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  1. Words do have meaning and anyone can use any word they wish and give that word any meaning one wishes to give it. For example, I can write an article about a hammer and I can define the meaning of the word hammer as to its meaning within my article and that will be the meaning of that word. In my article I can provide a definition for any word or words within my article and that will be its meaning. For example: In this article hammer means; any screwdriver. Now when you read my article every time you come across the word hammer it means any screwdriver. Just ask the BAR about this. They are the grand masters of redefining common words within the codes and statutes which they do to cleverly deceive the average reader of their codes and statutes in order to obtain their consent to stand under those codes and statues that don't actually apply to them. Take the word "person" as an example. In the common language people would construe the word "person" to mean a man and a woman. But in all the codes and statutes the word "person" has nothing at all to do with a man or woman and only means a artificial entity. This is all legal because they have provided a definition for the word person defining what it is to mean when used in the code and statutes. Unfortunately most people think the word person means them when that word person is used in the codes and statutes and because of their belief they unknowingly consent to stand under the codes and statutes.
  2. No, "WE" are not corporations. We are man. It is only that legal name man uses that is an artificial creature of the State. And Jesus did NOT pay taxes! There is only one place in the bible this comes from and it is a gross misinterpretation by those who say Jesus paid taxes. The ONLY reason Jesus told PETER to go to the sea and take the first fish and find a piece of twenty pence in its mouth and use it to give for the tax is only because PETER had mis-spoken by telling the tax collector Jesus pays taxes. Because of PETER saying that, Jesus did not what to OFFEND them because of PETER having misspoken. So Jesus had PETER go get the tax money from the fish and had PETER pay the tax that PETER had committed to by saying Jesus pays taxes. How could Jesus pay taxes when Jesus never used money? God provided Jesus with everything he needed. As for the churches, they are all just a part of government. They are governed by the STATE! The only true church is YOU! Man is the church. Look around you, what do see? It's a church. It's a BUILDING! The TRUE church of Jesus is SO MUCH MORE. Look at buildings made of wood and stone, you don't need any institution between Jesus and You. You see, just God. No place, no churches. The first words of Jesus Gospel is, "The Kingdom of God is Inside YOU", and ALL AROUND YOU, not inside any buildings of wood or stone. Split a piece of wood, and I'm there. Split the stone and you will find me.
  3. I do read it and I comprehend it very well. Your other comment asking what country I am from tells me you haven't comprehended the bible well. When you do you will fully comprehend what surrender is.
  4. For freely you have received, freely you shall give. Everything I do now I do not do for me. I do for others and freely give of all I do for others. The lord provides. When I say shed the surname, it means to never "claim" it nor anything acquired in that surname as being YOURS. All I do in using the surname is all for the United States. It is the United States who is beneficiary that receives all the "value" in everything I do in that surname. The United States being the recipient of all value in that surname is liable for its obligations. United States gets all the value and use of that value and I get all the use of all property acquired in that surname. That surname belongs to Caesar, so give all that belongs to Caesar to Caesar, and give all that belongs to God to God. Stop being a belligerent by claiming all the works done in the surname as being yours. That is why everyone is treated as an enemy of the state under the national emergency. They are resisting against the foreign occupancy of the United States and keep trying to claim ownership of property that has all been seized by the United States Government under the national emergency. When you surrender all claims of ownership to the surname and any property acquired in that surname, over to the United States, the United States become usufructary liable for all taxes and dues owed by that surname. You the living man are merely the creditor who freely gives all your credit [labor] to that surname which automatically transfers and conveys to the United States. The United States in turn fully indemnifies you from all liability for anything done in that surname, EXCEPT, for when you use that surname to commit crimes and offenses in that name against the United States. Then your indemnity is forfeited. Merely claiming ownership of it is a crime and offense against the United States because claiming it is a false claim being made against property belonging to the United States [Caesar] You can end the war by having peace in ONE SECOND.....SURRENDER!
  5. First, it is not YOUR name. Second, you cannot buy anything without using the State's name they issued to you for your use. To buy anything one needs that internal currency called federal reserve notes. The only way those notes can come into hands is through a legal name. Even though you may be able to use those notes in a private transaction with someone else, those notes did not get to your hands without first having been issued to a legal name. You have to shed the Surname and stop using Caesar's notes.
  6. "Revelation says only those with the mark of the beast will be able to buy and sell" Which unfortunately we have all received. Most living today who are age 81 or younger all received this mark right after we were born. That mark is the NAME which has been implanted in our foreheads, meaning our memory, and in our hands, meaning we use our hands to sign its name. It is the LEGAL NAME every living soul is required to use to conduct any type of commerce with. For without that "legal name" no man, no matter how rich or poor, can buy or sell anything. To get a job you must use that legal name. To receive pay for your labor you must use that legal name in which your pay is paid to. To get any bank account you must use that legal name to open that account in. There is no way around being able to operate in commerce without using that legal name to operate in.
