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Five years later .. Nujaifi reveals the "real cause" of the fall of Mosul

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Dozens of IS Militants Killed in Western Kirkuk


15 wanted and suspects were also arrested in the province


Basnews English

24/05/2017 - 16:56


Dozens of IS Militants Killed in Western Kirkuk

ERBIL— As a result of coalition airstrikes on Islamic State (IS) bases in western Kirkuk, dozens of IS members were killed. Also in separate operations, 15 people were arrested over "terrorism" charges.

According to a statement by the Western Kirkuk Frontline of Peshmerga, three missiles targeted the militants in Kuwaz Arab at 04:00 a.m. Wednesday.

The operation was carried out on the basis of the intelligence provided by the Peshmerga frontline.

Dozens of IS militants were killed and several wounded in the operation which also destroyed a number of the weaponry used by the militants.

The statement added eight of the eliminated IS members have been identified.

Also in two separate operations on Wednesday in Kirkuk some 15 people who were either wanted or suspected were arrested.

Brig. Sarhad Qadr, Kirkuk districts police chief, told BasNews that their forces jointly with Kirkuk Asayish (Security) Directorate arrested the people in Qadesiyah neighborhood of central Kirkuk and Rashad District.

The official indicated that in the past week 10 arrested were convicted of "terrorism" and some received 10 years imprisonment and others life sentence.

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Thank God for the advances. Its amazing what you can accomplish when the enemy doesn't have a leaflet from a Kenyan that is living rent free in the WH.

This is what the world doesn't understand. There are a few HIGHLY TRAINED and HIGHLY MOTIVATED people in this world that when faced with death on their knees or death while fighting for a cause will n

Good morning Yota, tiger and DV.... Finally!!!!!!!  'Thanks so much guys/gals for keeping this thread going, it's been a long haul but looks like it's on to bigger and better things.   

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Police control IS “legislative court of the soldiers state” in western Mosul


by 21434144ead82a08d58720e165a6a4a2?s=80&d= Nehal Mostafa May 24, 2017, 2:29 pm


Federal police members aim their weapons at a man, whom they thought was a member of Islamic State but later turned out to be mentally handicapped, during a battle with Islamic State fighters at Bab al Beed district in the old city of Mosul
REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal


Mosul ( Federal Police have announced controlling Islamic State’s so-called “legislative court of the soldiers state” in a western Mosul district.

“Troops gained control on the so-called legislative court of the soldiers state in 17 Tamuz (July 17th) district in western Mosul,” Lt.Gen. Shaker Jawdat, Federal Police Chief, said in a statement on Wednesday. “Important documents as well as torturing and detention cells were found with no detainees.”

Other troops, according to Jawdat, “battled against IS militants in south of the Old City while invading toward the Grand Nuri al-Kabeer mosque.”

“Six members were killed, while a vehicle and three motorbikes were destroyed,” he added.

Iraqi forces have been sweeping through northwestern neighborhoods over the past few weeks in a way to invade the strategic Old City, after finding it hard to invade from the south.

The Old City is home of the ancient Grand Nuri Mosque, from which the group’s Supreme Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gave a famous sermon in 2014 declaring the establishment of the ‘caliphate’

The eastern side of Mosul was retaken in January after three months of battles. Another major offensive was launched in February to recapture the western side of the city.

Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced recently being in control of at least 89.5 percent of territory in western Mosul

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Disgusting Video: gov't forces, IMIS beat Iraqis with shoes (Video in link)

May 25 2017 12:22 AM


Iraqi government forces in partnership with Iran-backed militias have brutally tortured aged civilians in Mosul, a video obtained by The Baghdad Post revealed Wednesday.

The disgusting footage shows a masked gunman while beating an old displaced Sunni by his show.

Thousands of Iraqis have been forced out of their homes amid bloody battles between the Iraqi army and the ISIS terror group.

Multiple videos of Shiite militias 'torturing Sunnis all over Iraq went viral on social media.

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ISIS carries out new massacre in Mosul

May 25 2017 12:06 AM
Some bodies of the victims
Some bodies of the victims


ISIS terror group has executed an entire family of 23 persons in Mosul, informed security sources told The Baghdad Post on Wednesday. 

