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  1. Except the UST does not hold foreign currency for investing purposes. Just small amounts for when necessary (people exchanging USD etc) All it takes is a little time and research.....reading reading can find answers to a lot of things!! = ) And of course some of this information can be found out through people you know!! 6 degrees of separation right?? Guy I went to school with, his dad works for the UST..... Weird huh? Want a little verification? Its included in the indictments for those fraudulent BH group losers..... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Keep, your statement "Just small amounts for when necessary (people exchanging USD etc)" is misleading/inaccurate. The US Treasury doesn't deal directly with individuals in the exchanging of US dollars; and USD is being exchanged in conjunction with other foreign currency at the US Treasury. One doesn't just walk into the US Treasury like they would a bank to exchange currencies, of course. Keep, I've worked in banking for 27 years; and yes, it is funny what a person can find out through people we know; including the ones that I went to college with who now work in Washington and with the World Bank. I have also read and know for a fact the US Treasury does hold foreign currency. I personally would like to know what and how much is in foreign exchange fund Secretary Lew is referring too, and I know you would also. Not everything is openly reported by the Treasury and our US government. You surely don't believe that everything is transparent, do you? I'm not sure what you have read. I believe this is the article that Phoenix is referring too. I read it at CNBC...................... The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday started using its last tools for pushing back the day when the government will run out of legal borrowing authority, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said. Lew said his department was suspending some reinvestments of a government currency exchange fund and would also enter into a debt swap with the Federal Financing Bank and the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund. (Read more: 143-year-old law puts fear in officials during shutdown) He repeated that these measures would allow it to continue below its $16.7 trillion limit for a little while longer, but that by Oct. 17 the government would exhaust its borrowing authority and be left with about $30 billion in cash to pay the nation's bills. "If we have insufficient cash on hand, it would be impossible for the United States of America to meet all its obligations," Lew said in a letter to lawmakers. "For this reason, I respectfully urge Congress to act immediately to meet its responsibility by extending the nation's borrowing authority." The facts are the facts; and yes Keep, we will just agree to disagree. On a side note in reference to what Secretary Lew said, the debt swap with the Fed Financing Bank and the Civil Service Retirement/Disability Fund, with the US Treasury, should be very alarming to everyone; considering what happened in England with the retirement pension funds earlier this year being used as leverage by the Bank of England to stabilize their smothering national debt and to cover their debt obligations. What this is now telling us is the US Treasury is now taking from different government program funds to cover/hold the debt limit at $16.7 trillion; though I have to question what kind of accounting tricks are being used currently to maintain this illusion of stability. God help us, and I mean that sincerely.
  2. Why would any passenger trade in a US dollar for a worthless dinar that is worn, torn, and falling apart; especially when the US dollar is so widely used and excepted all over Iraq? The only way this article makes any sense is if the CBI and Iraqi GOI are getting ready to restrict the use of dollars within Iraq, and we haven't seen any such article to even believe that is going to happen. Jeepguy, I agree with what you just wrote above about the small denoms.
  3. This is two gurus, and I literally mean that, giving their opinion about something they can only speculate on. Tlar is like an imperial storm trooper over at that site with Kaperoni. If you don't agree with Tlar, then are condescendingly talked down too. Tlar reminds me of the enforcer at the Jim Jones cult camp forcing everyone to drink the poison kool-aide. Ennorste hung out with all of the big gurus for years in the past, and obviously he is still trying to hang out with gurus. Nuff said, quoting Oike. Pay no attention to what these two guru baboons have to say. Nothing to see here folks. Move along!
  4. A lot of people are really negative about this article. The US has staggering trade deficits and a national debt that is figured at 150% of GDP. The US is broke and we are literally bankrupt. We are just waiting on the trillions of $ to come floating back to the US as more countries stop trading in US dollars. If Iraq is announcing a trade deal with IQD being traded to another country, then that should tell everyone that currency will be worth more than what it is now. If the value remains even at 1000 to 1 (which it currently is not), then it's still not even close to the Ruppee. What is India going to do with a program-rated currency that has no real value and no other country in the world wants at this time? The IQD value will need to go up to make the deal attractive to India. Besides that, India is one of the BRICS nations; and the BRICS nations are working very hard to under-cut the Western Nation's central banking system and develop their own international banking system. This will mean an end to the petro dollar and our wild-orgy of printing and spending money without having to account for it. The Fed Reserve tells us they have 9 trillion $ in circulation both domestic and around the world. As more of those $ start coming back to the US and are no longer wanted, the US will slowly start looking more and more like Zimbabwe are steroids. The Great Depression will have to be renamed to something of a lesser name. I don't believe the US no longer has the gold to even put the US back on the gold standard. If they did and was phased in over a 12 month period, we might be able to survive. Anyway, this article is a mixed blessing, because mostly likely the US is being phased out of trading between Iraq and India and the US will continue to depreciate. It will take more of those little $ to buy things, and any profit we make from the IQD, will simply be eat up by the devaluation of the US $. US Imperialism, trying to control the world and pay financial aid out to countries so they will like us, is coming to an end. It is sad really that we elected corrupt, criminal politicians and let our arrogance get in the way of US becoming an great republic that withstood the test of time. Good article though. It just confirms that the IQD will have to up their value and be internationally recognized.
