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WARNING!!!  If you don't like reading speculation about why the RV may be imminent, please just skip this post!!!  That way you won't have to get upset and you also won't rain on the parade of those o

In 2016 when Trump won, I felt for those who were shocked and devastated even though I rejoiced.  Will have no sympathy for them this time.

From Delta - Translating Comments On Iraqi Social Media ...               THESE ARE MESSAGES FROM IRAQI SOCIAL MEDIA TO THE NEW CBI GOV..........   "We hope tha

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Can somebody tell me why all of a sudden Maliki is on Iraqi tv trying to get Al-Kazemii out as PM?  I though this evil guy was in jail being prosecuted for treason and corruption.  But that aside we can still celebrate cause he isn't going to get anywhere.

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On 6/16/2020 at 9:54 AM, DinarThug said:

Now Here’s A Nice Iraqi Surprise - The Arrest Of Maliki’s Finance Minister ! :o   :D  :D  :D 

The Iraqi judiciary announces the arrest of Rafeh Al-Issawi in Baghdad and his retrial



16th June, 2020


 Announced the Council of the judiciary Top in Iraq Tuesday, the arrest of the accused Rafie al - Issawi and Minister of Finance of the Iraqi former, to conduct an investigation with him for the crimes accused them

Al-Issawi, who belongs to the Iraqi National Forces Union (Sunni coalition), held the position of Minister of Finance in the Iraqi government between 2008-2014 when Nuri al-Maliki was Prime Minister, and Al-Issawi submitted his resignation from his position before the end of his duties after he was accused of supporting terrorism.

According to a statement reportedly told Twilight News, that the judge concerned into the issues of counter - terrorism decided today approved 16 of June 2020 the arrest of the accused Rafe neutrality Issawi in accordance with the provisions of the law of the fight against terrorism, to conduct the investigation with him for the crimes accused them after that the accused mentioned handed over the same to the authorities to investigate the competent

Also said that the accused mentioned above, and was issued against him provisions in absentia in prison for crimes of corruption, administrative when he holds the post of Minister of Finance and that these verdicts in the case of objection it will be returned to trial them according to the provisions of the law of the assets of the trials again in his presence of criminal , which allows convicted in absentia was sentenced to object to the verdict and trial, according to the law



46 minutes ago, Sandrider said:

Can somebody tell me why all of a sudden Maliki is on Iraqi tv trying to get Al-Kazemii out as PM?

That’s Easy - Because Kazemi Is Implementing Sweeping Reforms And Going After The ‘Smuggled Money’ That Belongs To Iraq ! :o 



And Maliki’s Starting To See Some Of His Underling’s Going Down - Who Are No Doubt Gonna Sing ...


:D  :D  :D 

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Now thats good news, its not cutting the head off the snake, but there starting at the tail and working there way up. Going this route there going to get back a lot of there money when they get to the head, There going to be dancing and celebrating in the streets, they may even create another holiday from it. Go Iraq 

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6-28-2020   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  Article:  "Iraqi banks are waiting for a notice to launch salaries within 24 hours"  They postponed the salaries for up to 24 hours... The government banks are awaiting a notice...One that is different than in the past...This imo sure looks like the agreement the Kurds have made and signed yesterday, in that they signed the comprehensive agreement, it suggests there was a need to adjust things for the electronic system to make payments...Keep in mind the adjustments at the borders are to have electronic adjustments in line by the 1st of July for shipping, border crossing, taxes, tariffs, fees, etc. Also take note that there will be a parliament session on Monday the 29th. The 2020 Budget is to be sorted by the 30th. The Kurds signing the comprehensive agreement yesterday, imo would have had the 2019 FMLA on the table. That 2019 FMLA is the mechanism or is imo the key to the RI. See the picture being painted? It surely looks promising this is coming to a head! imo It is all lining up! imo. 

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An Economist Assures The Importance Of Legislating The Law Of Protecting Economic And Intellectual Property



27th June, 2020

The expert on economic affairs, Raad Tuwaij, stressed the importance of legislating the law of protecting economic and intellectual property to preserve the inventions and innovations made by individuals.

“With the development of society economically and with the intensification of crises, creativity and innovation emerge, so we need a law to preserve those economic resources, whether human, material or financial, and it is necessary to legislate the intellectual property law to preserve the individuals’ inventions and industrial and scientific innovations without being done,” he said. Adoption by emergency individuals and such a law is an important condition for joining the World Trade Organization.

Twig continued: “Iraq contains a lot of experts and innovators for medical devices and others, but there is no encouragement for these innovations and for young people, and the government should nurture and develop those energies and preserve them, especially in this stifling economic crisis.

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I've always like Randy Koonce, he doesn't post often, but what he says makes sense to me.  I know he's given us windows before and the RV never transpired, but none of us really knows all that goes on in Iraq and the best any of us can do is make our best, educated guess.  Just because we've missed it ever time we made a prediction, doesn't mean we'll never get it right.  And this time Randy's opinion is that we are in a window which will remain open until RV or bust!!


Come on Iraq, let's bring 'er home!!!   GOOOOO RV!!


How are you makin it.  Well, once again, we have had another long pause since I last gave an update to everyone. But, we have just now had a window open up, giving us another opportunity to finish up this investment. We are all weary...and none of us ever thought it would be this long. Many have asked me if I had gotten out. The answer is: NO!! I have not sold my dinar. And I have not exchanged any dinar...I am writing this letter to let everyone know - we have another window opening up. And this time, it is my opinion that the window will remain open until . . . we are done. "At least, if ALL the political parties keep playing nice." The story of this journey would make the greatest political thriller novel of all time!  This time, it looks like the HCL is nearly done. If you have been keeping up with the articles coming out recently, then you know that Iraq has been signaling that they are going to pay people. And in the last week, they have let us know that the census that has been finished recently is on employees who will get paid.   So what that means is Iraq is finally ready to be DONE!   The US and the IMF wanted them to get the borrowing law ready. The articles coming out have also been saying that this is done.  It appears that Iraq has now done what everyone wanted done, and there is nothing left to be done.  Except. . .The Rate. The date. ...With the Covid out there, there might be a few extra challenges in the exchange process, so be sure and call your bank, make an appointment, and ask them what their requirements are for coming in. All of the major banks will exchange for us, but it might take a bit of extra planning. Just stay calm. Be polite. Breathe...Do not give your dinar to anyone except a bank. Get professional advice...It has been a journey none of us ever expected, but we should all be grateful to have been included in it.  Check every day to see if it has changed...

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13 hours ago, DinarThug said:

Ya BroFo’s ! :o 




:D  :D  :D 



Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just me?  These 2 are identical twins!  ???   


I don't watch much stuff anymore. I guess I live a dinar sheltered life!  :lol:  

Edited by Smokey Mtn. Dinar
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6-30-2020   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  ...the whole process here is coming to a head...the National Business Council calling for a review of the exchange rate.  And then you have the government close to sending the economic reform law to parliament.  And we had some other things converging that get us to this stage - an ongoing dialogue with the Kurdistan region.  All those things coming together is important because they all will meet and mean one thing and they all support the focus - going to a market economy...the focus of going to a market economy is the purpose and to get to the market're not going to get to a market economy with a program rate...all these things are coming...around fast and furious right at us...

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