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  1. I hate to say it but....considering we are talking about Iraq I would not be surprised!
  2. I think this tells you all you need to know! " - The International Monetary Fund supports the devaluation of the Iraqi dinar, because it helps reduce external imbalances, preserves foreign reserves and strengthens public finances, as reducing the value of the dinar helps reduce the budget deficit and improves the trade balance by stimulating exports and restraining imports, and also helps to maintain a comfortable level of reserves Moreover, the reduction has reform effects on the labor market by affecting real incomes and stimulating the private sector, to take the initiative in dir
  3. If it's 20 us cents per 1 iqd, you can color me GONE!!!!
  4. "Because they have released the date and the rate" Remember Frank, One toke and pass it along!
  5. Oil prices may jump to $ 60 and atomic energy signals recovery on demand 06/16/2020 08:55:23 Shafak News / Energy expert Furat Al-Mousawi expected, on Tuesday, that the prices of a barrel of oil will reach $ 60 at the end of this year. "The improvement and stability of oil prices came as a result of the return of industrial life in China and the Asian countries and the agreement of the OPEC group," Moussawi told Shafaq News, noting that "next July will see an increase in demand for oil by countries and international co
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