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Baghdad Today' publishes summary of PM's meetings in New York


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21 minutes ago, BETTYBOOP said:

The fact is he did say it so it is real.

For me , it isn't about real or not real , but a lie or a truth. Sudarni can say whatever ( a lie or a truth ) he likes to say and it doesn't mean he will do it. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes from the mouth of corrupt iraqi officials and politicians.

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7 minutes ago, rvmydinar said:

For me , it isn't about real or not real , but a lie or a truth. Sudarni can say whatever ( a lie or a truth ) he likes to say and it doesn't mean he will do it. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes from the mouth of corrupt iraqi officials and politicians.

😂😂 Al Sudani has been the MOST ACTIVE  prime minister they have ever had. He is also very possibly the least corrupt. No previous prime minister has gone after the corruption the way he has. Now,  yeah, he might just be paying lup service but compared to everyone before him he jas done an incredible job . To my mind he is anyrhingnbut a lier or corrupt. Iraq might actually have a chance of developing with him in the hot seat. Most other prime minister sat back and let the corruption run rampit and had their hand in the pot as well. 

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Al-Sudani returns to Baghdad after concluding his visit to New York

Yesterday, 16:20upload_1695475587_675420531.jpg


Al-Ghad Press/Baghdad   

The Prime Minister's Media Office announced today, Saturday, the return of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani to the "homeland" after concluding his visit to New York.


The office stated in a statement, a copy of which was received by Al-Ghad Press, that “the Prime Minister’s visit to New York included delivering Iraq’s speech at the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly at its seventy-eighth session, in addition to delivering a speech at the Sustainable Development Goals Summit.”


The statement added, "The Prime Minister met with a number of figures, including the German Chancellor and the prime ministers of the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Kuwait, as well as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the US Secretary of State, and others."


The statement noted that "the Sudanese returned home after concluding his visit to New York."


It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, delivered a detailed speech yesterday, at the United Nations General Assembly, in which he stressed Iraq’s keenness to build an independent and balanced foreign policy that targets cooperation and is based on bridging viewpoints and commonalities.


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Paris.. Integrity discusses mechanisms for implementing the memorandum of understanding in the fight against corruption

Politics |Yesterday, 14:43 |



Baghdad today - Baghdad

Today, Saturday (September 23, 2023), the Integrity Commission discussed with the French Anti-Corruption Agency ways of joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of preventing and preventing corruption.


The Commission stated in a statement received by “Baghdad Today” that “The Director General of the Recovery Department of the Integrity Commission, Ayman Daoud, discussed during his meeting with the Director of the French Anti-Corruption Agency (Isabelle Guigozo) joint cooperation between Iraq and France in the field of preventing and preventing corruption.”


She added, "The meeting, which took place through the Iraqi embassy in Paris and was coordinated by Ambassador Badie Batti, discussed the mechanisms for implementing a memorandum of understanding in the field of preventing corruption that the two parties held last January during the visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister (Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani) to the French capital and the signing of an agreement." Strategic partnership, in order to strengthen bilateral relations and establish a formal and permanent framework for the diverse and comprehensive relationship in various fields of cooperation, including combating corruption.”


She explained that "the memorandum included a number of paragraphs, including: exchanging information, investigating corruption crimes and limiting its spread, technical cooperation to prevent corruption, enhancing expertise, and developing and improving strategies and policies to combat it."


She continued, "The meeting included the Director of the French Agency handing over an invitation to come to Baghdad and discuss areas of joint cooperation at the Commission's headquarters. An invitation was also extended to her to attend the side event that will be held on the sidelines of the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention in the United States of America."


According to the statement, Daoud expressed his hope that “international cooperation in confronting the scourge of corruption will result in success,” noting “the importance of the commitment of states parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption to the articles and clauses of the Convention, and the development of mechanisms to prevent and combat corruption.”


It is worth noting that the United Nations Convention against Corruption urges the oversight bodies and counterpart agencies in the countries party to the Convention to conclude agreements and conclude bilateral understandings related to the field of preventing and combating corruption. It also encourages international cooperation and legal assistance between those countries.