  5. Instead of taking full advantage of monetary policy change, like removing the program rate and using the true rate of the dinar; the CBI has decided to follow the failed current economic course. Germany, after World War II, is a great example of changing a value and ending all of the bloodshed and violence. These people kill their own kind with bombings and beheadings, etc. They behave like animals and barbarians. Where is their honor, morals, or values of a normal society in Iraq? They behave more like a Godless society. We all hold the IQD and have put our trust in people like this; I wonder if I'm crazy sometimes. It was the risk we all took and the risk will all now hold though; betting on a God forsaken people and country. I hear people blaming Malaki for this delay and the wasted opportunity after Chapter 7. Has anyone every considered the Parliament needs to pass one or more laws we know nothing about? Look at how Parliament delays things, simply doesn't show up for work, is not in session for a full week, or takes vacations whenever they like. I believe Parliament is the problem. Do people realize that Malaki has been praised, honored, and given awards by the UN and other world organizations and countries for stopping and working to control the corruption in Iraq? Look at Shabibi as an example. Shabibi didn't commit the corruption, yet Shabibi allowed the money laundering to occur in the CBI. Since he was the head of the CBI, Shabibi was responsible for what happened behind those four walls. Shabibi was simply an accessory for allowing the laundering of money to occur. Malaki had his party members in Parliament issue the warrants to clean up the mess at the CBI. Malaki, following a gentleman's like agreement, simply gave Shabibi the opportunity to not return or be arrested. Malaki could have issued a warrant with Interpol had Shabibi been directly guilty of money laundering. Notice how Shabibi has been very quite about the exact details of what the CBI plans are for the IQD. Shabibi hasn't said anything that we didn't already know. Iraq has wasted a golden opportunity to get business and investment into their country after June 27th, 2013. I'm not sure why the UN has tried to cover up the release from Chapter 7 and not sure why there has been a total news blackout in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Someone in Iraq needs to grow a set, hold the Parliament accountable for what has happened including immediate new Parliamentary elections, inform Malaki that his two terms is all the law will allow him to serve and give him the boot of goodbye, and force Turki to change the IQD to the true value at the point of a gun. In the meantime, I just hope some poor soul, like the janitor during the late night shift, finds it in his heart to throw on the IQD revalue switch while Turki is asleep.
  6. That is correct zig. What short memories everyone has. Back in May 2013, Gov. Turki said the CBI was implementing a new policy to lower the value of the dollar against the dinar and control the exchange rate. Did that happen in June 2013? Nope! We're in August and no change yet. Apparently, we read an article today that some part of Article 140 is being implemented. HCL is on the table now working on it, and the Kurds have agreed to the National meeting in Erbil from September 15-17. We were told during Ramadan that all blocs had agreed and the date for the National meeting would be announced shortly after the end of Ramadan. That apparently has now come true. Has everyone forgotten that most of the world has no idea that Chap 7 sanctions are fully lifted, the UN has tried to cover this fact up, and the news media has almost totally covered this up with a blackout. Din't see anything on any US news outlet and nothing in Europe either. What about all the celebrations and fireworks in Bagdad the day of the Chap 7 release? Nothing. We are progressing along nicely and our wait is short now. Be patient folks. I realize many of us are hurting right now. It will get better. The CBI will not just come and say "ok, we're RV'ing now!" Is there anyone here that believes that other than Possum and Luigi? Again zig is right. The CBI and Iraq don't have that kind of time to next year. If they do, then expect no major outside investment in the country until late next year; no real job or economic growth, and riots to hit the streets trying to overthrow the whole government, not just Malaki.
  7. Clearly some section of Article 140, or the whole thing, is being implemented. There only activating it in one province? That doesn't make sense. The article keeps saying instruments. Does anyone have an idea what this is referring to when it says instruments?
  8. Elixirbaby asked a great question that you just dodged. So, let's ask it again. What gives this story credibility? I will also ask along with that... what gives this guy credibility? You being vague makes people think your either a guru or talking to a guru. There was a rumor going around that Reno was cashing in just the other day. Anybody can tell a story. Want people to take it seriously, then prove the story with credible proof and evidence and make it fact. Thanks for sharing the mystery.
