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  1. Been here for sometime,seen a lot of post. If RV is more out to happen at lower oil prices, why didn't it RV when oil was down at $35 and $40 a barrel? Just a though.
  2. pchester

    Delta says before June 1st

    I think ole Delta missed AGAIN!!!
  3. pchester

    CBI 2% compliance

    Frankly and the blue couch team is on fire!!! LOL
  4. Our Govt. won't let us in on oil here because they have not passed the HCL
  5. pchester

    Mountain Goat Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Post

    That goat sure is a long windy little bugger! GO RV...
  6. We been saying 1to1 so long, I think it should be 3 to 1 now. Lol
  7. Funny how the RV is always in other counties, just no luck here in the great USA! 🤔
  8. How can Iraq go international at this time with the 5 billion that they owe Kuwait? Kuwait is expecting there money and said they would not forgive this amount. I just don't know.
  9. Thanks Clown. Erbil and Baghdad working together! Sounds to me like HCL is complete, but not let out of the bag yet. IMHO.
  10. pchester

    Big Green Egg

    Hurry up Barb and get Tanks information going. Might just drop bye and check out them ribs and the egg. Hope you got beer on ice too. Hurry up and call me when it's done, I'm gone.
  11. pchester

    Falcons vs Patriots SuperBowl LI Prediction

    Agree 100% Jax, NASCAR just around the corner!
  12. pchester

    Falcons vs Patriots SuperBowl LI Prediction

    Was you speaking of having beer in stock or just watching beer commercials?
  13. pchester

    Falcons vs Patriots SuperBowl LI Prediction

    Atlanta has been outstanding the last few games, Brady and company are tuff, but have come to the end of there road. Sorry Pats fans, but Atlanta will win this super bowl by 10!!!
  14. pchester

    Fact finding

    This was a statement that came out last week from another site.

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