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The visit to New York did not witness any "dirts"... Did the Sudanese impose his priorities in America?

Politics |Yesterday, 17:30 |



Baghdad today - Baghdad

In a visit that lasted 5 days, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani concluded his visit to New York to participate in the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly at its seventy-eighth session, and despite the aspirations and anticipation at the level of popular and political circles in Iraq for what the visit to the United States of America will bring or what Al-Sudani will be informed of. American positions are a reflection of the recent Iraqi positions, which analysts have long said "angered" Washington. However, it seems that Iraq did not engage there in more than what it saw as its priorities, not Washington's priorities.


Politician Sadiq Abdullah said, in an interview with “Baghdad Today,” that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani focused, in attending the UN sessions, on 3 important files, through his direct meetings with leaders of countries and heads of financial organizations, on investment, reviving the economy, and presenting his government’s projects.” Whether through Al-Faw port or the development road, in addition to emphasizing security stability, with reference to the water issue and its danger to the Iraqi scene in general.”


He added, "Al-Sudani stayed away from engaging in talking about complex and sensitive files, whether the Russian war or the debate over the Khor Abdullah agreement," pointing out that "he was frank in his meetings with the American side about discussing the currency market file and the importance of cooperation in fortifying the Iraqi economy away from... Engaging in other issues, whether the recent agreements with Tehran or the nature of Washington’s view of the Shiite armed factions.”


He pointed out that "Baghdad is no longer one of Washington's priorities in foreign strategy, especially with the developments of the Russian war and the challenges it has produced for the American depth and the emergence of the Chinese dragon as a strong player in the international arena, pointing out that Washington's role has begun to decline, and the evidence is that it has not succeeded in stopping the agreement between Baghdad and Tehran on... Energy files and armed organizations in the Kurdistan region.


He continued, "Al-Sudani does not want to involve Baghdad in international conflicts and is looking for any financial and investment cooperation that supports the country's economy. Therefore, he focused his meeting on the file of reconstruction, investment, and security stability in Iraq."


Leaders of countries interact with Sudanese priorities


The Director of the Media Office of the Prime Minister, Rabie Nader, confirmed today, Saturday (September 23, 2023), that Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, over a period of six days, presented in the best possible way Iraq’s official speech, which is based on balance, building serious economic partnerships, and building bridges of cooperation.

Nader said in a blog post on the (x) Twitter platform previously, followed by “Baghdad Today,” that “an important and active Iraqi movement in New York included meetings and encounters with an unprecedented number of leaders and leaders of countries from different trends and continents, and the common link between all of them is the great desire for openness to Iraq and work there.

He added, "Over the course of six days, the Prime Minister presented - in the best possible way - Iraq's official speech, which is based on balance, building serious economic partnerships, and building bridges of cooperation."

Nader continued: “What is striking is that most of those whom the Prime Minister met, including leaders and presidents, were very attentive and interactive with the priorities he adopted,” noting that “more than one head of state expressed a sincere desire to visit Iraq, in a clear manifestation of the (productive diplomacy) that It was adopted by this government, which is keen to stay away from formal relations that do not go beyond the stage of taking souvenir photos.”

He stressed that "in addition to presidents and leaders, there was clear interest from research centers and institutions, which were keen to hold seminars with the aim of listening to the convictions and policies pursued by the Prime Minister in politics, security, economics and foreign relations."


Summary of meetings


"Baghdad Today" reviews a list of meetings that Al-Sudani held with figures, leaders of countries and heads of companies during his visit to New York.

