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  1. LMAO Hi SnowGlobe7, How have you been? I moved to Northern Idaho and have been working a lot.
  2. Thanks BruceP but Nadita hit me 1st so I'll give her 1st stab. No hard feelings
  3. Of course I trust you Nadita. I'll look up your email in my history. Will do SnowG.
  4. Well I'm having to go all out now because need working funds till my new job checks start rolling in then I'll get back into the game next month if not too late. Check or ask any member here that I'm a trust worthy and honest person and seller. Prefer PayPal please. $425 for $500,000 UnCirc. IQD. Thank you for looking.
  5. What I don't understand is if they eliminate American jobs and put them over seas then eventually American will all go broke then who will be able to buy there goods and services? Aren't they really cutting there own throat in the end?
  6. 10 trillion is a big gap to have room for crappy math. Lets see what numbers they come up with when they spin it according to market reactions. Do I know what I'm talking about..., probably not, just a guess.
  7. I'm not religious but I always stood up and recited the pledge as I knew as a child it was about out countries freedoms. I also bow my head for prayer that my father in law does as he is a retired marine as I respect him and his beliefs as he has earned that respect and It doesn't kill me to show that respect for his beliefs as those beliefs has given him the nads to fight for our country and respect life. Anyways hard to see if I'm repeating on my cell so sorry if I have.
  8. It seems a troll begged you so I evened you out. Darn auto correct
  9. I think jonjon or somebody already posted this a few days ago but thanks for bringing it over.
  10. Thanks for the post yota. Why am I not surprised!!! I can make bets on these guys putting things off and winning every time.., easier than the horse (Camel) races.
  11. If this is all true then all those who helped him into office in ANY way over the years should be put into prison for life as their actions are not only illegal but F*** our country up so bad that its the least we can do. They really should get a firing squad, imo.
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