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  1. All the talk about devalue, sounds to me that now is the time to load up and bye more dinar. It’s cheap! 😂
  2. Mark, as long as they been educating these people, they should be genuine. Wha ya think?
  3. Thanks for the post Ron. Hard to believe Iraq refused to take dollars, I think the dollar will always be around in Iraq, now they could be refusing the dollar hopefully to lower the note count which would be great and maybe this is happening. Time will tell. 😄
  4. I know what you mean E-1. I am a old rock like you being hanging around a while. Never know about this old dinar, hope something comes to light soon! About due to get off this ride. Thanks for the post Ron.
  5. Lol, old Mark Z got it going on. He calls for a rate change every week. My kind of man! Full of sh*t is what he his. Wonder why they even post that ole garbage.
  6. Been reading a few lines from this dude Jeff, some sound pretty good. Does anyone know much about him or is he full of s**t like all the rest of the gurus?
  7. Just looked up MARK Z family tree! He would be Okie's double first cousin.
  8. If we could get a flight for Pelosi to Iraq, maybe she could exchange some Dinar for us!
  9. Been here for sometime,seen a lot of post. If RV is more out to happen at lower oil prices, why didn't it RV when oil was down at $35 and $40 a barrel? Just a though.
  10. I think ole Delta missed AGAIN!!!
  11. Frankly and the blue couch team is on fire!!! LOL
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