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Adam Montana Weekly 9 December 2020

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Good morning good morning!   First things first - I just posted an updated thread on whitelisting / safelisting emails.    When the RV is announced, a couple things happen:  

"two" monitors.   More like this        

Great post there Adam. Things are looking pretty good. Your staff is doing a great job. I understand Julie is "working as quickly as possible on compliance; 10 fingers, 2 monitors, 12 hour days SO not

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On 12/9/2020 at 9:11 PM, fancy said:

Of course they want that information spread around, they won't tell us, heeeey guess what, we are gonna revalue the Dinar. Hang tight.🍾

I absolutely agree! If anything government, media and PTB will do whatever they can to do whatever they decide. Those of us who watched or participated in the US elections (and media attention, focus, obfuscation, and quite simply avoidance of some topics) and the 'Legal' system refusing to endforse the existing laws, we just witnessed the US hand over "Superpower" status to China.


Enough on Media and Politics... l believe we are in a very good place financially, and along with the coming "shake-up" there will be a number of new economies opening up  (at least temporarily) until they are lured, coerced or simply taken over by more powerful ones.


Thank you Adam for creating and providing options for many of us for Global and Generational wealth retention. Individually we may not be 'Big Players' but collectively  we will have a seat near the Adult table. (Not the French Laundry).

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15 hours ago, Woollyback said:

My wife follows an astrologist who says for Librans we are going to come into some money at the end of December. GO RV



I am not a Libra, but I DO hope that you come into a lot of $$$$  at the end of December and I hope it is because of the DINAR !!!

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1 hour ago, Caye98 said:

Thank you Adam for creating and providing options for many of us for Global and Generational wealth retention. Individually we may not be 'Big Players' but collectively  we will have a seat near the Adult table. (Not the French Laundry).


Another example of "Seek and ye shall find"

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After 17 years of disagreements with the Kurds, Al-Kazemi is close to resolving the greatest crisis in the political history of Iraq, and he may (bring what the early adopters could not) ..

Posted 2 hours ago
Iraq Today Agency
News source / Iraq News Agency today

Baghdad - Iraq today:

The political editor in Iraq Today wrote:

“Quietly, far from the spotlight, but with strength and determination, achieving advanced results.” This is how an informed source describes the negotiations that the federal government is conducting, with the Kurdistan Regional Government, over the delivery of exported oil, border crossings, and federal revenues, in exchange for allowing the region’s share of funds in the budget. Country General.

The source added, to (Iraq Today), that “the Al-Kazemi government is putting the final touches on what appears to be the first realistic and real agreement with the region’s authorities that are under the influence of the widespread popular protests that erupted more than a week ago in some Kurdistan’s provinces, and the government is firmly leading the negotiations, offering Only constitutional views, and they do not want to be blackmailed by the regional government, or to be blackmailed by their right, but rather they are pushing towards organizing the relationship with the region, as part of its powers and powers, and for matters to return to the constitutional path that guarantees the rights of the union and the region together.

The source also said, “Any agreement that is achieved in the coming hours or days will be realistic, and everyone will start implementing it and adhering to its outputs, and it will not be a (tactical trick) as it used to happen in the past, as the agreed upon soon turn on what they agreed upon, and return to point zero. ! ”

He pointed out that "if the Al-Kazemi government succeeds in passing this test, it will have achieved a real and strategic agreement that has not been achieved for several years, but rather decades."

In this context, the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Bashir Al-Haddad, confirmed that negotiations are continuing between the Kurdistan Region delegation that is currently visiting Baghdad and the Iraqi government, noting that Baghdad and Erbil are “very close to the agreement and mutual understanding.

In a statement received by (Iraq Today), Al-Haddad stressed the importance of intensifying discussions and dialogues in order to resolve issues and issues in order to reach common understandings, converge visions on pending issues and overcome differences, "in this difficult stage that requires everyone to make more efforts, efforts and joint cooperation."

He pointed out that "negotiations are continuing so far, and the two parties are very close to the agreement and mutual understanding, and we hope to reach practical solutions within the framework of a fair agreement between Erbil and Baghdad that is in the supreme national interest, and the two parties are bound to implement its provisions."

The Ministry of Finance in the region had responded to a letter sent by the Ministry of Finance in the Federal Government regarding the Fiscal Deficit Financing Law, in which it expressed Erbil's willingness to fulfill its oil and financial obligations according to the Fiscal Deficit Financing Law, and demanded the federal government to start implementing the law and guarantee the share of the Kurdistan region as stipulated Law.

