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  1. Words do have meaning and anyone can use any word they wish and give that word any meaning one wishes to give it. For example, I can write an article about a hammer and I can define the meaning of the word hammer as to its meaning within my article and that will be the meaning of that word. In my article I can provide a definition for any word or words within my article and that will be its meaning. For example: In this article hammer means; any screwdriver. Now when you read my article every time you come across the word hammer it means any screwdriver. Just ask the BAR about
  2. No, "WE" are not corporations. We are man. It is only that legal name man uses that is an artificial creature of the State. And Jesus did NOT pay taxes! There is only one place in the bible this comes from and it is a gross misinterpretation by those who say Jesus paid taxes. The ONLY reason Jesus told PETER to go to the sea and take the first fish and find a piece of twenty pence in its mouth and use it to give for the tax is only because PETER had mis-spoken by telling the tax collector Jesus pays taxes. Because of PETER saying that, Jesus did not what to OFFEND them because of PETER hav
  3. I do read it and I comprehend it very well. Your other comment asking what country I am from tells me you haven't comprehended the bible well. When you do you will fully comprehend what surrender is.
  4. For freely you have received, freely you shall give. Everything I do now I do not do for me. I do for others and freely give of all I do for others. The lord provides. When I say shed the surname, it means to never "claim" it nor anything acquired in that surname as being YOURS. All I do in using the surname is all for the United States. It is the United States who is beneficiary that receives all the "value" in everything I do in that surname. The United States being the recipient of all value in that surname is liable for its obligations. United States gets all the value and use of that
  5. First, it is not YOUR name. Second, you cannot buy anything without using the State's name they issued to you for your use. To buy anything one needs that internal currency called federal reserve notes. The only way those notes can come into hands is through a legal name. Even though you may be able to use those notes in a private transaction with someone else, those notes did not get to your hands without first having been issued to a legal name. You have to shed the Surname and stop using Caesar's notes.
  6. "Revelation says only those with the mark of the beast will be able to buy and sell" Which unfortunately we have all received. Most living today who are age 81 or younger all received this mark right after we were born. That mark is the NAME which has been implanted in our foreheads, meaning our memory, and in our hands, meaning we use our hands to sign its name. It is the LEGAL NAME every living soul is required to use to conduct any type of commerce with. For without that "legal name" no man, no matter how rich or poor, can buy or sell anything. To get a job you must use that leg
  7. It is not nonsense and this former DOJ is the founder of Freedom watch. He has filed many lawsuits against the government, so this has nothing to do with his looking for 15 minutes of fame. This is about bringing truth to light for people to be aware of it. Nothing will come from this as far as government intervening to do anything about this. All the key figures in government all knew about this stuff before Obama ran in 2008. They are all involved in covering this up. So of course they will never do anything about it. What is relevant here is all the facts being exposed by this forme
  8. Former DOJ Attorney is Suing to Have Obama Deported
  9. The cop is the one that instigated the whole thing. Two guys exercising their right to pursue happiness by walking down a residential street where some cop decides to interfere by confronting them for no reason at all other than to flex his ego just because he wears a gun and badge to tell them to get off the street in which he had no right to do. Then when the two guys exercise their right the ego maniac cop gets mad because he couldn't push them around decides to flex his muscle by making physical contact that leads to a struggle which leads to his gun going off. Then after the kid tries
  10. So you choose to just believe twisted hype put out by the bought and controlled media? The man did not just go and ATTACK the cop. In fact, it was the COP who instigated the whole thing by him attacking those two young men merely because they were walking on the street. It was the COP who first grab him that caused the struggle between. It was the COP who went for his gun and caused it to go off during the struggle. The STORY about the cop's eye socket is also hyped up. There is absolutely no justification in any way shape or form that can justify the MURDER of this young man. It has a
  11. Let's take the process of elimination to define what the legal name itself actually is. In the IRS operating manual, under the section that pertains to estates and trusts, the IRS defines an "infant" as a "decedent" When one gets a job they fill out an IRS tax reporting form called a W4 form. You write in the legal name which legal name is being identified as the "taxpayer" The IRS Code Manual identifies the W4 Form as being a Class 5 Tax form. The same IRS Code manual identifies a Class 5 Tax as ONLY being a GIFT AND ESTATE TAX. The IRS identifies the 1040 Tax Form as a C
  12. The TRUTH is you need no money at all. Did God not already freely give all his creation to man for man to have complete dominion over? If the Creator OWNS ALL THAT EXISTS, then how is it even remotely possible for any man to be in any position to buy or sell anything when he owns nothing to buy or sell? One would have to literary steal from God to take his property from him to be able to sell it to another man. God did NOT give man, DOMINIUM [ownership], God only gave man DOMINION [use, possession, control]. Did God himself not COMMAND man to NOT covet another's property? Did God not COMMA
  13. There is no money. You work, all your labor is freely given to the legal name you use as the employee name. The legal name you use is paid in federal reserve notes as evidence of a DEBT the name incurred from the labor you freely gave to it. Federal reserve notes is NOT MONEY! In fact, federal reserve notes have NO VALUE in them and they are backed by NOTHING! How can that possibly be money? Black's 1st Edition MONEY. In its strict technical sense, "money" means coined metal, usually gold or silver, upon which the government stamp has been impressed to indicate its value. In its more
  14. No one has been thrown in jail for this. There are some who did stupid stuff like attempting to create bonds and use those bonds to purchase stuff with and some who have done some OID stuff trying to get big refunds from the IRS who went to jail. You cannot create crap to make purchases with. You can only discharge existing debt. BTW, there is nothing to do to get free. You ARE free. You merely need to stop VOLUNTEERING yourself into servitude. Stop making CLAIMS! You do not OWN anything. If you CLAIM to own anything you VOLUNTEER to be the surety for it! The United States is the beneficial-
  15. Nice write up, but there are flaws within it. One, it never had anything to do with pledging people as surety for anything and never was about enslaving people. Actually, it was the exact opposite designed to completely free the people once and for all. Lincoln did not only free the black slaves, he actually freed all mankind from slavery. Only the people did not see or comprehend what he actually did. There is no taking the people's money after the initial seizure happened because everything after that money no longer existed and there is no money that exists today. Anyone who is 81 years
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