  7. It is not nonsense and this former DOJ is the founder of Freedom watch. He has filed many lawsuits against the government, so this has nothing to do with his looking for 15 minutes of fame. This is about bringing truth to light for people to be aware of it. Nothing will come from this as far as government intervening to do anything about this. All the key figures in government all knew about this stuff before Obama ran in 2008. They are all involved in covering this up. So of course they will never do anything about it. What is relevant here is all the facts being exposed by this former DOJ attorney. He is exposing facts that have been uncovered by sources within the legal society and not just stuff coming from a nobody who has been labeled as conspiracy theorists. Facts are facts and facts cannot be rebutted. This guy exposes many facts that all have been supported by factual evidence. What is nonsense is this crazy concept of believing this government is a government by the people for the people. There is no such thing and there never was. From the very beginning this government was created by just a few people for only themselves. Only those particular people are the actual people who are the "We the people" in all the preambles of the federal and state constitutions. All the rest of the people are the private people who are not a party to any of those constitutions. What is nonsense is the people who actually believe their rights come from those constitutions. They actually believe they have constitutional rights. How can you have rights coming from what you are not even a party to? Those constitutions are written by a few men. What makes anyone believe those few men had any authority to create a piece of paper that will dictate the rights to be given to all free men? That is nonsense. Those constitutions are not even written FOR people. They are written FOR government. Most people actually believe the United States of America is a country. They believe it is a place. It is not a country nor is it a place. The United States of America is merely the NAME of the federal government. The United States Government, being a federal government, is by NAME known as United States of America. You can verify this from many sources. The very preamble of the United States constitution makes it very clear. We the people of the UNITED STATES ...... do ordain and establish this constitution FOR the United States of America. What was the entire purpose of that constitution? What exactly did it do? It created a federal government. To create a government requires a constitution to be written just to create a government. It is the very document that gives any power and authority to a government. The preamble ordain and establish this constitution FOR the United States of America is the same as if it would have said, do ordain and establish this constitution FOR the federal government. That is all that constitution did and was written for. To establish a federal government. The federal government itself is the United States of America. And the people of the United States are the people who created the government called United States of America. Bouvier's defines United States of America as; The REPUBLIC whose organic law is the constitution adopted by the people of the thirteen states which declared their independence of the government of Great Britain on the fourth day of July, 1776. Here they define United States of America as the REPUBLIC. What does Republic mean? Bouvier's says; REPUBLIC. A commonwealth; that form of government in which the administration of affairs is open to all of ITS citizens. In another sense, it SIGNIFIES THE STATE, independently of ITS form of government. The United States of America, which is just a Republic, which is the federal GOVERNMENT! The federal government itself in NAME is called United States of America. It is not a country, or a place. It is just a government. Specifically the federal government that was ordained and established by the people of the "United States" The United States and the United States of America are two complete different entities. But many people use these two different names interchangeably as if they were one and the same. They are not the same. The United States is a corporation that created the corporate UNION in which all the individual corporate States became members to. Only the corporate States are a party to the United States Constitution that created the federal government called United States of America. When the federal government sues anyone they have to sue in their proper legal name. The name the federal government sues in is United States of America. If you pull up the federal court's case summary sheet it will say under "Jurisdiction"; U.S. Government Plaintiff Well the Plaintiff on the court case says United States of America. The U.S. Government itself IS the United States of America in NAME! All governments are corporations. The United States of America is a corporation, not a place. Here is a link where Allen West even says the United States of America IS a corporation. He says here Obama is the Chief Executive Officer of this CORPORATION called United States of America. If anyone would know this it would be a full bird colonel of the United States Army and a Congressman of the United States of America aka federal government corporation. Go to the 4 minute and 30 sends mark and listen to what Allen West says what Obama is and of what he is that title he holds. Our rights as private men come from our Creator and nowhere else. We have full unalienable rights that can never be taken away by any other man or group of men. You can however give YOUR CONSENT to relinquish your God given rights by consenting to other men to hold you liable under any laws they created for themselves. They extend to all private men an open offer to partake in their foreign corporate jural society, but you MUST CONSENT to that because ONLY CONSENT makes the LAW! Where there is NO CONSENT there is NO LAW! Nothing but CONSENT MAKES THE LAW! When you CONSENT you gave them your consent to BE GOVERNED by their foreign corporate laws that you are not a party to! There is even a court house in Fort Wayne Indiana where above the main entrance into that court building they have it inscribed in stone giving all who enter fair warning and full disclosure that says; "CONSENT MAKES THE LAW" They tell you in advance, if you choose to enter you CONSENT to their jurisdiction and all their laws! This is why you as private man should NEVER EVER go into their foreign corporate courts! You have no business going into their courts UNLESS your intent is to give them YOUR CONSENT! Those who keep crying out looking for ways to free themselves from that foreign corporation called governments merely need to STOP CONSENTING! Simply withdraw YOUR CONSENT! And never give YOUR CONSENT again! It is as simple as that! Who cares whether THEIR CEO is eligible or not? What business is that of ours? We are not a party to that foreign corporation. Unless YOU consent to grant that foreign corporation to GOVERN YOU then it does not matter what they do. It does not apply to you a private man unless you express to them you consent to be governed by their corporation. Stop giving your consent!