  9. What you just said sums up Okie's pumping predictions for the last 5+ years.... Okie's too high on drugs daily, too close to insanity, too far off center to reality, too short on a runway to ever land anything. LOL
  10. I strongly suggest we not stand with a Democrat or a Republican. I used to be a Republican; only to wake up from the dream of lies and realize I was a Constitutional Libertarian. The Republicans have also lost their morals and ways. kid4dinar, do research on progressives, and you will see they are in both parties and are in complete control. I strongly suggest reading the books "Animal Farm" and "1984" both by George Orwell. Clearly you are still asleep and haven't figured out that your living in a military police state. There is only one political party in Washington DC now, not two. I can prove that by their actions; not their words. The Republican Party openly say they oppose the Democratic agenda, and the Democrats openly oppose the Republican agenda; yet the Republicans had control of the White House and both houses of Congress from 2000 to 2006, they never undid thru law any Democratic law that was passed when the Democrats were in control that the Republicans were opposed too. Likewise, the Democrats had control of the White House and both house of Congress from 2008 to 2010, they did they never undid thru law anything the Republicans did either. All spending, per the Constitution is to start in the House of Rep; so the party in control only needs to DE-fund spending for laws they oppose. Talks cheap, considering how you and I and everyone else are being lied to by Washington DC. Stop listening to the lip service talk and start watching the actions of those in Washington. The Democrats are acting like Communists and the Republicans are acting like Socialists / Fascists. Look at the NSA, the IRS, etc., etc., etc. and etc. Americans are so dumbed down, that they no longer care about their civil liberties and their Constitutional rights that are gone or being taken away. We have been told that our constitutional and civil liberties need to be sacrificed for our safety and security; and so welcome to the police state. Don't believe me, then go watch an episode of Andy Griffith and remember the way our police used to be, and then look out a window at the police today flying drones and driving cars that look like they are ready for combat. So who is and where is this enemy of the government; of the police and military? Go read the words of Patrick Henry and his "Give Me Liberty" speech, and you will figure out who this enemy is. It is you and me and everyone else. What is really sad, is that most people (including some in the police and military) have no clue what is happening. It's just business as usually for most. In regards to your post, Al-Qaeda rebels groups are fighting Bashar Al-Assad in Syria; and our CIA and military connections (I will leave it at that) are arming these Al-Qaeda rebel groups. In other words, we are arming Al-Qaeda in Syria. Does everyone know that on Memorial Day, John McCain took a trip to Turkey and snuck over the border to meet with these rebels? No, they don't because the main stream media, including Fox News, didn't cover that story. I wonder why and yet I know why? John McCain declared himself to be one with the rebels in their fight against Assad. So, we are closing our embassies because of an Al-Qaeda threat? We arm Al-Qaeda in Syria and we close our embassies elsewhere because they are threatening an attack on us? There is clearly something wrong with this picture, and yet this is the story. We are in way over our heads and our Federal Government is in full violation of the document that gives the federal government its authority; our Federal Constitution. I believe and know for a fact that we better stop standing with the "R"epublicans or Democrats, start standing with and acting like "r"epublicans (believers in the true Constitutional Republic our forefathers created for us), stop playing party politics, and use the methods prescribed in the Constitution to get us all back on the road to a Constitutional Republic (which includes enacting Article 5 of the Constitution immediately). A starting point would be to vote every politician out of Congress who has been in Washington for more than two terms. kid4dinar, I agree America is being destroyed, and I respectfully disagree that only Democrats are doing it. Both parties, full of evil progressives, are destroying the USA.
  11. I believe that 1.16 is around the rate that oil contracts are written; per the ministry of planning and finance.
  12. Only read it (bits and pieces) once while loosing interest. I have no idea what's going on either. If you and I and everyone else are confused, and we all are; then the loose marbles over at Frank's place have accomplished their jobs.
  13. I could sit here and pick this apart, but why. If I had to waste my time, then would it matter anymore. Nope! 9. TIMELINE HAS NOT CHANGED FROM THIS MORNING (ANY MINUTE-AUGUST 1) So, when August 1st comes and goes with no RV, Exogen will need to resort to plan B; which is to hire Tony TNT to come in and spin the lie of why an RV didn't happen this week. What's really sad is actually people are running around believing and hanging onto ever word this person has said.
  14. Listen to Tony TNT is like listening to cult leader Jim Jones. I wonder if he told people who follow him to drink the "cool aide" if they really would? Tony TNT needs a flashier name, considering the flashy lies he tells. He needs to rename himself ............... KABOOM!
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