The sources, who requested anonymity, said ISIS terrorists had arrested the family members while attempting to flee the terror group-held areas in the city's right bank.

The victims were seeking  safety in government-recaptured districts, the sources added. 

The terrorists put the victims inside a home filled with explosives before detonating them.  

Since Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, fell to ISIS in 2014, thousands of Iraqis have been killed in mass executions. 

Hundreds of mass graves have been found in the war-torn city. 

Since February 19th, an offensive code-named 'We Are Coming, Nineveh', was launched to recapture the city's right bank. 

The offensive was launched by the Iraqi army, backed by an air covering from the US-led international coalition.

On Tuesday, Iraqi officials announced that 98 percent of the city had been retaken.

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Thank you Tigergorzow for all of your hard work on our behalf. :twothumbs:


With isis now killing all of the foreigners that came to help them

they will now have second thoughts about joining.

Edited by nannab
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1 hour ago, nannab said:

Thank you Tigergorzow for all of your hard work on our behalf. :twothumbs:


With isis now killing all of the foreigners that came to help them

they will now have second thoughts about joining.

Thanks for the updates everyone. Maybe they will start killing each other. :twothumbs:

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I think all prisoners that are captured while fighting with any terrorist group anywhere, plus all the foreigners that return to their home country should bypass go and sent directly to GETMO and throw away all the keys!!! Then all countries can share the expenses and drs. and any soldiers caught torturing civilians or committing  war crimes should be sent there too. Then take over 1/2 US drs there and let them take care of OUR VETS. Also a law should be passed that the president " can't " use his pen to release them back to war OR pardon anyone !!!!! Bambam sure did transform the USA and the world like he said he would !! I have over 20 (   :drunk:   )words I could use but will pass on this for now.


:wave: for now

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I was kinda wondering what was going on with eradicating ISIS from the remaining areas in Western Mosul. The maps seem to be stalled and focus on other areas of Iraq for erradicating ISIS seem to be ramping up. Maybe the US (and other allies) are going to do the mop of of ISIS in the rest of Western Mosul:


Let's pray for our troops where ever they are - for their safety, success, swiftness, and return home!

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The government calls on the people of eight districts in Mosul, Ayman out immediately

May 25, 2017


called on the federal government, on Thursday, residents of areas that are still under the control of the terrorist organization Daesh in the right side of the connector out immediately towards the safe areas.


Lieutenant-General Rashid Allah Yar and face in a statement, calling for residents of areas Zndjeli - First Health - Bab Sinjar - Shifa - Faruq - Ras Alcor - field - the door of a new brick door.


Yar said God, "completed your armed forces with the help of God and the mettle heroes destroy the enemy Aldaasha across the right areas of the coast (west side), and the remaining remnants of trying to tamper with the lives of civilians in your areas as human shields and your use."


He added that "the Iraqi government and the Commanding General (Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi) are keen and you are responsible for your safety and insisting on the complete liberation for every inch of the land of Iraq."


Addressing the Yar God's people, saying, "To achieve these goals and Tjnepkm any losses want the enemy argument for your oppression, and to give way to your armed forces to complete their tasks in editing quickly, I ask all of you to go out and go immediately to the safe passages Snhddha you on the ground. You will find guides await protections and wheels Touselkm to safe places. "

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US military admits March strikes in Mosul killed 105 civilians

May 25 2017 08:08 PM
Devastation in Mosul
Devastation in Mosul


A US military investigation into airstrikes against ISIS terrorists in Mosul in March revealed Thursday at least 105 civilians had been killed in the operation.

The US strikes targeted a building where ISIS terrorists were hiding, the Pentagon announced.

But the strikes triggered ISIS explosives planted in the location to detonate, causing the collapse of the concrete building with civilians inside.

"The secondary explosion triggered a rapid failure of the structure which killed the two ISIS snipers, 101 civilians sheltered in the bottom floors of the structure and four civilians in the neighboring structure to the west," US Air Force Brigadier General Matt Isler said.

"An additional 36 civilians who are believed to be connected to the structure remain unaccounted for," he added.