In this context, Al-Haddad reiterated that the region “is fully prepared to implement its constitutional obligations towards the federal government, in exchange for the latter's respect for all its legal and constitutional obligations towards the region”.

If this agreement is implemented completely, accurately, and disciplined, then Al-Kazemi will have "accomplished what the first leaders could not) and achieved a wish that was almost impossible for all Iraqi prime ministers from 2003 until today

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Iraq news now

A Kurdish bloc reveals the fact that Baghdad and Erbil are close to signing a comprehensive oil agreement

Posted 2 hours ago
News source / Baghdad today
Baghdad today
News source / Baghdad today

Baghdad Today - Baghdad

Today, Monday, the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Iraqi parliament revealed the fact that Baghdad and Erbil are close to signing a comprehensive oil agreement.

The head of the bloc, MP Jamal Ahmed, told "Baghdad Today", "We do not believe that any oil or financial agreement will be signed today between Baghdad and Erbil, as the root points of disagreement still exist between the two sides, and resolving these differences needs a longer time and deeper dialogues."

Ahmed stated that "there is no specific time to resolve the differences between Baghdad and Erbil, but solutions must be expedited, so there is no time, especially since delaying solutions delays the completion of the 2021 budget law."

He added, "All differences can be resolved according to dialogue and constitutional frameworks, especially if there are personalities who have the will to solve and not deepen the disagreement."

Earlier, and in a different position, a former deputy from the Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed, on Monday (December 14, 2020), that a new agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil on the delivery of oil and revenues from the ports would soon be announced.

"It is expected that the negotiation rounds will end soon, with the announcement of a new agreement that contributes to two basic points in organizing the delivery of customs resources, and determining the quantities of oil exported from the region," said the former deputy, Mohsen al-Saadoun, in a press interview.

He added, "negotiations are still ongoing between the Kurdish delegation, who is currently in the capital, Baghdad, and officials in the federal government in order to reach an agreement to zero in all the crises and controversial problems between the two parties."

Al-Saadoun explained that "the existing talks in Baghdad will determine whether to return to the previous oil agreement or conclude a new agreement that differs from its predecessors to solve the issue of customs salaries and revenues," noting that "the agreement will be included in the general budget law for next year."

He suggested the former deputy, for the Democrat, that "the two parties announce within the next two days their new agreement regarding the export of oil and the delivery of customs revenues to the federal government."

He pointed out that "the Kurdish delegation held ten meetings during the current year with the federal government, during which it reached advanced results and final stages, but some political forces in Parliament took positions that are not subject to the concepts of the constitution or the law."

And the House of Representatives voted on 12 November last, on the law of financing the fiscal deficit despite the withdrawal of the Kurdish blocs in objection to the article stipulating that the Kurdistan region’s share of the total actual spending be determined on the condition that the region is committed to paying the amounts of oil exported from the region and in the quantities specified by SOMO exclusively and the revenues Non-federal oil.

During the past two weeks, Sulaymaniyah Governorate witnessed protests launched by employees, due to the delay in salaries, for more than two months.

These protests were followed by the sending of the Kurdistan government, a delegation to Baghdad, to agree on a final formula on the delivery of the salaries of the region's employees in exchange for the delivery of Kurdistan oil and the revenues of the ports to the center.

Earlier, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Repin Salam, confirmed that the President of the Kurdistan region, Nechirvan Barzani, will visit Baghdad soon to sign a comprehensive oil agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil.

Salam said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), "Barzani will visit Baghdad to sign the comprehensive agreement with the federal government, which provides for the delivery of 460 thousand barrels of oil per day to the region in exchange for handing over Baghdad to the region's share of the budget and the salaries of employees and the Peshmerga in full."

On Sunday (December 12, 2020), the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Saeed Mamo Zaini, accused the Shiite political blocs of exploiting the situation in the region by imposing impossible conditions on the Kurdish delegation negotiating in Baghdad to prevent any agreement.

Mammo Zaini said in a special statement to (Baghdad Today), "The prior rejection of the Shiite political blocs before the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, whenever the two sides take a step forward, is very surprising."

He added that "the deputies of the Shiite blocs are standing in front of any step forward in negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil through their threats to the central government in the event that money is sent to Kurdistan."

"The delegation in Baghdad offered all flexibility and positively dealt with the demands and conditions of Baghdad, but the deputies of the Shiite blocs deal selectively and try to exploit the region's position to impose impossible conditions."