  8. Former DOJ Attorney is Suing to Have Obama Deported
  9. The cop is the one that instigated the whole thing. Two guys exercising their right to pursue happiness by walking down a residential street where some cop decides to interfere by confronting them for no reason at all other than to flex his ego just because he wears a gun and badge to tell them to get off the street in which he had no right to do. Then when the two guys exercise their right the ego maniac cop gets mad because he couldn't push them around decides to flex his muscle by making physical contact that leads to a struggle which leads to his gun going off. Then after the kid tries to run away mr ego maniac decides to murder the kid because the kid got the best of him. Had the cop minded his own business and not infringed upon the rights of others this thing would never have happened. The kid was not near the cop when the cop shot him. He was a distance away, the kid had no gun, no knife, no weapon of any kind, and the cop just shot him any way. Not only he did he shoot him once, but 6 times, twice in the head. And the police and media have been scrambling around to find anything they can use to try and sway public opinion to place all the blame on this kid just to find excuses to justify the cop having murdered him in cold blood. The cop lost control of himself and could not control his emotions and just shot the kid down in cold blood. The kid was not on top of the cop punching him went he was shot. He was quite a distant away trying to get away from the ego maniac cop.
  10. So you choose to just believe twisted hype put out by the bought and controlled media? The man did not just go and ATTACK the cop. In fact, it was the COP who instigated the whole thing by him attacking those two young men merely because they were walking on the street. It was the COP who first grab him that caused the struggle between. It was the COP who went for his gun and caused it to go off during the struggle. The STORY about the cop's eye socket is also hyped up. There is absolutely no justification in any way shape or form that can justify the MURDER of this young man. It has also come out that he did not rob any store and is reported that he did in fact pay for those cigars. The bought and controlled media used that tape showing the confrontation between him and the store owner to use that to accuse him of having stolen cigars. Even IF he did steal anything and even IF he did cause the damage they lied about to that cop, that does not justify cold blooded murder! It does not justify shooting someone SIX TIMES! What you don't know and what the media does not report is the FACT these cops have been told to SHOOT TO KILL any time they just merely perceive any problem. This was exposed when a man went to the State trooper office in North Carolina and SEEN a sign posted right on the door INSTRUCTING COPS TO SHOOT AND KILL ANYONE! No one was suppose to see that. It was in the back room, but this guy seen it when he was taken to an office in back of the station. And a State trooper in that same State DID shoot and kill a 72 year old man he had stopped for a routine traffic stop. He did exactly what his superiors had INSTRUCTED HIM TO DO! SHOOT AND KILL ANYONE! The old man reached for his CANE he depends on to walk with and the cop opened fired shooting and killing him! This is not some isolated indecent that happened. This is a MAJOR MAJOR problem sweeping across this nation where cops are completely out of control! They are MURDERING people all across this nation. And after having discovered the FACT these cops are actually being instructed to go out and shoot and kill people only explains why this has gotten so out of control and so bad. It has also come that new policies were put in place where ANYONE who scores about 100 on a IQ test CANNOT be hired as a police officer. ONLY those who score an IQ between 80 to 100 will be hired. The BS that was given for this new policy is that people who score above 100 tend to not remain employed as a cop and end up leaving the police force where those who score below 100 will stay on and make a life time career out of it. Of course the part about those who score above 100 end up leaving the force is likely true but they intentionally leave out the real reason that is. Which the reason is because those with an IQ above 100 eventually realize how wrong and corrupt everything has become with what they are being told to do that they end up quitting because they refuse to do what they are being told to do. The one's with an IQ below 100 are TOO STUPID to know any better and don't care. It's become a nation of borderline RETARDS being given guns and badges and turned loose on the general population. This incident here is actual proof of all this. This is a cop that is too stupid to be a cop and now he has murdered a young man in cold blood and half the people in this nation are justifying it because they believe the kid was a thug and thief. Would you approve of people being convicted of a petty theft to be sentenced to death and fried in the electric chair? This young man did not even get the chance of having a fair trial before being sentenced to death. He was tried, convicted and executed by a thug cop in the middle of the street of a residential neighborhood, which by the way is in fact outside the jurisdiction of that cop! But this is another issue most are unaware about. This here is a clear cut case of excessive force and unjustified homicide. I don't care if the kid stole cigars or not. I don't care if he punched some aggressive cop in the face or not. It does not give a cop a right to shoot and kill someone just because they wear a stinking badge. If a man is not able to control his own emotions he has no business being a cop, period! He clearly crossed the line.