From Europe:
●German Chancellor 
●Spanish Prime Minister
●Bulgarian President
●Norwegian Prime Minister
● Dutch Prime Minister
● President of Cyprus
●British Deputy Prime Minister
From Asia:
● President of the Republic of South Korea 
● Malaysian Prime Minister 
From countries in the region:
●Chairman of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council
●Iranian President
●Kuwait Prime Minister
●Lebanese Prime Minister
As well as:
■ US Secretary of State
■ Secretary-General of the United Nations 
■ Secretary General of NATO
■ US President’s Special Envoy to the Middle East and North Africa McGurk
■ US Treasury Agent
■ Director of the United Nations Development Programme
■The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)
Research centres, seminars and interviews
▪︎ Dialogue session with the US Council on Foreign Relations
▪︎ A dialogue symposium held by Al-Monitor and Semaphore Americas
▪︎ A meeting with members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the presence of businessmen, investors and representatives of major American companies
▪︎Interview with Bloomberg Channel
▪︎Interview with CNN
▪︎Interview with the National newspaper
▪︎Interview with the New York Times


• A meeting with the American company General Electric
• A meeting with the multinational technology group Honeywell
• Kuvinken, an American law firm


Source: Baghdad Today

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10 hours ago, Carrello said:

Tidbit: Salaries are lagging, infrastructure services have not been refurbished/builtout. But Sadr doesn't have citizens rioting, protesting. Why? 3 months ago or so, PM Sudani told the citizens the IQD would be worth more than the dollar. When Iraqi Muslims traveled to Saudi Arabia for Haj, it was reported they did not spend dinars but spent dollars. Why? Look at the blueprint.


The dollar black market will die a very quick death when the dinar is worth more than the dollar. Poof! Immediate! That is why the exchange companies are complaining. It is against the law to use the dollar currently to even buy a car. The dollar has been outlawed in Iraq.


You cannot build out a country with roads, housing, ports, airports at a rate of 1310 and investors won't touch it at that rate. It just doesn't pencil. 

Great post 🙏

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2 hours ago, horsesoldier said:

Agreed, but the question remains..." When?"

Why would he say this? And why give a time frame? I mean yeah supposedly harder to launder but still capable through proper channels ... I dunno seems they would happen sooner then later? But then maybe wanna wait a few 10 more years? So people forget you said it... or is this just to keeps the streets calm until so

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1 hour ago, BETTYBOOP said:

The 1 thing that really puzzles me and sticks out for me is that they have not dispersed any budget funds.. This really does not make any sense to me unless they truly need a new rate

yep and how many times have they talked about it......reconstruction and social security welfare were combined into Supplementary budget then absorbed into General... I believe these two budget areas require new rate...

Edited by screwball
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Iraqi PM seeks to dispel fears of Iran influence on country in UNGA address

Mohammed Shia Al Sudani, who next month completes his first year in office, is also set to highlight climate change and corruption concerns


Ahead of his UNGA address, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al Sudani has sought to play down fears of Tehran's influence.  Getty Images

Ahead of his UNGA address, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al Sudani has sought to play down fears of Tehran's influence. Getty Images


Sinan Mahmoud author image

Sep 22, 2023
Powered by automated translation

As world leaders continue talks at the UN General Assembly in New York, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al Sudani is aiming to dispel fears over growing Iranian influence in his country and outline his nation’s pressing needs.

Mr Al Sudani, who next month completes his first year in office, is set to address the 78th session of the annual UNGA later on Friday. The summit began on Tuesday.

“He will try as much as he can to dispel the fears of the international community that a government formed by armed factions will not be hostile,” political analyst Ihsan Al Shammari, who leads the Iraqi Political Thinking Centre think tank in Baghdad, told The National.

“He will present and work on drawing an image that these factions have been able to adhere to the state’s agenda and are working to change the reality of Iraq at the level of services and the level of the state institutions.”


The group comprises powerful Iran-backed Shiite militias and political parties, and some of its leaders are US-blacklisted for belonging to designated terrorist groups.

Since he took office, Washington has grown increasingly worried about the influence of the Shiite militias in Iraq.

Tehran's growing reach

Since the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime, Iraq has been caught in the middle of US-Iran rivalry and regional tensions, particularly due to its diplomatic and geographic closeness to Iran.


During a series of meetings with senior officials and interviews in New York, Mr Al Sudani sought to alleviate worries about Iran’s role in Iraq.

“We always face the question about Iraq’s relationship with both Iran and the US as if we are the only country that has relations with both countries,” Mr Al Sudani told the Middle East Global Summit, held by the Al Monitor and Semafor media organisations, on Thursday.

