. This will probably, more than likely, be the next confirmed Defense minister if Abadi can convince the opposition he is right for the position.

      For the Interior minister, I am hearing the National Alliance is now causing the delay and has now finally submitted 5 candidates as they were previously in objection to the candidate originally submitted but would not forward any alternatives either. One of which is Hadi al Amri. I believe strongly this will be the final candidate submitted to the house for confirmation.

      Now I want to tell you how I came up with my opinion of these two ministry candidates. I had been told almost 3 weeks ago that Iraq's vice-president Tareq al-Hashemi (you know the one sentenced to death) was involved in a high level meeting in USA at this time early in the election process. He submitted the two names as appropriate candidates to the USA government. Iraq has been trying to back into these candidates along the proces. This is how I know these will eventually be the ministers. They just have to convince the parties they are the right ones. It is all about to be settled.

      So what are the other delays in getting these ministers in place then?
      The delay, as I am told, is that they also need to clean up much of the corruption that has been involved in these ministries. Then they need to put laws in place for future prevention of this long standing corruption that has been going on. It is sometimes not easy for us to understand just the amount of corruption involved. Maliki used the ministries as his main source of power grip and thus the ties with generals and upper military leadership must be severed and the proper legal chain of command once again restored. Also mechanisms used in the ministries of interior and defense for the past eight years has caused the loss of Iraq in the hundreds of billions of dollars through a complex network of thieves and fraudulent activities. Most of it is legal but obviously not ethical since there were no hard laws in place to prevent it. They can force many of these unethical politicians and leaders to resign but they can’t fully prosecute them.

      For instance one deal was for the importation of explosives detectors. These detectors turned out to be phony and did not work costing billions and also many Iraq lives. The cost of them was only half of the allocated money. So where is the rest of the money?

      Next Abadi’s cabinet investigation is finding it difficult to understand how financial records are showing that Iraq has already spent all the money derived from the export of oil since February 2014, even though Maliki did not pay amounts due for Kurdistan or oil revenues due Basra and other oil producing provinces. Also most of the other financial obligations to the provinces, which had fallen to the Daash and assistance was promised.

      So it is actually very simple to understand if you are told the truth as why it is taking so long to seat these ministers. These two ministries are at the heart of the Maliki corruption scandal that has taken place not just over the last 4 years but over the last 8 years. Abadi and vowed to provide all official investigations to prove Maliki and others involvement in these crimes to justice, no matter what position the hold, or immunity they may have.

      So in conclusion - can you see now why Maliki (as current vice president) is pushing his influence on his remaining goons in the government not to support Abadi and his cabinet on the choices for candidates for these two remaining ministries? It all makes perfect sense when you look at the big picture. I know it was along explanation but this is the delay. I wanted to give some details so you can understand and know the truth. It is not a simple process Abadi is going through as most believe. There is no conspiracy holding this up by the “Cabal” or the PTB…….lol..…Many are saying its not Iraq causing any delay in the RV but when they do this they automatically exclude an entire set of legitimate reasons as to why we still wait for the RV. They make it sound (directly or indirectly) like the USA is a conspirator in holding up the RV….just total nonsense ! So who is really pushing this conspiracy stuff on you
      Iraq’s Economy

      These same “gurus” fail to mention that Iraq’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. Oh did they happen to mention this? Of course not. They hide this from you or maybe its because their “contacts” failed to mention it to them cause they think it is having no impact on the RV….lol….. Just a minor detail overlooked……lol….?

      This is due mainly now to the funds having to pour into the effort to fight ISIS. Millions of dollars are spend everyday in the effort to rid Iraq of these insurgents. The recent financial news explains this situation very clearly. We can see article after article on this topic. Once again we can turn to the prior Maliki administration and point fingers to the legacy he has left behind and the long road to cleaning it up. It is also due to the huge ring of corruption in his administration. There are billions of missing funds.

      The good news is the Kurds are boosting crude output threefold by the end of next year and are now resuming talks with Abadi’s new central government, signaling that a battlefield partnership against insurgents is helping mend ties with Baghdad. The Kurds will increase production to 1 million barrels a day by the end of 2015 from a current level of 320,000, said Sherko Jawdat, head of the natural resources committee in the Kurdish region’s parliament. Output will rise to 500,000 barrels a day by year-end, he said in an interview in Erbil. So we see that long range funding may not be an issue and it seems that full HCL implementation is not far either since oil revenues is going to be the savior for Iraq in the long run and it is forcing the issue.

      Also this past week Abadi has come out in public and clearly stated he strongly favors full implementation of HCL and Article 140 along all constitutional mandates. It will not be long. I mentioned this too because, as I said in prior news letters, I believe this is what the USA really wants. A guarantee that the petro-dollar will be used in the sale of Iraq oil. This is all in the HCL law and impacts Article 140 disputes. This lays the ground work for a real possibility of bringing back their currency to pre-war levels plus equity. This is what investors have been waiting for.

      PART 2 Follows Below:     Mnt Goat Tuesday Update - "The Spiders Web" Part 2 - 10/7/2014

      The Ongoing Budget Saga

      I am now told that parliament will hold discussions on the budget this Thursday 10/9.

      I now need to discuss the holdup in dealing with the budget and why it is taking so darn long to vote on and open the 2014 budget. There is much concern in the dinar investment community and many believe the RV is dependent on the budget being passed and opened. So I will clarify. But like most issues there simply is not a short answer (if you truly want to understand the hold up).

      Where do I start? This is complicated but I will address this issue and summarize it for you the best I can. To truly understand this budget delay we must understand the root of the issues. There are no short answers.

      First let me say that in the past, post-war Iraq had very little control over the allocation of funds from their oil revenues. Due to the war their oil revenues were placed in a holding account (escrow account) outside of Iraq and controlled by the IMF. This was done to insure they could not buy weapons to be used against the coalition forces occupying Iraq at the time. This is common practice in post- war torn countries.

      Once most of Chapter 7 sanctions were lifted these funds now became the property of Iraq and thus get handed back to the country. This money now is in the hundreds of billions of dollars in these accounts. Also there are additional funds too confiscated from Saddam accounts throughout the world that were frozen and will be released back to Iraq.

