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  1. Adam You should change your weekly updates to every other week or even monthly. For the last 5 years the updates have been mainly no change except for a couple of times. This way you can spend more time with family and other endeavors. Just my two cents.
  2. Ok boys that's a wrap. Let's all turn in our dinar, walk away and be done with this joke. go first.
  3. 10c would make me happy. 20c would make me ecstatic. 50c woohoo
  4. Guess it depends on how much dinar you hold Palmtree. I just need it to come out at 20 cents and I will be a millionaire.
  5. I was told the same stuff. That I was being stupid for wasting my money. Guess we will eventually see who is right and who is wrong. My first purchase was only 500k dinar. Then I spent some time researching the dinar before I began purchasing more. I am okay with the amount of money I have spent and the outcome could possibly bring me millions. Hard to pass up that opportunity.
  6. I talked to my brother yesterday trying to convince him for the 90th time to buy some dinar but of course he blew me off. My mother is involved only because I bought her dinar myself, otherwise my four siblings think I am crazy. I even told my brother how much I would make if it came out at only 10 cents, but still not enough. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they realize just how stupid they were. They play the lottery hoping to win when here was their big chance and they let it pass them by. Sometimes you have to take a risk if you want to get wealthy and this is my risk
  7. I was pulled over once at gunpoint by police in new mexico because I drove a dodge ram that matched the getaway vehicle that had been seen leaving a house where an elderly couple had just been murdered. Why people have to get an attitude with cops is beyond me. She could have just provided her drivers license and be done with it. Instead she is now bitching about mistreatment. In my case I explained where I was coming from and had them check by gps for confirmation and that was that. Yeah I spent 20 (oh my god wlll I ever get those minutes back) minutes of my time being interrogated on the sid
  8. Why can't these guys ever go along? Abadi has been getting stuff done at a pretty rapid pace and now these idiots want to screw it up.
  9. You do realize people have been saying it is just around the corner for years.
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