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MariG,  Since the dong is an active currency, you should be able buy it at any bank with currency exchange services.   They may have to order it for you though. 


Since you're in Irving,  you could probably pick up dong just west of you at the DFW airport.  There should still be a currency exchange kiosk there.

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Does  Vietnam plan to issue new notes like with the dinar?


Sounds like that won't be the case since it's an active currency - right ??


Assuming VDN is available at banks - which denominations are best to buy?  I see them on E-Bay - but don't want to buy collectors items that won't increase in value


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On 5/16/2020 at 8:03 PM, savoy8060 said:

I'll ck both safedinar and Xchange of America. 


Appears the dong may rv basically when the dinar does - if not before

Looks like you are correct. 

just got this when I tried to visit the SBV.


State Bank of Vietnam 



Access is denied
Access request denied.
Please contact the troubleshooting section, IT Department, State Bank for assistance.
Phone number: 0243 2595986/0243 775 6789 - ext: 8888
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16 minutes ago, md11fr8dawg said:

Thanks Scotty, let's hope this portends good things to come!!

I've been following the VND as long as I've been in Dinar. And NEVER have I seen this issue with the SBV. 

I was told this is at the end  and that means the new beginning. This is going down. 

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I checked - both Safedinar and Xchange of America have dong for sale. You can also see a lot being advertised on ebay.

Lead's me to assume it can be found other places as well.


Perhaps the VDN will kick off the dinar RV.

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I see VND for sale on e-bay as of 25 June----- Much less than a 1 : 1 rate.


Someone pls confirm -


1 - that the current VND currency  in use will continue to be used - it's just going to experience a value change

2 - is there a preferred denomination to obtain?

3 - used currency in good shape is OK - we don't have to try to purchase uncirculated bills

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