The strikes were launched upon intelligence tip-offs from the Iraqi army.

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Iraqi Federal Police recapture strategic buildings in Old City of Mosul

May 25 2017 09:03 PM
Federal Police forces
Federal Police forces



Federal Police forces have recaptured strategic buildings in the Old City district in the right bank of Mosul, Federal Police commander Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat said on Thursday.

In a press statement, Jawdat asserted that the recaptured buildings at Bab al-Tob neighborhood have put Great al-Nuri Mosque in the firing range of Federal Police forces.

Federal Police forces are currently forming safe passages for civilians, supply routes that link the Old City district with command center in Badush to launch operations to retake the rest of Mosul.

These efforts come as part of an offensive launched on 19th of February by US-backed Iraqi security forces, supported by Iranian-backed sectarian IMIS Shiite militias to oust ISIS terrorists from Mosul, their last major stronghold in Mosul.

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ISIS prison discovered in Mosul

May 25 2017 12:26 PM
ISIS prison discovered
ISIS prison discovered


Iraqi security forces have discovered an ISIS prison in Mosul's liberated neighborhood of al-Qayrawan, a statement said on Thursday.

The ISIS prison has been discovered at a house in al-Qayrawan, where the terror group had been detaining Yezidi women, the statement added.

It also noted that the terror group tortured the detainees squashed in the tiny prison and flogged others for 'committing acts running counter to Sharia law.

Last Sunday, the first ISIS prison was discovered by the Iraqi forces in the same area.

This comes as the Iraqi forces, aided by the US-led coalition have been in push against the terror group of ISIS in the right bank of Mosul since February 19th .

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Iraqi forces storm al-Shifa, al-Zangli districts in Mosul

May 25 2017 12:34 PM


Iraqi forces have stormed al-Shifa and al-Zangli districts in the northern axis of Mosul city, a source said in Thursday. 

The source added that clashes continue accompanied by heavy aerial bombardment on ISIS terrorists' hotbeds.

Security forces, backed by International Coalition air raids and logistic support of the US army, have retaken eastern Mosul and half of its western part after six months of battles. 

It is estimated that there are a few of ISIS terrorists left in the second largest city of Iraq. It is expected that they will desperately defend the last pocket of the city that has been once their main stronghold in Iraq.

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Exclusive: Badr terror militia arrests dozens of civilians in Mosul

May 25 2017 01:34 PM
Shiite militias
Shiite militias


Badr Organization, a Shiite militia, have attacked northern Mosul earlier on Thursday, a source has told the Baghdad Post.

The terror militia has attacked villages north of al-Qayrawan neighborhood, he added.

The source also noted that the terror militia took control of Tal Al-Qasab-Al-Qayrawan road.

Yet, the Shiite militia killed 27 ISIS terrorists, while others blew themselves up.

However, the Shiite militia arrested dozens of innocent civilians, leading them to unknown destinations, according to the source.

This comes as the Iraqi forces, aided by the US-led coalition have been in push against the terror group of ISIS in the right bank of Mosul since February 19th .

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ISIS kills 22 house-trapped civilians in Mosul's right bank

May 25 2017 02:17 PM


ISIS terrorist group on Thursday detonated a house in Mosul's right bank with 22 civilians trapped inside it, a security source told The Baghdad Post.

Women and children were among the victims, the source added.
On February 19 US-led coalition with Iraqi forces launched a wide-scale military operation to liberate the city from ISIS terrorists. At least 98% of Mosul districts have been recaptured.

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Aid handed out in freed parts of Mosul

May 25 2017 11:01 AM
Ministry of Migration and Displacement
Ministry of Migration and Displacement


Ministry of Migration and Displacement has handed 17,000 portions of aid to civilians in the freed parts of Mosul.

Deputy director general of the ministry's division on affairs of migration Ali Abbas said in a statement the ministry handed out over 17,000 portions of aid in the freed parts of Mosul over the past two days.

The aid included fast food meals, clothes and furniture, he added.

According to the official, the freed areas where aid has been distributed include al-Rashidia, al-Hadbaa, al-Qayrawan, Badush and other.