And that "trading the citizens' food for political and electoral purposes cannot be allowed, and we do not know what these deputies want with their poisonous statements that reject any agreement between Baghdad and Erbil."


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  • Similar Content

    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Sunday, everyone!
      I'm tagging this "Adam Montana Weekly", even though the updates are no longer weekly, just to keep them showing up in the same searches for your convenience.
      Also, I don't have a lot to say... but I wanted to check in so you all didn't think I'm abandoning you! I'm just incredibly busy with some new projects in my life that have taken me away from the computer.
      I'm very thankful for the reprieve from the computer screen, my eyes and my back have been screaming at me the last couple of years.
      It was time for a change. 
      With that said, I'm still in daily communications with all of my dinar contacts. I still get my usual briefings from the important people on dinar. And I'm still 100% ready to drop everything and give you all of my time when this RV happens.

      The last time I touched on the price of OIL was quite a while ago - I was optimistic even though oil prices were only at $40ish.
      Where are they today?

      $61! Which happens to be above where we need them to be for a launch of the RV. I don't need to say more on that topic.
      In GOI news, Iraq is muddling through the final stages of the Budget. We don't need the Budget to be complete before an RV, but a "happy agreement" between the Kurds and Baghdad will do a lot to grease the wheels.
      You can keep up with the current Budget proceedings in this thread, where our tireless @yota691 has been keeping everyone up to date.
      I know it can be a bit painful to try to decipher the articles, so I'll give you the elevator summary:
      Things are going well. There is a current discussion on "raising the price of the dollar", which would be bad for Dinar, and the overall sentiment is that they publicly do NOT want to "raise the price of the dollar". (That's a good thing for us!) Part of the reason is due to the current favorable price of oil.

      And, of course, none of that matters when the HCL goes through. It's been pretty quiet on the HCL front, which is part of why I've taken a break on posting.
      When the HCL comes, we have an RV either already announced or just around the corner.
      Until the HCL is done, we wait patiently.
      Personally, I'm staying the course.
      In other news... LGD made a pretty compelling argument in this thread for taking a serious look at Silver.
      BTC (we discuss this a LOT in the VIP Crypto section) is experiencing one of the best buying opportunities we've seen in a while, and maybe the best we will ever see again.
      While we've been waiting for the RV, many millions have been made in other areas... I encourage everyone to not tie all of their hopes and dreams to one windfall. I have no doubt that we will reap the dinar windfall, but why miss all the other opportunities while we are waiting on the RV? 
      See you in VIP.  
      Go Iraq... Go Dinar...
      GO RRRVVV!!!!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon-evening, all!
      This has been a roller coaster of a week for so many sectors... I know some of you are here for "Just the Dinar News, sir.... just the dinar news".
      I'll start with IQD. There is talk - and I'll leave it to you to research this, because I have 17 articles on my notepad that would really only cause confusion - but there is TALK that Iraq isn't able to use USD anymore.
      Or they won't be able to, or they shouldn't, or whatever.
      Listen, this is a fundamental issue, and anyone that's followed me for any amount of time should know that I am here because of the fundamentals.
      If Iraq is currently unable to use USD (that's not entirely the case at the moment, but follow along) then they couldn't conduct auctions, they couldn't trade anywhere that uses the USD (that's everywhere), and they would basically fall into absolute poverty and die of malnutrition.
      Does that sound like a serious possibility? 
      Of course not... so let's get back to the fundamentals.
      Iraq has a majority of the OIL in the world.
      There's no way in heck that the WORLD will just pretend that oil isn't there.
      There is NO WAY that they can't use their resources to "buy in" to anything they want.
      So... what's with all this talk about Iraq not being able to use USD?
      I'll answer.
      It's an idle threat, but a promising one.
      It means Iraq has one more reason to up their game, Iraq has yet another reason to RV, and the world has one more reason to accept the "NEW" rate, even if it surprises everyone.
      Even if the analysts and the advisors and the bunches of panelists and "experts" say "OMG they shouldn't/can't/won't" do that!
      It doesn't matter what those talking heads say.... it's going to happen when it happens, and we are ready and here!
      On a side note... I hope you caught some of these crypto gains that many of us are rolling in!
      Sorry this update was late - I've had a ton going on this week, some of which has been rolling my crypto profits into other deals and just having a blast doing it all.
      Life is good, friends! See you in VIP  