  11. Let's take the process of elimination to define what the legal name itself actually is. In the IRS operating manual, under the section that pertains to estates and trusts, the IRS defines an "infant" as a "decedent" When one gets a job they fill out an IRS tax reporting form called a W4 form. You write in the legal name which legal name is being identified as the "taxpayer" The IRS Code Manual identifies the W4 Form as being a Class 5 Tax form. The same IRS Code manual identifies a Class 5 Tax as ONLY being a GIFT AND ESTATE TAX. The IRS identifies the 1040 Tax Form as a Class 2 Tax and they identify a Class 2 Tax as being "Income Tax" So the W4, the W2, all 1099 forms, the 1098 form, in addition to other tax forms, are all identified solely as being a Class 5 Tax Form which Class 5 Tax is identified solely as GIFT AND ESTATE TAX The IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien form has a column that says "KIND OF TAX" Note; This specifically says KIND of TAX, not what kind of tax FORM, but actually the KIND OF TAX they have a lien for. The actual KIND of Tax they have listed in that column says "1040" as being the specific KIND of Tax that is owed by the taxpayer which is the legal name they have named on that form. The "1040" KIND of Tax pertains to Title 26 section 1040 Title 26, section 1040, SOLELY pertains only to Trusts and Estates and nothing else. So the IRS is specifically identifying the legal name as BEING AN ESTATE which is the taxpayer that owes an ESTATE TAX. The State creates an "infant" which IRS identifies as being a "decedent" under a section pertaining to Estates, where the State registers the infant decedent ESTATE as a registered organization of the State where the infant decedent ESTATE then becomes an agency of the State by the State having registered that ESTATE as a State organization pursuant to Article 9 of the UCC. That registered infant decedent which is an ESTATE is registered with the State as an organization which is an estate, and thereby becomes an agency of the State which is the estate, and the State holds title to that Estate and becomes the Administrator and usufructary of that Estate, and the United States becomes the beneficial-owner of all the interests in that State registered estate organization, and the living man the State issues their Certified COPY of the Certificate of Title to that State registered ESTATE organization, becomes the "naked-owner" who only has full disposal rights to USE, POSSESS and CONTROL [dominion] all actual property, while United States receives all the "VALUE" in the Name Estate as the beneficial-owner, while the State acts as Administrator and Usufructary of the Name Estate. What did the people do after Moses lead them out of bondage? They turned right around and made themselves a new false GOD by making themselves a golden calf to worship as their GOD. They SINNED by doing exactly what the Creator God has forbidden them to ever do. This is exactly what the so-called founding fathers did when they created for themselves what we call today as being Government. Government is the new golden calf created by man as a false GOD where man has chosen to play GOD by creating his own GOD and calling it Government. Government, also known as the STATE, is a false GOD created in the IMAGE of the living God who is creator of all things living. Government AKA the STATE is the false GOD used to create GRAVEN IMAGES in the image of all things living. Man used his created false GOD the STATE to created the artificial man in the image of himself which is the legal name that was created as the "legal person" which is the graven image of the living man. For everything else that is real that the living God created and freely gave man dominion over, man used his false GOD the STATE to create graven images in the image of everything real that man could use to create having an imaginary VALUE that can be used as means of giving his false GOD an imaginary life form. For example, the living God created the earth, and man through his false GOD the STATE created a piece of paper calling it a DEED to create a graven image of the land created by the living God. Man used his false GOD the STATE to create a piece of paper called a TITLE as a graven image of a vehicle which everything making up a vehicle all comes from the living earth created by the living God. The TITLE is a graven image of the vehicle. A cash register RECEIPT one obtains from a store is a graven image of the things man obtains from the store for his personal use and consumption. Everything Government and created through it is all graven images. It is all 100% artificial. The only life it has comes solely from the imagination of man. The founders created this false GOD to absolve himself of all SIN. The founders created this false GOD they called Government AKA the STATE as a means to no longer do things for himself to where now he can do everything for OTHERS! This is established in the last line of the Declaration of Independence which they stated: And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. They took and gave ALL THEY HAD and pledged it all to each other instead of keeping anything for themselves. This is the entire purpose behind having created this false GOD they call Government. By having freely given ALL THEY HAD and turning it all over to this newly created false GOD they called Government, they completely absolved themselves from all SIN! We today have become enemies of the State by acting as resistors against this new world order they designed and established as a means to create heaven on earth as a way for all mankind to freely give all they have by pledging everything to the STATE and absolve themselves of their own SINS! Because we choose to hoard everything we do for ourselves instead of doing everything we do for OTHERS, we are deemed belligerents and as being useless eaters wanting to consume the planet and not preserve it for all future generations. All we have to do to end this state of war is merely SURRENDER! Just like we were told back when Ulysses S. Grant stated: "No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted." Even Ronald Regan is on video tape saying: Now let's set the record straight. There's no argument over the choice between peace and war. But there is only ONE GUARANTEED WAY you can have peace and you can have it in the next SECOND! .... SURRENDER!!!!! Even in the Wizard of Oz they sent us this message by having it written into the sky when the witch flew over the Emerald City and wrote in the sky, SURRENDER DOROTHY! We have consistently been told throughout history the ONLY way to have PEACE is to just SURRENDER! You can have peace is ONE SECOND! Simply SURRENDER! Surrender what? All the freaking IMAGINARY INTERESTS in the artificial legal Name which is nothing but an imaginary ESTATE holding nothing but IMAGINARY VALUE that was all created in the minds of men as a means to pledge everything to absolve man from all SIN! There is no REAL VALUE and no REAL ESTATES because all that exists all belongs to the Creator and he only gave man dominion over everything which only means man is given just use, possession and control of God's creation while man is here for a temporary time period. We have a duty to our Creator to be good stewards of all he created and preserve it all for future generations to come after us. But instead became greedy by attaching our desires to this material world which we can never take any of it with us when our time here expires. As a result we become like the locusts where we are destroying the earth by wanting to just consume it all for ourselves leaving nothing behind for the future generations. Everything we believe to be the problem can all be resolved in ONE SECOND by merely SURRENDERING which just means surrender all that imaginary "interests" in the artificial legal person which is nothing but an imaginary ESTATE holding nothing but imaginary value which is the interest needed for the imaginary STATE to support its very imaginary existence with. Hence, give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar which merely means surrender to the STATE what was created by the STATE which is just its own imaginary interests it created as value to support its own imaginary existence to provide man a means to absolve himself of all SIN! It is as simple as that. Watch these videos
  12. The TRUTH is you need no money at all. Did God not already freely give all his creation to man for man to have complete dominion over? If the Creator OWNS ALL THAT EXISTS, then how is it even remotely possible for any man to be in any position to buy or sell anything when he owns nothing to buy or sell? One would have to literary steal from God to take his property from him to be able to sell it to another man. God did NOT give man, DOMINIUM [ownership], God only gave man DOMINION [use, possession, control]. Did God himself not COMMAND man to NOT covet another's property? Did God not COMMAND man to not STEAL? If one wishes to live a life of sin then man up and accept your punishment and pay your SIN TAXES!
  13. There is no money. You work, all your labor is freely given to the legal name you use as the employee name. The legal name you use is paid in federal reserve notes as evidence of a DEBT the name incurred from the labor you freely gave to it. Federal reserve notes is NOT MONEY! In fact, federal reserve notes have NO VALUE in them and they are backed by NOTHING! How can that possibly be money? Black's 1st Edition MONEY. In its strict technical sense, "money" means coined metal, usually gold or silver, upon which the government stamp has been impressed to indicate its value. In its more popular sense, "money" means any currency, tokens, bank-notes, or other circulating medium in general use as the representative of value. 45 Tex. 305. From the US Treasury web site: Federal Reserve notes are not redeemable in gold, silver or any other commodity, and receive no backing by anything This has been the case since 1933. The notes have no value for themselves, This has been the case since 1933 which is when the United States Government and all the States went BANKRUPT! The MONEY was confiscated [gold and silver] and it was replaced with an INTERNAL currency called federal reserve notes, which federal reserve notes are to be used WITHIN [internal] the Government of the United States, the federal reserve system, federal reserve banks and all national banks regulated by federal reserve banks [which is every bank] and FOR NO OTHER PURPOSES ARE AUTHORIZED! So unless YOU are the Government of the United States, or you are the federal reserve system, or you are a federal reserve bank, or you are a national bank regulated by a federal reserve bank, then YOU are NOT AUTHORIZED to use federal reserve notes. However, the legal name being a registered organization of the State government, and the State government being a part of the United States Government, the legal name ia part of it and it is authorized. But YOU the private man are not authorized. You pay taxes because you VOLUNTEER to freely pay them. You are NOT REQUIRED to pay taxes as Title 26 does not apply to you, a man who is in the private sector. Title 26 is not positive law. It is Special Law that ONLY applies to employees of the government. They are required to pay taxes because they produce nothing and receive their pay directly from the credit of the people in the private sector. In fact, to force a man to pay taxes on his labor is illegal under their own antitrust law! Title 15 section 17 clearly states: The labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce. How can there possibly be "income" which means profit and gain, without any commodity or article of commerce involved? To tax the labor of a human being would require his labor to be a commodity or article of commerce which clearly violates their own antitrust law! Of course they are not actually taxing any labor. They are taxing the ESTATE which the legal name is an ESTATE according to the IRS operating manual, their code manual, their Notice of Federal Tax Lien form and all their tax reporting forms, W2, W4, all 1099 forms, the 1098 form and many