He defended Iran-Iraq relations, saying the strong historical, cultural, religious, and political ties between the two countries cannot be ignored.

“Iran is a neighbouring country with whom we have more than 2,200 kilometres of shared borders and we have many things in common with them,” he said.


“They have supported our political process since 2003 and supported us in fighting terrorism, and at the same time the US is a strategic partner to Iraq.”

Critics of the Iraqi government say politicians openly loyal to Iran – in some cases from parties formed in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s – have taken senior positions in a number of government ministries.

They point to examples over the years where Iraq has helped Iran at the behest of these political leaders, helping Tehran transfer weapons to Syria and creating Iran-trained and armed militias within Iraq.

“I want to underline here that we do not follow instructions from others. What we need and serves our national interest, we do. We consider this approach as the perfect path for our foreign policy,” said Mr Al Sudani.

But the international community is waiting for deeds from Baghdad, rather than statements, Mr Al Shammari said.


“What the international community is willing to see is a stable country that enjoys full sovereignty and not a subordinate state,” he said.

Formidable challenges

Over the past year, Mr Al Sudani’s government has faced a series of formidable challenges in regard to the economy, climate change and corruption.

It has been struggling to control the official exchange rate due to failed measures to introduce reforms to the foreign currency auction run by the Iraqi central bank.


Washington has been pressing Iraq since last year to stop the flow of dollars through the foreign currency auction to countries under US sanctions, including Iran and Syria, as well as to entities under sanctions in Lebanon.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has applied strict criteria to requests for international transactions from Iraq, rejecting many and delaying others.

It has also blacklisted several Iraqi banks suspected of money laundering and of carrying out suspicious transactions. The latest was in July, when it barred 14 private Iraqi banks from conducting dollar transactions.

Iraq is among the most corrupt countries in the world, ranking 157 out of 180 in non-governmental organisation Transparency International's 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index.

In an interview with CNN, Mr Al Sudani described corruption as a “real challenge” to his government, appealing to the international community to help Iraq in repatriating corrupt officials with dual nationalities and the funds they smuggled abroad.

He also called for more international support to Iraq to fight climate change.

“We need the international support in fighting climate change,” Mr Al Sudani said.

“We have not found any trace to any work for the relevant international institutions in the field of climate change.”

Iraq is ranked by the UN fifth on a list of countries most vulnerable to climate change, and is experiencing its worst drought in decades, with temperatures exceeding 50°C last summer.

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The Prime Minister's Advisor explains the importance of sovereign guarantees



 Yesterday, 15:36

Baghdad - IA - Nassar Al-Hajj

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, explained today, Sunday, that the sovereign guarantees relate to covering the issue of default by sectoral entities, stressing that these guarantees are one of the factors of stability and encouraging the business environment in Iraq in a sustainable manner.


Saleh told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The sovereign guarantees granted by the state to the various contracting parties express the government’s guarantee that the obligation between the contracting parties will be fulfilled in the event that the primary debtor fails to pay.” 


He added that "sovereign guarantees are related to covering the issue of default on the part of sectoral entities, specifically government entities benefiting from the processing, contracting and construction work for investment projects with a strategic dimension. Sovereign guarantees can also cover all types of obligations and pledges in extensive detail," pointing out that "sovereign guarantees before... Granting them in the General Budget Law, they are considered an integral part of financing by borrowing, and one of the components of public debt, and in accordance with the international standard in describing government debt and the method of calculating it.”


He pointed out, "The granting of sovereign guarantees is carried out with great precision by the executive authority and in accordance with the strategic importance of guaranteeing major development projects and encouraging major companies and the business sector to work in our country."


He continued, "Therefore, the sovereign guarantees granted by the state to the entities that prepare or implement projects constitute one of the factors for stabilizing and encouraging the business environment in Iraq in a sustainable manner, and removing obstacles and risks that impede development and economic progress, according to the strategic priority that requires granting sovereign guarantees or guarantees."


Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, confirmed earlier, during his meetings in New York, that the government will provide sovereign guarantees in the budget law to establish industrial and agricultural projects in Iraq.

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