      So how did Iraq survive? In past years, prior to 2014, Iraq simply proposed a line item budget and submitted it to the IMF for approval. Once the IMF reviewed it and saw that it was clean the money was released to the CBI. The CBI then has a special account where it could disperse the funds to other banks throughout Iraq that were used to work directly with paying out contractors or loading electronic cards for government payments.

      They found that the more they used electronic banking the less money could be stolen and lost as unaccountable. Corruption was huge. Total allocated funds were seldom never used up entirely since some of the funds were earmarked for the revaluation project and other project that have not yet completed. These funds were rolled up into supplementing the next year’s budget amount but for these same projects. So the uncompleted projects just keep rolling over along with the funding for them. Projects like housing, water purification plants, electrical stations, sewage lines, new schools and hospitals, etc. The question as to why these projects did not get completed is another topic but we know why (it is called the 8 year Maliki syndrome…lol…)

      So now we come upon the 2014 budget. Based on what I just said can you now see the dilemma in controlling this 2014 budget? This budge is huge and they also know now the make up of the new government and really, really want to kick start the economy by releasing these funds to finally complete these projects.

      Can you imagine the impact on their economy when they do this? - hundreds of billions (this is in USD not at the 1166 rate) being allocated all of a sudden into the economy. This will directly impact not just the Iraq economy but indirectly other countries too where much of the contract work comes from. For instance USA, Japan, China and many EU countries have already signed contracts for this work. They are just waiting for stability and the means to do business in Iraq (the green light).

      The Spider’s Web is Weaved

      Looking at three main issues facing Iraq:
      1) Security needed for the contractors and banks;
      2) rid of the government corruption;
      3) the fear factor (a road not traveled)

      These factors are all interconnected and can’t be separated in their implementation.

      As we know ISIS has taken control of many of the provinces or has the potential to do so. The future is uncertain. Oh- there is the uncertainty factor! How do insurance companies or bonding agencies work under such conditions on these very costly projects? So how do you allocate millions if not billions to a province if it will only get into the hands of ISIS? The answer is you don’t.

      Okay so you don’t fund that providence then and move on to other safer one. But what if ISIS then overruns that providence that was secure just days ago?

      You simply can’t control the future unless they get this security issue resolved and ensure the funds will not get into the hands of the terrorists or corrupt politicians. So do you think they will need a competent and honest Security and Defense ministers in place first to ensure the issues with ISIS and the new slotted weapon purchases (also in the budget) are used appropriately? Oh…wait a second….did I hear Defense minister? Could this be why it is taking so long to get this minister seated. Could the budget possibly be connected to this event too?

      Next there needs to be some house cleaning in the government too. It includes new anti-corruption laws especially when working inside the ministry of Interior. This department handles the contracting and is the liaison between the government, the local banks and the CBI. Oh…wait one second….did you say Interior ministry? Do you now see why it is taking so long to get a good candidate seated and confirmed in this ministry. Could this also be connected with the budget?

      Are you connecting the dots in this big picture yet? Work with me on this….will you?

      Some of these new laws are already written and are in the Erbil Agreement as I keep harping on so much. These are now rolled over in the 20 Unity Reforms I also mentioned many times. People it is ALL INTERCONNECTED !

      Let me now address the FEAR factor. What do I mean by this?

      Well the fear I am referring to is the fear of the government having control of literally hundreds of billions of dollars (in USD) for the first time as a new nation. Yes as I mentioned above this is the first budget they do not need a line item accountability with the IMF. This new government is very aware of the past corruption. Much of this corruption has gone on so long unchallenged that it has become a part of normal business practices in the government. This all has to end and end now, says the new prime minister Abadi.

      Second there is the unknown. They have never chartered down this road before. When this budget is opened there will be literally an explosion (no pun intended…lol…) of contractors and investors coming into Iraq. The country must be safe and they will know shortly afterwards if all their new banking rules, electronic systems and upgrades can work with the international community financial institutions for there will be global transfers of huge amounts on payments for work being completed in contracts, investors building and stocking news stores, shopping malls, museums, utility projects, you name it…etc. Did I mention the billions to be made off the tariffs and how the IMF set them up on the electronic global billing system (need an international currency for the system to work) . I mentioned this in more detail in one of my last post early this year.

      Do you now see how it all ties together like a spider’s web. It is complicated. So many of you investors want the RV and think it so simple. You make statements like -How hard can it be for them just to just pass the budget and spend it? Can you see now this is not that simple.

      Oh and did I mention that to pull all this off ….they will need an international currency and have it revalued to a true asset backed rate thus a true market value.


      Iraq (Dinar) - 1 IQD = 1166 USD(provisional post-war rate)
      Saudi Arabia (Riyal) - 1 SAR = .27 USD
      Jordan (Dinar) - 1 JOD = 1.41 USD
      Syria (Pound) - 1 SYP = .006 USD(beginning of hyperinflation due to war)
      Turkey (Lira) - 1 TRY = .44 USD
      Kuwait (Dinar) - 1 KWD = 3.46 USD
      Iran (Rial) - 1 IRR = .000037 USD (experiencing severe hyperinflation due to embargo)

      Can you see now that enormous wealth is being poured down the toilet everyday they leave the IQD currency at the artificial rate of 1166. Just look at the value of Kuwait cuurency. Kuwait has much less resources than Iraq however the political management of the country has not yet caught up to the financial. It is lagging behind. This is part of the “stabilization” of the country that is needed.


      So today I send you an update. Sorry no RV happening today. I want to emphasize however that events in Iraq could happen suddenly and there is often a lag in sending the news west so things could be changing as I write this news letter.

      We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers to be seated. You know how amazing this one event is connected to so many other issues and events (i.e. security, budget and reforms implementation). They are all interconnected and like the spiders web. They are all driving each other (interdependent on each other). Do you now see why this is being delayed so long? Even “long” in really is not that long as it is only a couple weeks now.

      I compare the interconnectivity of these ongoing events to a spiders web. Did you ever wonder how this very sophisticated device of the spider works? The spider sets his web and then lays back and waits. The spider awaits and senses even a tiny touch anywhere on the web, then it knows it’s dinner time…….

      But if there should be hole, a gap in the web, it’s prey then sneaks through and it misses it’s meal. Iraq now has to close it’s gaps (corruption) to capture it’s meal (prosperity). I sense this is literally Iraq’s last chance. If this is not done correctly this time around favor with the international community will be lost and the advantages they gained will be gone forever.