others. Those forms are defined as being a Class 5 Tax which the IRS code manual defines Class 5 Tax as being GIFT & ESTATE TAX! Class 2 Tax is Income Tax. So unless YOU ARE DEAD, then you cannot possibly be an ESTATE! But the legal name being an artificial legal entity is an ESTATE! And that legal entity is property of the State. It is not your property. And when an ESTATE TAX is owed it is the EXECUTOR OR TRUSTEE of the ESTATE who is responsible and liable for filing and paying the Estate Tax for the Estate. Are YOU the executor or Trustee of the Estate? I know I have never been duly appointed as such, nor have I ever agreed to be such, nor have I ever received any compensation from the State to act as such! We all work and everything we produce all goes into one big pot called government and we are suppose to be able to just take from the pot what we need since we as a people collectively paid for it all with our labor while the United States has received all the value from our labor. The legal name you use is in fact a debt obligation of the United States Government! They AGREED to pay all its debts by having taken all the money and legal titles to all property from the people thereby leaving them without any means to pay anything.
  14. No one has been thrown in jail for this. There are some who did stupid stuff like attempting to create bonds and use those bonds to purchase stuff with and some who have done some OID stuff trying to get big refunds from the IRS who went to jail. You cannot create crap to make purchases with. You can only discharge existing debt. BTW, there is nothing to do to get free. You ARE free. You merely need to stop VOLUNTEERING yourself into servitude. Stop making CLAIMS! You do not OWN anything. If you CLAIM to own anything you VOLUNTEER to be the surety for it! The United States is the beneficial-owner of everything and it is the surety for everything. Give it the glory of ownership while you get the glory of USING it! Why OWN when you can CONTROL? Ever hear that expression before? Living man gets USE of everything and government gets ownership of the VALUE in everything, which all VALUE is purely make believe anyway. Did God not give man dominion over all his creation? Dominion does not include ownership of anything. Dominion only means possession, use and control. Stop claiming ownership and you are free, just like that! It is that simple! SURRENDER all CLAIMS of ownership to the United States. Just like Jesus taught, give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar! In this case the STATE is Caesar! And the very concept of money and value is all imaginary that all belongs to imaginary STATE!
  15. Nice write up, but there are flaws within it. One, it never had anything to do with pledging people as surety for anything and never was about enslaving people. Actually, it was the exact opposite designed to completely free the people once and for all. Lincoln did not only free the black slaves, he actually freed all mankind from slavery. Only the people did not see or comprehend what he actually did. There is no taking the people's money after the initial seizure happened because everything after that money no longer existed and there is no money that exists today. Anyone who is 81 years old or younger has lived their entire life under national emergency. The banking cartel is not the creditor. No bank lends anything of their own nor does any bank lend any of its depositors credit. The banking laws prohibit it. It is plainly stated within the banking act that banks cannot loan their own credit and they cannot loan their depositors credit. This has even been ratified by the federal courts where the courts have ruled on this confirming the law. The banking cartel is nothing but just a "servicer" for the people's credit and the government's debt. When the government declared a state of national emergency they had to devise a way for government to come in and take control of all the assets being held by the people. This was done under the trading with the enemy act. The 1917 trading with the enemy act expressly EXCLUDED the American citizens. Under the national emergency within the emergency banking act of March 9, 1933 the trading with the enemy act was amended to now INCLUDE the American citizens by declaring the American citizens as enemy of the state. By doing this it allowed for all assets held by the citizens to be seized out of necessity in order to be able to support the now bankrupt United States and its Army. Since the civil war this nation has been under military rule due to the fact the government was completely dissolved when its board members known as Congress walked out never to return. The government having been dissolved left the President with no other choice but to turn the entire nation over to the military and it remains under military control to this day. The reconstruction acts was to establish the new De-Facto government which has been in place since Lincoln turned everything over to the military. When the military is in control everything operates under military rule in accordance with the rules of war on land. Most commonly known as General Order 100 AKA the Lieber Code, which was adopted into international law and applies to all countries around the world that all went bankrupt back in the 1930's. When the trading with the enemy act was amended within the emergency banking act of March 9, 1933, and the national emergency was declared, the powers vested in the President under the War Powers, allowed the President to seize control over all the assets in the nation. Everyone was crying about Obama being given all this power and the truth is, they have always had it and already exercised it in March of 1933 where they have always been in control of all the assets. The people were stripped of all "money" which money is gold and silver, and have been stripped of all "legal titles" as well. The birth certificate itself is in fact the "legal title" of the "legal name" For proof the birth certificate is in fact a "legal title" here is what it states within the Court Rules from