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  1. Received response back from Stephen from compliance right away. 2 notes were apparently out of sequence in one of the 6 bundles and we have settled for 800 per mil with a new check being sent out. They did offer to send MY dinar back as well if I paid shipping. I still believe this is the best route out there other than The quick response on a weekend provided some comfort and instilled my trust. Good luck all....I will still be around and engaged !
  2. Family into dire straights and had to unload 5mil. Been here a long time, watched and Researched posts and threads before proceeding. Thought I had done due Notes sent in were pristine (humidity controlled environment and never handled), not a wrinkle and perfect corners, consecutive (logged), and with all authentication certificates and order receipts. Even sent enclosed in sealed plastic box, padded, inside of a rated shipping container. Received agreement checklist same day as they received which was impressive. Also return check was sent same day and without my signed acce
  3. Hi Dave, I responded via email- If still interested my address is also above and I do have 1 mil available.. Thanks! Hi Lord T, My address is above, I do have paperwork, and also accept PayPal - Todd
  4. Hi all, Slight set-back, all good now...Sorry! You may reach me at Thanks for the interest -
  5. I have to free up some cash for daughters medical - Selling 500,000 Dinar in Abq New Mexico New Uncirculated Asking 425.00 USD Thanks !!!!
  6. bamagirl, Sending love, light and healing energy- jtl
  7. Thanks Machine. Been playing in metals a bit....watching the detachment with USD.... The volatility makes for exciting times !
  8. Mods - This is not the first time Narrow has posted such- In fact 62 % are in off-topic and currently has a rating of -32. Obvious this individual serves only to instigate with such posting in a site such as this- This is out of hand. Please step in here...... Diligent1
  9. Good one..... Want to keep a watch for the Iraq report when it comes out. It is my thought that this would be IMFs perspective or as some refer to "green light" to move on currency exchange. I copied the reference from Icelands review here for everyones convience. It is interesting as you can see the role that the auctions increase reserves. Once enough reserves are there, then it would float ...prob with controls first. Some folks have said thay if the auctions stop, pay attention. This substantiates that a move to exchange would follow as such. The authorities reaffirmed
  10. I wondered as well....However it does read "final approval" Lets hope" ratification" is interpreted as such!
  11. Excellent find, and thanks for the link also ! Very professionally played. Now we are talking......
  12. Hi all, It is truly an interesting cross section of folks that have gathered together here on DV, linked by one common thread - The Dinar. We collectively represent many different view points, Countries, and Nationalities focused on a single outcome or "event". It is amazing to see the group collaborate and investigate issues, statements, and data usually within minutes and not only determine the source, but it's validity, and applicability into a puzzle in which the pieces are spread throughout humanity. We have come to know the personalities, gifts, and value of the Meds, Oki
  13. wow !.... Now that is a statement that indeed begs the question
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