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  1. This is all just smoke and mirrors, right? They're really just trying to raise the value of the dinar, right? I mean, this is all just for us to believe is going on but REALLY they are all celebrating that the dinar is now extremely valuable, right??!?! Bwahahahahahahhaha! ... Iraq... dinar will NEVER be worth crap. At least not the dinar we hold. But most of you already knew that. Right? Lol
  2. THEY'VE BEEN "DECREASING" THE NOTE COUNT FOR 67 YEARS!!! Whatever. Hahahahahahha ... it's all garbage.
  3. Wait. I cashed in a year and a half ago. 1 to 1. YOU GUYS DIDN'T GET THE MEMO?!??!!?!!??!? hahahahahaa... but seriously... this is still going on????
  4. Bwahahahahahahahah!!! Wait until 2017 comes... Press Release: The Project To Delete The Zeros Will Start At The Beginning Of 3017. Hahahahahahaha
  5. You could LITERALLY walk away from looking at this for a year or more, come back, and people would still be saying "I hope it revalues before Ramadan!" .... Bwahahaaahahah!!! 2098
  6. I stop in here about twice a month to see if anything has changed. It hasn't. At all really. Same exact people spewing the same exact info. Yeah, Iraq is making changes here and there, but I still do not see a VALID reason why they would make us rich. It doesn't make sense. At all. I used to be so into this. But about a year ago I said "what the hell? this could be a huge scam." ... and it very well may be. Yes, I know, you bought your dinar at a bank so you know it's a legit currency... good for you. That's not what I mean. It's because of the "people" who pumped it up. And there are MANY. A
  7. It means don't hold your breathe or EVER get worked up thinking Iraq will raise the value of their currency. No matter what ANYONE says. I'm serious. It's a game. If they do one day and the notes we hold are still acceptable... Good. BUT DO NOT count on it. The "passing of the budget" has been a "key" to the "RV" for YEARS... Which has always been a crock... and some talk about this elusive "HCL"... and once that goes we'll see a return on our "investment". Hahahaha... We'll see about that. Truth is, NO ONE knows. Period. And them's the #facts ... It's like a casino... Only bring what
  8. I thought this would have RV'd by now... Huh... Looks like it's going the wrong way. Hahaha! Oh well... I'll check back in another 6 months.
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