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  1. Whaaaat? Luigi? Come on, his posts always come true.....hes responsible for the dinar rv'ing on so many occasions Ok hes a pumper
  2. What if his contact has no updates because Iraq is not planning on raising their value of their dinar.......ouch that would suk
  3. Hi I'm new to this and have been lurking for some time so here goes...... post
  4. Knock Knock.... Whos There?..... Madam.... Madam Wu?
  5. Madame Wuigi likee Madame Brucee Jenneree....fruitees
  6. Hey guys Iraq just raised the value of their currency and you are now rich....... really Luigi?
  7. Wife In The Know has been singing since she cashed in Tier 3 years ago.......duh
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