a State Court regarding the birth certificate: GENERAL RULES OF PRACTICE Rule 220.Birth Certificates The Registrar of Titles is authorized to receive for registration of memorials upon any outstanding certificate of title an official birth certificate pertaining to a registered owner named in said certificate of title showing the date of birth of said registered owner, providing there is attached to said birth certificate an affidavit of an affiant who states that he/she is familiar with the facts recited, stating that the party named in said birth certificate is the same party as one of the owners named in said certificate of title; and that thereafter the Registrar of Titles shall treat said registered owner as having attained the age of the majority at a date 18 years after the date of birth shown by said certificate. It reveals here clear as day the birth certificate itself is in fact a "Certificate of Title" meaning it is the legal TITLE to the Name that is on it. Under the national emergency the legal title to the legal name was seized along with all the gold and silver. Ever since that seizure and while under this national emergency that exists to this day, the government is in fact the holder in due course of the original Certificate of Title which is the original Certificate of Live Birth. This has nothing at all to do with you the living man. This does not enslave you nor does it pledge you to anything. It only pertains to the legal name and nothing more. The State issues you the living man a "certified COPY of its Certificate of Title" for you to use the State's registered legal name for you to operate in commerce with. No matter what you use that legal name for, ANYTHING done in that legal name AUTOMATICALLY vests as property in the State because the State is the holder of the original Certificate of Title to that legal name which is the original Certificate of Live Birth document. The legal name is actually a registered organization of the State. The National Banks are an extension of the United States Government. They were established by the United States Government. This is also confirmed by a Judge back in 1968 who after revealing all this was found murdered 6 months later. ALL Corporations are just an extension of the State. A corporation is an artificial creature of the State. They cannot be created without a State. They are all just another part of the State as well as the "legal name" on the birth certificate is. All corporations are just another form of being a "public servant" created to serve the people in order to preserve and protect their lives, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness. Only the people are unaware of this. The people are not even authorized to be using federal reserve notes for any purpose. They are only authorized to be used WITHIN the government, which includes all banks and all corporations because those are all a part of the government having been created and established by government. You "think" that YOU have a bank account. YOU do not have a bank account. The LEGAL NAME that you USE that belongs to the State has a bank account. That legal name being a registered organization of the State IS within the Government of the United States. That legal name being part of the government is authorized to use federal reserve notes. Even though you have federal reserve notes in your hand, whenever you use those notes for anything you are using them for and on behalf of that legal name you use that is a registered organization of the State. The legal name is NOT a corporation. A corporation cannot exist without there being a articles of incorporation to create it. No such articles of corporation exists pertaining to the legal name. It is what is defined in the codes as being either a "individual" or a "natural person" that was merely naturally created on a document called Certificate of Live Birth. It is a naturally created legal entity. A mere fiction of law. The people being ignorant of all this has caused for the banks that are nothing but a servicer a means to come in and double dip by taking the people's credit and reselling it again on the market when it is to be deposited with the federal reserve bank within its district for discharge. All so-called loans, credit card accounts, etc., ALL are funded directly FROM YOU by using YOUR CREDIT! You the people are the sole source of all credit. Not any bank! When YOU sign the legal name to any note, credit application, etc., YOU are issuing YOUR CREDIT which the bank as the servicer takes YOUR credit by depositing that note or credit application into an account with the bank. The face value amount on that note or credit application is merely entered as a bookkeeping entry onto the bank's books and YOUR CREDIT they just deposited is then loaned to that legal name you are using that is a registered organization of the State. The legal name which is in fact a legal ESTATE becomes the debtor by receiving YOUR CREDIT in the form of a loan which then becomes an obligation of the United States Government. The United States Government having seized all the gold and silver along with the legal title to the legal name has PURSCHASED the entire nation from the people and by doing so the United States Government became the proprietor liable for any debts owed by that legal name. When you issue YOUR CREDIT by signing the legal name to a note or credit application that original note or application is deposited with a federal reserve bank which is then destroyed. Upon the federal reserve bank receiving the original note as a deposit the federal reserve agent is to settle that obligation on behalf of the United States Government and discharge that debt. This is why the original note has to be destroyed. The banks are making COPIES of the originals and then turning around and selling COPIES of these notes and getting away with it because people are CONSENTING to repay the banks for what has already be paid by you from your own credit and has been discharged through a federal reserve bank! This is how the banks are getting away with everything