      This spider’s analogy is true to what we are now experiencing with the last steps to forming the new government of Iraq. When I say “formed” many of you I see are still confused. You think I have fooled you since I said that once it was formed we would see the RV happen. You listened to the main stream news media and they told you it was formed weeks ago. I have not tricked you. I just want to tell you the truth that is all. You have you ideal of “formed” and I have mine.

      But I then told you what truly happened behind the scenes and why they intentionally put temporary candidates in place for the Defense and Interior (and a few other ministries) knowing darn well they would be rejected in the confirmation process. Then according to their law, they can still declare the government as “fully” formed yet leave these as proxy ministers until they get new, more qualified candidates confirmed.

      I also explained to you the importance of why they desperately needed to do this to meet the constitutional deadline. Since they still argued over the candidates for these positions, they formulated a plan. It worked and everyone was happy as a result. Please go back and re-read my past 5 posts. This is an ongoing saga please catch up in your reading….lol….

      Can you now see (using the spider’s web analogy) when the government will truly be completely (fully) formed and stable and what I mean by this statement.

      I make this analogy because the events going on now in Iraq are complicated and everything is closely interconnected and interdependent like the spider’s web.

      As spectators we want desperately to peg a single event to the RV. We want to have a pin point date and a target. It is human nature to feel this way.
      If you want this then watch for these events I bring to you in my news letters. Keep track of them and watch and read articles. This is as close as anyone can get to any date. Google the titles and research. The news is all there for the taking.

      You also now know more about this budget issue and the seating these last ministers and why it is taking so long. It is all not some secret conspiracy to hold up the RV. The RV is a matter of course and is not driving anything. Did you hear me? It is not the driving force!

      The RV is a byproduct of progress not a driving factor. When Iraq gets to a certain point they will have no choice but to go international. It will happen when they are ready to do international business such as via banking, capital, contracting, foreign investors, or new ventures. They will have to talk the same financial language to the rest of the world. They will literally lose not billions but trillions if they do not do so when the timing is right. We now have events to watch to see when this time is near.

      I have shown you the rates of neighboring countries to Iraq. So you tell me how can they prosper in the future when they must deal with their neighbors when they have no currency? In reality their neighbors will also be the rest of the international community too not just immediate geographical neighbors. Can you also see some currency growth opportunities too in other currencies of the neighboring countries? hint..hint..hint..

      Then when can we expect the RV?

      All I will say is what I have been saying all along in that we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now FULLY formed and seated.

      I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed. This I know now as fact not rumor.

      Peace and Luv To Ya All,

      Mnt Goat
    • By ronscarpa
      Mnt Goat Update: "What, No RV Again?" Part 1 - 10/5/2014

      UU9929 - “ What No RV again…lol… ?” by mnt goat

      Hi Everyone, I come to you today to give you a quick update on the progress of the new government and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

      Today's news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 9/29 as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

      The news is long and I am sorry but once again there are issues I need to clarify and so I hope you take the time to read it and appreciate it.

      There is again much disinformation being passed around as many are intentionally or unintentionally drawing the wrong conclusions as to the events taking place now in Iraq.
      I do not know too if it is a matter of just a lack of common sense or if they themselves really believe in what they are passing out as information about the RV. So I need to address some of this nonsense now in this news letter.

      Today’s News

      Today is Sunday 10/5 and still no RV. What do you mean no RV? It was supposed to RV over the weekend…….Do you wonder why it didn’t? I am of course being very sarcastic in my statements because I think some entity is pumping this misinformation to the dinar holder community and using these intel gurus to do it.

      This is becoming very disturbing and to the point of almost alarming for what these people are doing to the dinar holders. I am saying this because if you knew what I know then you too would understand there is no way in h*ll the PTB are going to let the RV happen anytime in the near future.
      Enough said on this topic. Let's move on to the real news.

      Update on the Economic Reforms

      First let me say some are making lots of assumptions in defining what Iraq means by using this terminology. What does economic reform mean to Iraq may not be what it means to us. I am being told that for Iraq it means fixing the payment system for the citizens once and for all. Payment System - I asked my contact? You know the electronic debit system using the Qi cards.

      So according to my source the reforms they spoke about recently have nothing to do with the revaluation. Are there other economic reforms too that need to be implemented? Yes – and they will continue with the reforms as needed but in this case once again an Arabic translation caused lots of hype for nothing. Time to stand back and take a hard look at just how foolish all this recent hype has been.

      Once again I will say the $3.58 rate was merely paying the citizens of Iraq their long overdue government payments on programs such as rations, pensions, unemployment, retirement, etc,. It has absolutely nothing to do with the revaluation of their currency. I tell you nothing! 

      They have paid out under the electronic Qi card process before and will be paying out on it again.

      They waited so long to pay out this time because of the pressure of using much of the financial resources allocated for this purpose going instead to fight the ISIS. So the financial committee had to reshuffle funding to make these payments at the request of the new government.

      They are having technical difficulties aligning all the provinces to the same standardized rates in this system. This effort also does not mean an RV is imminent. This too is something they are plagued with each time they make these payments.

      Eventually they will resolve all these issues as each payment process is completed and the fix more of the bugs in the system. They are now saying the payments will conclude on 10/8.

      Iraq’s Economy

      These same “gurus” fail to mention that Iraq’s economy is on the verge of collapsing. Oh did they happen to mention this? Of course not. They hide this from you or maybe its because their “contacts” failed to mention it to them cause they think it is having no impact on the RV….lol….. This is due mainly now to the funds having to poor into the effort to fight ISIS.

      Millions of dollars are spend everyday in the effort to rid Iraq of these insurgents. The recent financial news explains this situation very clearly. WE can see article after article on this topic. Once again we can turn to the prior Maliki administration and point fingers to the legacy he has left behind and the long road to cleaning it up.

      The good news is the Kurds are boosting crude output threefold by the end of next year and plan soon to resume talks with the new central government, signaling that a battlefield partnership against insurgents is helping mend ties with Baghdad. The Kurds will increase production to 1 million barrels a day by the end of 2015 from a current level of 320,000, said Sherko Jawdat, head of the natural resources committee in the Kurdish region’s parliament.

      Output will rise to 500,000 barrels a day by year-end, he said in an interview in Erbil. So we see that long range funding may not be an issue and it seems that full HCL implementation is not far either since oil revenues is going to be the savior for Iraq in the long run and it is forcing the issue.

