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  1. Remember, one toke only then pass it down!
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. but if not I am sure it will get removed. Iraq wants China to be part of the “Silk Road”The Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday the possibility of speeding up the process of Iraq’s accession to the Asian Investment Bank for infrastructure, which provides loans to member states, while looking forward to joining the Asian Economic Belt (Silk Road).The Minister of Transport, Abdullah Luaibi, held an extensive meeting with the Committee of Diwan 70 of 2018 to discuss the possibility of activating cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and the Chinese side, to develop a mechanism to map the road of the economic belt Asian (Silk Road). “ The statement added that “Lobei discussed during the meeting the possibility of speeding up the procedures for Iraq’s accession to the Asian Investment Bank for infrastructure, which means opening loans to member states to finance the implementation of projects roads, bridges, ports, airports and railways, along the new Silk Road.” “We seek to implement the mechanism of Iraqi cooperation with China through Chinese companies and the Chinese embassy, to acquaint them with the current and declared investment infrastructure, and to indicate the possibilities available to attract the Silk Road project to Iraq and involve it in more than one sector, including railways, ports and sea and land transport,” he said
  3. Slowly her hands moved upward as she raised her head ever so slightly and turned her gaze in my direction gently sliding back her hood to reveal those mysterious eyes as she smiled and gave me a wink. It was at that vary moment I realized we have have been Hoodwinked!
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    I think this is what you are supposed to use when providing a specimen to the doctor!
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