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  1. Hey, Dog, you're right about the 303. My first whitetail was taken with a sporterized 303 that I had traded an old motorcycle for. Loved that gun!
  2. Thank you for sharing, GregHi. Perhaps soon!
  3. Thanks, DinarDavo. I felt bad for laughing so hard at someone having the ultimate surely-not moment.
  4. Jerusalem Arabs who own land in the city are forbidden by their leaders to sell it to Jews or Jewish interests. If I were Bibi, when someone committed a terrorist act I wouldn't stop at destroying the house, I'd auction the land on which it had been situated to Israelis. That would add a major disincentive to someone who is thinking about stabbing innocent Jews.
  5. When law is unjust, rebellion is duty. It's time for some not-so-civil disobedience.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Shabs. May the God of all peace and comfort surround you and your family with His grace.
  7. He's the superlative of everything wonderful! Thank you, Moose.
  8. Trump/Cruz works for me but I'd rather have Cruz/Trump.
  9. The two dead shooters are Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik—obviously white Bible-thumping southern Christian rednecks. Too bad there wasn't at least one good guy with a gun in the room to give these jihadis a proper welcome.
  10. All of the vehicles in my family are wearing blue stripes on the tailgate in support of police officers - police lives matter!
  11. If he isn't suggesting it, I will—at least in relative terms. Many of the best top brass have been purged by the idiot-in-chief and a lot of good people are opting to not re-up or are avoiding service altogether because of the social experiments by the sorry excuse for a human that is the current occupant of the people's White House. Check this out:
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