      Also this past week Abadi has also come out in public and clearly stated he strongly favors full implementation of HCL and Article 140 along all constitutional mandates. It will not be long. I mentioned this too because, as I said in prior news letters, I believe this is what the USA really wants.

      A guarantee that the petro-dollar will be used in the sale of Iraq oil. This is all in the HCL law. This lays the ground work for a real possibility of bringing back their currency to pre-war levels plus equity. This is what us investors have been waiting for.

      ISIS Update

      As a first effort, however it is imperative to get the security situation under control then Iraq can begin implementing the needed laws to safeguard security, the judiciary and the economy from corruption. Getting rid of Maliki too is on the agenda. I can assure you of this. The process has already begun.

      So far the new prime minister Abadi has repeatedly stated he does not want massive foreign troop ground forces in his country. So far it seems Iraq is not able to handle ISIS on its own and the air support supplied by the USA and GB is not enough to rid them and can only contain them somewhat, but they adapt.

      I have said this before and I will say it again that I totally believe it will take foreign troops on the ground in Iraq to resolve this situation. It is only a matter of time before the Iraq government too realizes this and finally requests the help as Anbar is taken by ISIS yesterday.

      This will be the turning point for Iraq in the fight against ISIS. Something to watch for. However when they do this it will be costly since any country fighting in this effort will be billing Iraq for its efforts to help them. This support already has not been cheap and ground troops could cost Iraq billions more in the future.

      So far what foreign troops that are in Iraq have been isolated from the general Iraqi public as they do not want to stir up more tensions and do want to present an image of being able to secure its own boarders to the rest of the world. They can not keep covering this situation up much longer. It is coming to a head.

      Okay now so do you all see how the dictatorship of Maliki is working to destroy Iraq? Do you see how he and his goons are plotting to regain control if the situation comes to massive chaos and desperation? This is the only way these dictators can maintain control. So Maliki is not gone yet.

      We know the ISIS saga begins with Maliki as does the financial situation too. Remember how he tried to block any oil exports from Kurdistan to the USA. Why do you think he was doing this? He wants the Abadi government to fail. In the process, while he was still prime minister (and commander and chief), he stole billions of the budgetary funding in the process of fighting ISIS.
      He did this when Iraq was most venerable and parliament freely granted him a large chunk of money for this purpose. Of course he created the situation to start so for him is was totally under his control. Remember he wanted that “emergency powers” granted to way prior the April elections even taking place.

      Much of this missing money was supposed to go towards the payments on the government programs. This is why now the Abadi government was so late in the payments. Do you see the connection now? This is why the citizens took to the streets in riots requesting their money.

      Maliki tried to create decent against the Abadi government. he was setting Abadi (or any new prime minister) up for failure even before the elections. He also instigated these riots. An investigation has now found that this has been confirmed.

      So you see this man and his goons can not be trusted and are only out to destroy Iraq. We will not see any peace or rest in Iraq as long as he still has any influence or presence in Iraq.

      This brings to the recent effort that begins the process of ridding Iraq of Maliki forever.

      Part 2 Follows:    
      Mnt.Goat Update: "What, No RV Again?" Part 2 - 10/5/2014 

      The Beginning of the End of Maliki

      The International Criminal Court (ICC) has already begun its investigation into the files turned over from Iraq on Maliki and his corrupt goons. The situation with the Stryker AFB was the icing on the cake (the nail in the coffin) for Maliki.

      There is proof once again he allowed this situation to happen and in fact instigated it.

      ICC is pursuing efforts to prosecute Maliki and all those involved under crimes against humanity. Why are they all of a sudden now doing this?

      Surely Maliki has been committing these crimes before and they are also noted in the corruption files presented to ICC.
      Well this time it is different since with Stryker AFB it involves the USA directly.

      At the time of the attack there was already plans to begin the process of training pilots and ground forces to support operations against ISIS. Stryker AFB is the largest AFB in Iraq and was turned over to Iraq when the pullout happened in 2011. It is a huge modern base.

      So this is a real sore spot for the USA especially now since their relations with Maliki have gone sour. It is the USA now pushing ICC in this direction and they are pushing hard.

      Did I mention Maliki’s immunity in his snug vice presidential role does will not prevent him from standing trial in an international court when it comes to crimes against humanity.

      So they expect that between now and December, a hearing will be held and from that a trial on this case. Once this case is pursued I suspect other allegations too will come forward and all will be exposed.

      This is the beginning of the end of Maliki for Iraq once and for all. This is how they plan to finally rid themselves of this parasite. This is when we really see Iraq take off and begin to move forward.

      2014 Budget Saga Update

      Nothing substantial came out concerning passing and implementing the budget last week other than they intend to begin the next sessions of parliament on 10/14 and the budget will be the first on the agenda.

      This has come imperative and in a critical state now since they just spend billions already on the payment programs to the citizens, as I mentioned above. Do you see now how they are always being forced to work in a crisis mode. One crisis after another. How is it that they are able to even get anything done?

      I mentioned why above. Until this entity (Maliki and his goons) are gone once and for all this will continue. Maliki sets Iraq up for crisis after crisis.

      Even now when he has taken a backseat he manages to cause chaos. He is always many steps ahead of those who really want to help Iraq.

      So hopefully we will see some forward movement on the budget next week (not this week) and more forward movement once heis indited.


      So today I send you an update. Sorry no RV happening in the near future. I wish there was but I can not justify saying so and I will not lie just to make you happy.

      We continue to wait once again for the controversial ministers to be seated. This now includes the Defense and Interior ministers – 2 of the key ministerial positions.

      I was told there was a very good possibility this could happen quickly after the holiday since the negotiations are ongoing and they have plenty of time to resolve differences.

      Also this week much progress was accomplished on the 2014 budget as it was forwarded to parliament. But we still do not see it done and implemented (opened to spend).

      As I said previously – The budget depends on the RV and not the other way around.

      In other words we need an RV first and then the budget can be opened. The opening of the budget is NOT going to initiate the RV.

      We saw this week the payout once again to government programs on the Qi cards (electronic debit cards). Where did Iraq get all this money all of a sudden?

      Remember too when you are trying to figure out what is going on you must think that nothing just happens by coincidence. Something(s) prior triggered the current event. The current constant state of crisis in Iraq politics just does not happen.