    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon, beautiful people!
      Budget: All you need to know about it is here:
      What that doesn't tell you is that the Budget doesn't have to have the rate. The Rate also does not need to be included in the Budget!
      That's not to say that the Budget doesn't matter - it does!
      But what really matters is the satisfaction of the Kurds... and that, my friends, is happening very nicely.
      In fact, it's happening more than just "nicely" - check this one out:
      I don't have much more to say on it than that... it's a "wait and see" game right now.
      Wait for the RV, then see you on an island!
      BITCOIN - making it's way back up there. I haven't had this much fun in ages! Hope you're with us in the VIP Crypto section!
      Our Weekly Powerball Pool is HERE. Join us!
      Go BTC. Go Iraq.
      GO RRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Howdy howdy! Happy Wednesday, good people of DinarVets!
      We have some questions from the thread I posted yesterday - I'll get to those in a minute.
      Just in case you missed these comments from last week... check these out: ONE and TWO. 💥
      HCL is such a key component right now. In fact, 98% of this RV hinges on when and how the HCL is finally completed...
      ... and with things like that coming out, you know we aren't far now!
      Crypto - BTC is down to 30,900 as I type this. But those of us in VIP already saw that coming... and we have insight on what is happening next.

      Here's the questions that were posted yesterday:
      Although both are tragic and unfortunate, I see no impact from either of those.
      Haha! Thanks Snatcher  
      In regards to an RV, I say it signifies nothing. Iraq has always tried to plead poverty and defer payments and anything else they can do - just like we would expect any other country to do.
      The payments are in dollars, not Dinars.... this means that after they RV, it will be easier for them to repay. In fact, it makes sense to stall payments until after the RV if possible, because they will effectively pay less that way. Or at least have more to pay with, but I don't think their payment schedule will change for them. It's just better for them all around that way.

      That's a great observation, and I think it's 100% in Iraq's favor! Anything that drives the price of oil up, and does not take away from Iraq's ability to produce and export their own product, is good for Iraq. This is one such example.

      Eventually, yes. After.
      The timing for an RV is good now. The timing, technology, etc for converting to digital isn't quite there at the moment.
      Oy vey  Tricky tricky!
      Not at all. The EU doesn't control the world, Iraq (and the other countries on that map) have other avenues to move money.
      I think you can guess my answer already after reading the links to the articles Thugs posted. We are so close to the apex of this I simply can't imagine it not popping soon, one way or another!
      One of my biggest objections to the possibility of a true Global Currency Reset is that when you break it down, it ends up looking like socialism. There would be winners and losers in that situation - if all currencies were made equal, that implies that all debts would be erased. Who does the US owe their national debt to? And are they just going to agree to wipe that debt out? That's just one example of a major roadblock in the path to a "Global" currency reset.
      I'm not saying I see no possible variations of the concept, but I do not believe a Global Reset is possible without WWIII and one ultimate winner who then controls the entire planet under one ruling entity. 
      Funny question there... no amount of money will solve their problems! That won't stop them, though! 
      See above!
      What "IQD Rates - Updates" are you referringing to?
      No, but some countries are requiring tests before you're allowed to mingle.
      You're going to have to give me a link - I could run around the internet trying to figure out exactly what you're referring to, but if I find the wrong article I'm going to give you the wrong answer.
      Gotta give me more to work with than that. Which pile of money are you referring to?
      I'm mostly in agreement there! It certainly could be done simultaneously with the Budget, but that doesn't mean it has to be done simultaneous... 
      .... however, the timing certainly is good. I'm hopeful.
      == = = == = == = == = = == = == == = 
      Lots of good stuff, my friends!
      Stay positive, stay healthy and happy, Go Iraq, and 
      GO RRRRVVVVVVV!!$!!$!!$!!

    • By Adam Montana
      Good day and happy Wednesday!
      Not a ton to chat about right now. We have some optimism on the Budget side, namely:
      If the Kurds weren't happy with their share, there would be a problem with HCL.
      This says the opposite - all in agreement, ready to go next week, and that says to me:
      Let's go HCL!
      Other than that... I could sit here and hypothesize about the little news bits and rumors floating around, but I've got other things to do  
      Get in the lotto pool here.
      The crypto world is an amazing and fantastically fun place to be playing right now - the market swings are incredibly predictable! Join us here for the discussion.
      Like I said - not much to talk about today, so.....
      GO RRRRVVVVV!!!!!!!!

      - Adam
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