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An agreement between the Communications Commission and the Central Bank to activate the electronic banking system

Mary B

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3 hours ago, screwball said:

Huge news IMHO


Define 'Huge' ! :blink: 



U Mean Like Size 22 Clown Shoes 'Huge' ? :o 


:D  :D  :D 





An agreement between the Communications Commission and the Central Bank to activate the electronic banking system




4th March, 2020

The Media and Communications Commission discussed with the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, a memorandum of understanding on the basis of which the system will develop the electronic bank and provide technical consultations within the projects of the Dom 2025 strategic initiative. 

The authority stated in a statement received by Mawazine News, a copy of it, that "the authority, in the presence of the head of the executive branch Ali Nasser Al-Khuwaildi, member of the Board of Trustees Salem Mashkour, technical assistant, directors of the video and audio regulation department, the comprehensive service department and the communications regulation department, discussed with the governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq and members From the Board of Directors, the Dom 2025 strategic initiative has set among its priorities the development of the financial and banking sector and the contribution to the transition towards digital financial trading, as well as training and development programs for technical cadres with the assistance of the International Telecommunication Union.

Al-Khuwaildi said, "The commission is keen to communicate with all institutions and the central bank, foremost of which is the basic pillar of the state." Al-Khuwaildi suggested "forming a joint team that takes it upon itself to develop a memorandum of understanding between the authority and the central bank to implement strategic technological programs that could benefit the rest of the sectors, such as agriculture, the economy, health, education, and education."

For his part, Al-Alaq stressed that "the economic and financial aspect is the most challenging in Iraq, and the electronic banking transformation will contribute to its growth, especially with the presence of 70 private banks and hundreds of exchange companies," expressing "welcome to the initiative of the commission to hold a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation in implementing vital programs On the level of Iraq."

In turn, the Board member of the Board of Trustees, Salem Mashkour, referred to "the importance of the media in disseminating electronic banking awareness and dealing with the media in a transparent manner to establish a solid banking culture in a clear way away from ambiguity", calling the central bank to "sponsoring media campaigns aimed at spreading economic awareness and the importance of technology in developing".

The statement pointed out that "the first items of the memorandum of understanding were also discussed, which included developing programs and applications for the banking and financial transfer system and training cadres to manage them, in addition to technological projects to support other sectors and state institutions in general. The agreement also included the establishment of projects in rural and remote areas represented in the delivery Communications services, building schools, hospitals and other service projects. 

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The central bank begins a sterilization campaign for its building in the Basra branch




4th March, 2020

The Central Bank of Iraq / Basra branch, in cooperation with the Directorate
of Civil Defense in the province, and in the presence of the radioactive chemical
chemical team (CBRN), initiated cleansing and sterilization operations in the
Central Bank covering all building facilities, to guard against the spread of
infections by "Corona Virus ".


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The Association of Private Banks concludes the "Banking Cards and Electronic Services" course     Banks News _ Baghdad The Iraqi Private Banking Association concluded, "Thursday," the cycle of bank cards and electronic banking services, "with the participation of a number of government and private banks. The session was held in cooperation between the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and the Center for Banking Studies at the Central Bank of Iraq and a group of joint efforts. The course aimed to strengthen the mechanism in the work of each technology in electronic payment and the role of customer service in light of the competitive environment.   Number of views 123 Added date 05/03/2020

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The central bank invites merchants and citizens to deal with electronic payment tools instead of cash because of "Corona"


The central bank invites merchants and citizens to deal with electronic payment tools instead of cas 256-696x391

The information / Baghdad ..
On Thursday, the Central Bank of Iraq called on merchants and citizens to deal with electronic payment tools and avoid dealing in cash, in order to preserve public health and avoid infection with the Corona virus.
The bank said in a statement received / information /, that it "coincided with what our dear country is going through, and as a result of the Central Bank of Iraq follow-up to international reports that warn of the ability of banknotes to be a medium for transmitting viruses, this bank invites merchants and citizens to deal with electronic payment tools (cards) , Points of sale, mobile wallets) ”.
He also called on the bank to "avoid dealing in cash in order to preserve public health."
Yesterday, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of three new infections with the Corona virus in Diyala and Najaf provinces, confirming that the total number of infections throughout Iraq  reached 35. 25 h has ended
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9 hours ago, screwball said:

Yes and them calling in cash using carona virus is big news 


8 hours ago, Laid Back said:

That was my first thought, when I read the article 👍🏼

I agree. Huge news. 
But those who have millions hidden, won’t be concerned.  
This will definitely suck in a bunch of Dinar. 

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