      Someone is behind it all setting up events to cause the constant crisis and chaos. The good guys in Iraq know who this villain is and there is a plan to stamp him out once and for all.

      This madness must end.

      In past news letters I also talked about the past laws that were written and are just waiting on implementation. These are the laws needed to the enforcement of judiciary reform and anti-corruption reforms in all sectors of Iraq.

      These laws were in the Erbil Agreement of 2010 and we now await their implementation in the new set of Unity Reforms put together to help tie the formation of this new government. Something to watch for. These laws once implemented will serge Iraq forward.

      Then when can we expect the RV?

      All I will say is what I have been saying all along in that we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now FULLY formed and seated.

      I do not want to paint a gloomy picture in that I do not believe the RV is years away. In fact I believe we may have to wait till the end of the year and I am coming to this conclusion more and more everyday.

      However, if the government could progress forward much faster than anticipated it could be much sooner than later. This every weekend RV rollercoaster must stop as it is not healthy and is causing much anxiety and stress for many of my readers.

      I can sense it in the many emails I receive.

      I do not feel sorry for you as I can not help your desire for the “hopium” rush. I do not have a crystal ball and so I can not foretell the future. I can only go by the events in real life. These events may not be what we desire but they are real and we have to face them.

      They are not events being played out to “fool” us as many are saying. They are not events to “cover up” the process of an imminent RV either.

      They are real events told to us in the articles and the news from Iraq. They may stall any chance of a quicker revaluation of the Iraq currency but it is what it is.

      I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the country of Iraq and its government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government.

      This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed. This I know now as fact not rumor.

      Peace and Luv To Ya All,

      Mnt Goat  
    • By ronscarpa
      Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - Part 1 of 2

      (Thank you George for sending this to Recaps.)

      UU6666 A Desperate Man

      Hi Everyone,

      This morning I sit and overlook the valley below. It is a very peaceful as the sun settles on the chalets and warms the cool morning air. It is a nice time to be alive and live in the Alpine region of Bavaria. It is safe and peaceful. Meine Kinder sind in der Schule this day so I am here alone to think.

      As I sit I cry out to the Lord to protect the average family in Iraq that now must endure this violence that is being perpetrated on them for political objectives. I say when will it all end? I see now the madness, the darkness and the evil of one man at work– Nori Al-Maliki.

      I bring some sad news today and I will not sugar coat it.

      I am still hopeful all will work out as the coming weeks progress. Sorry if this news letter is extra long today but. I really believe we all need to know just how dire this situation is and that it is real and desperate.
      Today’s News

      As you may remember I stated in my last couple news letters that this would be a pivotal week for the country of Iraq. I made this statement because the world was to see the announcement of the ratified election results today.

      So what happened? We are actually almost now 2 days past June 10th in Iraqi time and still no news on the ratified election results. We know this news is critical since it will show us the majority party, the new prime minister candidate, and the winners of parliamentary seats. This is all the foundation of the new government and it will tell us what direction Iraq is going to take and how stable it will be.

      Let us not also forget the mandate for the Maliki government and his goons expires at the end of this week. Iraq has a chance to finally break free from this tyranny and move forward as a nation.

      The current Iraq terrorism explained-

      We have seen through articles the desperate moves this current prime minister has done recently in an attempt to stay in power including the ballot box stuffing and all the other election corruption as noted in the 800+ election appeals filed since April 30th.

      I have stated that our biggest fear now should be the antics that Maliki will try next in order to stay in power.

      If you remember back prior to the April 30th elections Maliki tried to get parliament to vote in a his so-called “National Emergency” law. This law was written by the State Law coalition Council of Ministers. In this law it stated that the Prime Minister could declare a National Emergency without having to go through parliament and thus declare Marshal Law, suspending parliament, the Iraqi constitution any time national security was threatened. This new law would have given the Maliki government enormous, unprecedented powers and just in time to create monkey business during the election process too (an election he knew he could not win honestly and fairly).

      We believe the true intent of this newly proposed law was so he could legally take control of the election process and dismantle it for his benefit. He wanted to do this in order to create chaos and disorder to delay the elections indefinitely, thus staying in power. This new law would have given him the final means to complete his strong hold of terror on Iraq (as some say was already worst than the Saddam Hussein era). He would then have complete and irrevocable power in Iraq, essentially a legal dictatorship.

      Well this did not happen and the new law was never even considered in Parliament since, as it was stated by the leader of the council of representatives, (and I am not quoting) – [the power to declare national emergencies rest within parliament and only parliament as per Iraq constitution. The government must come to parliament in times of crisis and emergencies, present the needs with solutions to the crisis as appropriate. The deemed necessary support from parliament to deal with such crisis will be decided]. In other words we can see that parliament was not about to voluntarily give away their constitutionally granted powers to the central government. Especially to this man.

      So why did Maliki actually think they might let him have his way since it seems logical to us this was such a ridiculous law to even propose in the first place(based on his past performance) ?

      To answer this question you only have to go back to WWII and study the Nazi regime in Germany and the methods they used to gain power and stay in power.

      So now I will quote directly on what Hermann Goering's said on war and violence during the Nuremburg trials and how to get the people to go along with it.

      "Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."

      --Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

      So why do I take the time to tell you this today?

      It is because once again, as we near June 14th, just days away from the end of the mandate for the prime minister, we are witnessing a desperate attempt to use this “national emergency” tactic to take control of the country. We saw it once and we are seeing it again.

      So let us now see how this applies to the recent violence and terrorism attacks in Mosul, as Goering described it in the 1940’s:

      Here is the attack:

      If you have been paying attention to the news from Iraq you noticed the Islamic militants overran parts of Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul, on Tuesday (today), driving security forces from their posts and seizing the provincial government headquarters, security bases and other key buildings. Why on Tuesday? Why today?

      Is this not the day the judiciary was supposed to announce the ratified election results thus the players in the new government of Iraq. Maliki was not going to be part of it.

      Here is the fear:

      It was reported in today’s news that the battle for Mosul was a serious blow to Baghdad's attempts to tame a widening insurgency by a breakaway al-Qaida group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Earlier this year, the group took over another Iraqi city, Fallujah, in the west of the country, and government forces have been unable to take it back after months of fighting. (Note how the news did not ridicule the prime minister for lack of security measures to combat the violence)

      Here is the “I will save you”:

      The timing of this event could not be more obvious as to what Maliki is attempting to do. Yesterday in a nationally televised press conference, Nori Al-Maliki asked parliament to convene an urgent session to declare a state of emergency.