and being able to come back and take your property from you if you default on paying them for what was already paid from your credit they accepted for deposit. They are "capitalizing" off your ignorance. This is the true evil nature behind capitalism. The government is already the recipient of your credit which they receive and obtain through all the titles, deeds, etc., that is created in the legal name. This is why everything requires a legal title or deed that must be registered in that legal name with the State. This allows the Government to take those legal titles and deeds and securitize off them to create the bonds to use to borrow against your credit which is all created from your labor. Whatever people produce a piece of paper in the form of a title or deed or just an invoice of some type must be created to re-present the things produced. Those pieces of paper become the asset used to create the credit from. All your labor is done in the legal name. That in itself causes all your labor to be freely given to that legal name which then automatically transfers to the State because the State is holder of the orginal certificate of title to that legal name. Any time YOU receive ANY type of "bill" that is owed by that legal name you use that belongs to the State, you only need to just provide proper instruction and endorsement on it so that "bill" can be deposited with the federal reserve bank and the federal reserve agent can sign off on it for the United States Government and discharge that debt owed. You simply instruct the one sending the bill by merely telling them to ACCEPT FOR FULL FAITH AND CREDIT by merely writing this on the front of the payment stub voucher. Endorse the back side by writing on it, FOR DEPOSIT ONLY PURSUANT TO 12 USC 342, CREDIT TO THE ACCOUNT OF THE UNITED STATES PURSUANT TO 12 USC 95a(2), WITHOUT RECOURSE. Then sign the legal By: signature, and under the signature write Authorized Signature. Return it to the corporation's address provided so they can then deposit that voucher with their depository institution they have their account with in accordance with 12 USC 342, which that banking law clearly states federal reserve banks may receive deposits from ANY bank or depository institution in the form of ANY "note", "bill" or "any other item", where a federal reserve agent can then discharge that debt obligation which is an obligation of the United States Government, in accordance with their own banking laws! Once people comprehend how this crap is actually set up, they will come to realize just how perfect and brilliant this system really is, where if they simply use that legal name to operate with for the purpose it was actually intended for, then can now obtain ANYTHING they need without ever having to worry about money again because they all collectively already paid for everything that exists through the collectively labor of the people. We don't need to change anything. We merely need to use that system in the proper manner it was set up to be used and hold the government accountable to honor their obligations they chose to incur by having seized and taken control of everything, just as their own federal court has ruled in the supreme court case of United States v. Pewee Coal, where the court ruled: "Whatever might have been Pewee's losses had it been left free to exercise its own business judgment, the crucial fact is that the Government chose to intervene by taking possession and operating control. By doing so, it became the proprietor and, in the absence of contrary arrangements, was entitled to the benefits and subject to the liabilities which that status involves." The judgment of the Court of Claims is affirmed. Affirmed. The crucial fact is, the United States Government, under its declared state of national emergency, chose to intervene by taking possession and operating control of the people's money [gold and silver] and the Certificate of Title to all legal names, and by doing so, the United States Government became the proprietor and, in the absence of contrary arrangements, the United States Government was entitled to all the benefits and subject to all the liabilities which that status involves! Under its international treaty the United States Government is a signatory to, per Article 55 of the 1907 Hague Treaty, the United States Government and its 50 States, collectively the "State", which clear states: Art. 55. The occupying State shall be regarded only as administrator and usufructuary of public buildings, real estate, forests, and agricultural estates belonging to the hostile State, and situated in the occupied country. It must safeguard the capital of these properties, and administer them in accordance with the rules of usufruct. The Certificate of Title, i.e. original Certificate of Live Birth, comes under agriculture estates, and everything titled and registered to that legal name is public buildings, real estate all belonging to the State situated in this country the State is occupying under military rule operating under General Order 100, i.e., Lieber Code, and must administer everything in accordance with the rules of usufruct, where under the rules of usufruct, the "usufructary" is liable for all taxes and dues, which is WHY the banking laws required all "notes", "bills", or "any item" to be deposited with the federal reserve bank so the United States Government's debt obligations owed by the legal names can be properly DISCHARGED! The ONLY reason YOU the people are under the illusion you are being defrauded is because of your own ignorance for not having read the laws, and where instead you CONSENT to everything which is being allowed under the maxim of law, ignorance of the law is no excuse! CONSENT MAKES THE LAW! Where there is no consent, there can be no law! Stop consenting to enslave yourself out of your own ignorance and wake up and KNOW THYSELF! YOU the people are the supreme beings above all government. Complete sovereignty is in the people, not the State! Stop asking and start acting AS-KING that you all are!
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