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  1. Wow! Whatever company makes those metal.. Drummy.. Things has good job security!
  2. Until these people learn that this currency is NOT IQN, they will NEVER have credibility in my eyes! (Hehe, he said "credibility"). Nevermind, they didn't say IQN. I guess they are credible now ;o)
  3. "Also obviously if any of you have ebay accounts you can probably get close to $950 which is better than any dealer, bank, or anyone on here will give you." DAMN! I have an EBay account and didn't think of that one. Geez...
  4. Come on peeps, I know we all agree that the end game (RV), will mean that the condition of the bills won't mean squat! Perhaps what this member is alluding to is the gaping difference in the value of bills now, today when dealing with a dealer. Yes, there is a significant difference in their value pre-RV. Lots of experience here shydude. Don't be shy about doing a little digging!
  5. Hi D. Had a semi-good experience with CfD. Though all were new bills, I'm sure they were not sequential, certified, or homogenized! And no receipt. If you haven't already, you can read about my experience here :
  6. In conclusion, I received a total of $1,107 for the 1.5 mil. That comes to $738 per mil ($369 for half-mil). Not the best price. Though they did compensate me for my shipping fees TO them, and they paid the bank wire fee ($30) to get the money to me quickest, I'm still not sure I got a great price. As I have said though, UNC bills, verifyably sequential, certified by this agency or that agency, MIGHT have yielded me the full advertised price. But then the cost for all that validation would certainly have cost money so I guess it's all a wash. Anyway, Over and out on this subject. RnS
  7. The BBQ website i saw had the best recipe for Nutria I have ever seen. Whoo-ee, 'dem cayenne peppers!
  8. I don't know. Seems like every time I save .60 to .80 cents per gallon at the pump, my investment indirectly increases in value! Woo Hoo! Gotta think positive.
  9. Ok. Sorry for the delay. CashforDinars wired me the money to my bank account the day after they received them. So by last Wednesday afternoon, the deal was finalized. I recommend this firm.
  10. Actually, I sent my stuff to CashforDinars today (USPS Next Day). Should arrive tomorrow and should have my cashiers check by Thursday. I spoke with Mike who was very helpful. He did mention that his 'collectors' pay more if the bills are sequential. Which mine MOSTLY are. BTW, I upped it to 1.5 mil. Like I said before, I'll hang on to my last bit for another 10 years if need be. I'll keep you posted.
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