      What a surprise! Don’t worry Maliki will save everyone from this attack ……lol….

      Oh! Maybe he should stay on as prime minister for a 3rd term? We need his protection! Just kidding……lol,..,,

      FYI- Under the Iraq constitution, parliament can declare a 30-day state of emergency on a two-thirds vote by its members, granting the prime minister the necessary powers to run the country. But the speaker of the house must bring this proposal to the members for a vote. He refused in the past and so far he is still refusing.

      Can you imagine this – Maliki having this kind of power at this critical time?

      It is my opinion that parliament would have to be insane to grand this prime minister these kind of powers at this critical junction of time.

      As I stated this is a pivotal point in the history of Iraq. Will they now make the correct critical decisions necessary to move forward and take their government back from this would be dictator or will they allow this tyranny to continue for yet another 4 years.
      If you read my recent past news letters you can also see some long term consequences way beyond the next 4 years for Iraq and the region that could and most probably would prevail if Maliki could have more time to sink his nasty roots. .

      Surprise…Surprise !

      Does it surprise you now to know that the parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi is from Mosul and we all know his is a Sunni. Do you see the connection yet? (Sunni vs Shuites)

      Nothing is coincidental...!

      Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - Part 2 of 2

      We have seen the recent violence in Ninewa, Anbar, Fellugah and now this current violence as reported in Mosul seesm to have been stepped up. Today the violence entered the city of Baiji the second largest city in Iraq. Is this coincidental that Baiji refinery is Iraq’s biggest, supplying oil products to most of the country’s provinces.

      Remember too that the Kurds are moving forward in selling their oil since Maliki has stalled HCL and refused to budge on any real honest agreements on this topic. We have seen all the articles on the ongoing dispute and the ship now pirated by Maliki sitting offshore with 1 million barrels of oil destined for German and Italian ports. Why is it okey for him to illegally give oil to Syria last year when Kurdistan now is just trying to live upto HCl and the constitutional rights in dealing with the sale of oil.
      So what now is the real intent of Maliki in orchestrating this violence? If gone unchecked what is his final objective? Are you beginning to piece this together yet?

      It is of course only the outcome of years of neglect in taking the proper security measures to combat these terrorists in the first place. Powers that Maliki already has since he never seated an parliamentary approved security minister, Instead he appointed a proxy minister. Thus this gave him the needed latitude to manipulate the security ministry to create chaos when deemed necessary to satisfy his political agenda. He has been doing this all along. The UN has files on all this.

      There is only one person to blame for these recent terrorists attacks and that in Nori Al-Maliki. So he is the root cause and could not prevent the attacks in the past (as he has said) then how does he plan to combat them any different now if these necessary “emergency powers” were to be granted to him? The answer is - There is no difference since this is not his legitimate intent of his request for more power. He is creating this violence with the hope that the parliament will cave in under pressure for a solution and grant him the powers he requested. This is his last desperate attempt to stay in power.

      The good news is the United States yesterday agreed to provide all appropriate assistance to the Government of Iraq under the Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) to help ensure that these efforts succeed. I talked about the SFA in one of my recent news letters and how it might be used to control Maliki in his last desperate days. Sure enough here we go !

      By the way the elite Peshmerga forces from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are also now getting involved to assist. I guess the 1 million manned army of Maliki’s central government can’t (or won’t) handle the situation.

      I got to tell you there is much more going on then I am telling you but I need for you to see the big picture and so I am trying to give you enough pieces to draw your own conclusions.

      So why do I believe much of the radical terrorism and violence will simply disappear once Maliki and his goons are no longer in control?

      1) the Maliki government will no longer be in power to support these terrorists;

      2) they will have a seated security ministry, trained and capable of being proactive in the fight against these kind of insurgents who are not welcome in Iraq;

      3) the USA is much more likely to assist Iraq and provide support in the fight with more modern weapons and devices if they can trust the government in using them for there intended purposes;

      4) there will also be a more opne channel of communications set up with the new security ministry for the average citizen to report such activities without themselves being implicated and jailed for making these reports, as is now done with the crocked security forces of Maliki;

      5) today there is no real will of the government to combat this kind of terror since it is being used politically by the central government of Iraq for political objectives. This all must change if you are going to have any kind of real peace in Iraq;

      6) they must rid themselves of a prime minister who supports terrorism in his own country as a means of creating fear and reprisals against his policies and anyone who apposes him.

      Will Maliki succeed?

      Time will tell but if the election results are delayed beyond June 15th we are in trouble. The longer we wait this would only give Maliki yet more time to maneuver his way into the 3rd term. What tricks await us ? Its not official until its announced.

      Time always seems to be on his side. I have noticed over the last 8 years this is a common theme for Maliki and his goons. They seem to somehow cause this constant fear and chaos in the country and use this to legally keep stalling parliament and nothing ever seems to make any real progress. The only real achievements are that they always seem to make the money allocated for projects for the people to disappear and with no accountability. They always have an excuse too, Someone or something else is to blame.

      This is very typical of these would be dictators. This is a common tactic used. It is a well known fact in the intelligence arena . This is how they stay in power.


      In the recent past news letters I have given you some timelines. I also stated we had to stand back and watch to see how Maliki would attempt to derail the election process and delay these coming announcements. Could he succeed? I tried to explain the implications if he did happen to get a 3rd term.

      I do not bring you such great news today and I am saddened that Iraq did not make the announcements of the election results as scheduled.

      But I am still hopeful that they will not allow this terrorism situation to set them on a course of constant delays and roller coaster ride again with Maliki. I am also hopeful that they have the fortitude to stand up to him and do grant these emergency powers he seeks. We all know the devastating consequences this could have on Iraq. By the way this would only delay the RV yet longer and I can assure you it would be a long time till we saw any revaluation of the IQD go global.

      I am very fearful today that this current prime minister is so desperate that he may try yet an even greater event to create yet more fear and chaos to gain yet more power since his recent plot to get emergency powers does not seem to be working. He has only 4 days remaining of his 4 year mandate to run the government.

      You must remember that in Iraq it is very much like living in any town or city. We must have empathy for the common Iraq citizen. The majority of the people desire peace, mothers send their kids to school and their husbands to work each day. They shop and buy groceries. They attend church services. They desire to raise their families in peaceful neighborhoods. They desire for an honest, fair and open government. Do we not all want this? They are no different.

      These insurgents are most likely not even from Iraq. Once the dust settles we will find that they are from Iran. They are manipulated minds doing the dirty work of someone else.

      Think about this.
      What really do the insurgents have to gain by what they do? It is so obvious that there is another underlying root cause for what they do. Is it really sectarianism or religious beliefs that is causing all the violence? I believe these are but excuses given to us to detail the real intent of what is actually going on. Let me explain.

      By comparison to the majority of average citizen in Iraq these terrorists are a very small minority. It is my strong belief that they could never coexist in the Iraq society of today and do the violence they do if it was not for some kind of government support and immunity granted to these terrorist by the government security forces. Iraq does not live in a stone age and do not walk around in loincloths and live in caves contrary to what most USA people believe. Iraq is a modern society and moving more in this direction each day. Such violence and in a modern society can not coexist.

      The Iraqi people do support peace contrary to what most Americans believe. I hear statements like “they will always be fighting” or “they have been fighting for a thousand years and it will never end”. These are of course statements made by outsiders and very narrow minds. They do not really understand the Iraq people. They have never visited or lived in Iraq. These narrow minds then, by this kind of thinking, never get around to really looking at the big picture of who is causing the violence and why the violence is in Iraq. They narrow their ability to objectively investigate the root cause since they already dismissed it as inevitable. Peace is always an alternative it is never off the table.

      The strong desire for peace by the average citizen is very evident by what we witnessed during the massive demonstrations last year. The people of Iraq are simply fed up with all the violence and those in the government that are perpetrating this on them.

      They see the violence first hand everyday. There is something to be said about a government feared by the people it is supposed to serve. Is this not how a democracy is supposed to work?

      Believe me there is much more to this terrorism and violence than we hear from the international news media. Since we all know who owns all the major news outlets in Iraq does it surprise us it is so hard to get the truth?

      From the current events of violence my sources in Iraq are telling me this is Maliki’s own revenge war on the people of Iraq, especially the Sunni provinces for the lack of support during the elections. I am inclined to believe every word of it.

      So how can the average citizen in Iraq be instrumental in making the needed changes. What alternatives do they have but to riot and protest?

      They have attempted to use the democratic process in 2010 but see who they got for a prime minister. I believe the system it is failing them because of outside influences from Iran and the USA, who are still bent on political agendas of manipulation of resources for their wealthy constituents.

      Some say it all must change for Iraq to be successful. I am hopeful it will change and I agree. But the there are different degrees of success and change. It all depends on which side you come from and what are your objectives.

      For instance if you are the average citizen success then is defined as having peace and being able to raise your children in a decent homes (with clean running water and shelter); educate them and provide for them. Maybe going on a vacation once a year and eventually having the opportunity to accumulate some wealth and elevate your status.

      But if you are of Iranian or of the USA influence in Iraq, your objectives are much different and success in gauged in other terms. They really do not care much about the average citizen or the happiness of their lives. Instead citizens are just political pawns being used to satisfy the desires of the politicians. Sometimes they get in the way and must be dealt with.

      So you see the level of success in Iraq is always going to be in conflict unless the people truly have control over their own destiny.

      So today is Wednesday June 11th and I am still very hopeful we will hear the announcements sometime today if not next week. I am also hopeful that Maliki and those associated with his tyranny will be shortly a thing of the past.

      Some intel providers in the USA are saying this recent rash of violence is just a decoy for the RV rollout. This is my comments on that - total illogical nonsense. They have gone over the top on this one with their nonsense they are now spreading. Go tell that to the people of Iraq who had to leave their homes in the middle of the night to escape the violence. This is not a decoy it is really happening and it is real !

      The really funny part of it all is that some people are actually believing this nonsense and will ridicule and bash me for telling the truth. We all want the RV so bad that we will say and believe anything that gives us hopium.
      I do not expect to see any IQD revaluation international until just prior to or after the announcements of the new government with relative stability.

      I am now hearing from my Iraq sources that the judiciary will now wait until next week (past June 14th) to make the announcements since they are fearful Maliki’s goons will assassinate the candidates prior to being seated into their positions.

      Peace and Luv To Ya All,
      Mnt Goat
    • By ronscarpa
      Tlar: "Chalabi Will Be The PM" - 06/08/2014

      Lojak: Its always good to see Iran not sticking its head out in support for Maliki...they want to be with the winner too 

      Khamenei does not support al-Maliki and the names of four of the current prime minister

      Baghdad / Orr News

      Credible political sources said that Tehran has not taken a final position on the issue of forming the next government did not suggest a name for the presidency, and that contrary to what the members of the coalition tries to diffusion of state law.

      The sources indicated that "the religious leadership of Iran does not want to have its position Mottagataa position with reference Najaf, Consistent with this, the resolution of Tehran awaiting word from Sistani reference in the process of naming the next head of government."
      The sources pointed out that "there are four names approved by the blessing and support of the Iraqi political forces and there is no veto by Iranian or American, they are: Adel Abdul Mahdi and Tariq Ahmad Chalabi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari and a star."

      The sources pointed out that "al-Maliki if he is certain that his chance to return to the palace of government has become non-existent, it will insist on the choice of henchman and his chief of staff and closest to him Tariq star to head the government,

      while the Islamic Council, it does not tend to star preferably Chalabi or Adel Abdul-Mahdias heralding the Sadrists Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who believe in tolerance and Artakaúh an opportunity to influence the return to the state and the street together. "

      Americans, according to sources, there is no clear vision or specific position adopted by Washington about the future of Baghdad during the next four years, but the former U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, Zalmay Khalilzad, does not conceal his desire to return al-Maliki to head the government,

      but the conditions of them to get rid of last tendency acquisitions and exclusion and to return to his approach in the management of the state during his first term.

      The sources did not rule out the fact that all these names at a given moment and to highlight the name of the scene is not punctual any party to fill the position, which was and remains the subject of dispute and conflict and the removal and replacement.

      BlueyesinLevis: This is very very GOOD!

      DreamWeaver: Yes ... the "Seal of Disapproval" by religious leader of Iran and Iraq has no doubt sealed Maliki's fate. 

      Ralph: Sistani refuses to again receive the envoys of al-Maliki

      Najaf / Orr News

      Sources Najafip informed of the refusal of the religious authority Ali al-Sistani, receiving emissaries of Prime Minister outgoing, to discuss the formation of the new government file. The source said "the holy sites" in Najaf, said Sistani, rejected three visits to the envoys of al-Maliki, including a personal adviser, Abdel Halim Zuhairi, during the last two weeks.

      The source, who requested anonymity, that "the Office of Sistani told not to receive any government delegation at the moment, as well as the rest of the religious references."

      The source explained the move as "a rejection of the third term of the owners, especially with the fear of the reference held responsible for the failure of government and exacerbate political problems after blessing the second term of the owners, in the recent period."

      He noted that the Shiite "determined position of talks to form a government with two points, namely: a government that includes all Iraqis does not exclude anyone, and then change the status quo," a word of understanding some politicians as "an explicit call for change and refused to give al-Maliki for a third term."

      It was on the new position of reference mixed reactions among political leaders in Iraq, parallel to the continuation of the meetings of the political blocs to formulate a clear position on the map of political alliances to form the largest bloc, which would give birth to the new government in the country.

      The leader of the Sadrist Hussein optical method has religious references four in Najaf, and in the forefront of the supreme authority Ali al-Sistani, has been known for years, was rejected to meet someone who means a rejection of him in full, which is interpreted by us by refusing to meet with Maliki, or his envoys,

      but hopefully to turn the role of the reference to the compressor on the political blocs to expedite the formation of the government, specifically because some are trying to take the weight of the reference in the Iraqi street and the political center, the mantle Atdther out when needed.

      In contrast, the MP for the coalition of al-Maliki, Sami al-Askari, the position of the reference and the political consensus is not sufficient in determining the form of government, but it "depends on the consent of the countries of the region and the United States," and said that "the choice of al-Maliki as prime minister for the second session was part of the agreement Iranian Turkish Syrian and Iraqi internal. "

      And puts the observers refused to receive delegations from al-Maliki in Najaf, Mr. al-Sistani, in the box to strengthen the position of religious authority, Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi, who had previously denied Maliki's election, and called for a change in public.

      They said that the closure of the door of the reference in the face of al-Maliki in the time that remains rope friendliness existed between the political blocs and the rest of the references, is lined with a message to him after he had hoped to support religiously after failing to persuade the Shiite politicians within the National Alliance to take over his support for a third term.

      Shelby: Now all we need is to see the NA to say they are nomination Chalabi!

      Lojak: Shelby, you are on top of this !!!!

      Shelby: The Chalabi announcement simply has to be forthcoming within hours at worst don't you think?

      Lojak: Well, this is Iraq...

      Mike1422: I think the National Alliance are waiting for the official election results before they lower the boom on Mr. Potato Head

      Tlar: Mike, you hit the nail on the head. Once the final results are in this should go very fast. Nothing happens until then unless the SOL disavows M and selects a new PM candidate. 

      Until either the results being announced on the 10th or a move by the SOL happens, we are and have been in a holding pattern as they negotiate away. 

      I am hoping to see the SOL do their thing within the next 24 hours. I feel comfortable they have already made their approach to the coalition and are in negotiations as I write this. 

      That’s why M went to them saying please only nominate someone who will protect us all. He was really more worried about himself. The SOL is going to nominate a different PM but you can best bet they are talking to Hakim and Chalabi trying to make a deal that does not include M. 

      That’s why IMO Chalabi will be the PM because that is the coalition’s first choice.

      Think of it this way; If the SOL nominates Chalabi, the rest of the NA will jump on board quickly because that is their choice.

      Also the Kurds and Sunnis have already given a thumbs up to Chalabi as has the US and al/Sistani and now Iran. 

      That’s why I have said on day one, the 15th, they walk in and vote Chalabi in. The Kurds and Sunnis have already picked the pres and VPs from their areas so it should only take days to put the government together. Tlar

      Lojak: ditto TLAR

      National Alliance: Maliki's reign ended after he settled the name of the Prime Minister

      Agency eighth day June 8, 2014 BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))

      National Alliance said that the name of the next prime minister will be announcing soon after the ratification of the election results by the Electoral Commission for elections.

      A source in the coalition told the "eighth day," said the candidate for the post of prime minister will be supported by the basic components of the Iraqi people.

      He added that the next prime minister, has a strong character, proven competence and integrity and will lead a harmonious strong team capable of fighting terrorism and embark on a puppet reconstruction of the country and its institutions, civilian and military.

      The source declined to name the next prime minister before the ratification of the results, but stressed that Iraq will not be a new era of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki any executive role in it, but a coalition of state law Iris Soasl his parliamentary deputy.

      A different source:

      National Alliance: There will be no role for the owners in the next government

      Under section: political Dated: June 8, 2014

      Baghdad / Iraq News Network - The National Alliance to name the next prime minister will be announcing after the ratification of the election results by the Electoral Commission for elections.

      Said a source in the Alliance: The candidate for the post of prime minister will be supported by the basic components of the Iraqi people.

      He added that the next prime minister, has a strong character, proven competence, integrity, and will lead the team harmonious strong is able to fight terrorism and to embark on a puppet reconstruction of the country and its institutions, civilian and military.

      Source declined to name the next prime minister before the ratification of the results but stressed that Iraq will witness a new era will be Nuri Maliki any executive role in it.


      Timber: Kurdistan's (et al): if Maliki knows that he is a legal action to hold the third state

      By Adminmo 08.06.2014 01:12 | Brother - and Sam Mulla

      Kurdistan Alliance saw that stuck to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the state came third because of "illegal acts" carried out by noting that (al-Maliki) knows that he will be tried in the event of his release from the prime minister.

      And the MP for the Kurdistan happy messenger in a statement singled out by the reporter and the Agency for News News (et) that "stuck to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the state of the three because he did not work legally, noting" that al-Maliki knows if his exit will lawsuits be tried. "

      And the Messenger "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki if he knew he had worked legally to hold the third state, explaining that" Maliki knows it will open all the previous files and provides lawsuits against him, for this is Emtemk power. "

      The MP said the Kurdistan "alliance accept any person nominated by the National Alliance, with the exception of the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki."

      Sparked media leaks about the attempts by some political blocs to open files financial and administrative corruption against the prime minister in the event of his release from the prime minister.  
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