This comes as the Iraqi forces, aided by the US-led coalition have been in push against the terror group of ISIS in the right bank of Mosul since February 19th .

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IS Abducts nearly 3,000 Villagers in Western Nineveh


Basnews English

25/05/2017 - 20:10


IS Abducts nearly 3,000 Villagers in Western Nineveh

ERBIL— The extremists from the Islamic State (IS) organization on Thursday raided four villages in western Nineveh province, abducting nearly 3,000 civilians.

Iraqi media, citing Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, reported IS took the people from Afri', Nawfali, Qibat Wahbi and Kharab Bazar to Iraq-Syria bordering areas to use them as human shields.

As the siege against the IS jihadists in Nineveh province gets tighter, the militants resort to any means to clear their way into IS-held areas in Syria.

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Peshmerga Official Assassinated in Mount Sinjar


Basnews English

25/05/2017 - 18:26


Peshmerga Official Assassinated in Mount Sinjar


SINJAR — A Peshmerga official was assassinated by unknown armed men in Mount Sinjar in the afternoon on Thursday.

Qasim Shasho, the Commander of Sinjar Peshmerga Command, told BasNews Sheikh Nawaf Mirza, head of Peshmerga intelligence of regiment 10 in Sinjar was killed by unidentified men  in Mount Sinjar earlier this afternoon.

Shasho said they have sent troops to the area for investigating the case.

As of now, details on the case are not available.

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Iraqi forces liberate a handful of ISIS-held villages in push towards Deir Ezzor border region



DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:25 P.M.) – After the liberation of the key city of Al-Qayrawan, the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have begun phase two of their large-scale offensive, ultimately looking secure the border and possibly push into Deir Ezzor, a move which the Syrian Government has welcomed.

Pushing westwards through the Nineveh governorate on three axes, the predominately Shiite PMU were able to liberate the formerly ISIS-held villages of Kojar, Arfeaa and Quba Al-Wahbi, most of which were secured during overnight operations on Thursday.

With Islamic State commanders opting for a fighting withdrawal strategy, PMU troops have also stormed the villages of Bisky and Al-Qahtanyia where clashes are ongoing.


Brand new photos of the aforementioned advances:

DAnNiYyWsAEqrJ1-774x516.jpgChris Tomson | Al-Masdar News


DAnRLDoW0AEvJrx.jpgChris Tomson | Al-Masdar News
DApi3wHXcAAFUT8-778x516.jpgChris Tomson | Al-Masdar News
DAnaRelXUAA340m-779x516.jpgChris Tomson | Al-Masdar News
DAnU8fiWAAEfVqr.jpgChris Tomson | Al-Masdar News
DAnU8flWAAArzgI.jpgChris Tomson | Al-Masdar News
DAqVBGzWAAAMIcm-774x516.jpgChris Tomson | Al-Masdar News

The promising plans to secure the Iraqi border have been drawn up by PMU chief Hadi Al-Amari who notably announced stage two of the Nineveh offensive on live radio this morning.

Counter-insurgency operations are also ongoing in the regions of Tal Afar, Hawija, Mosul, western Anbar where ISIS still controls some areas.

Given the current rate of advance, the Islamic State is likely to be completely defeated in Iraq within 18 months.

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ISIS rigged explosives to home where 100 civilians died in US-led airstrike, military says (Video in link)

By Lucas Tomlinson Published May 25, 2017


The Islamic State lured the U.S.-led forces into conducting an airstrike in March that killed over 100 civilians in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, a top American military official said Thursday.



An investigation into the March bombing found that the terror groups rigged a house with over 1,000 pounds of explosives, put civilians in the basement, and employed two ISIS snipers on the roof to bait the U.S.-led coalition to attack.

U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Matthew Isler, the investigating officer for US Central Command, told Pentagon reporters that the bomb used by the American jet, a GBU-38 (500-lb bomb), would not have caused the type of damage associated with the destruction of the building. 

The probe found that the U.S. bomb triggered secondary explosions from devices clandestinely planted in the lower floors of the concrete building, Isler said. He said neither the Iraqi troops nor the Americans who authorized and conducted the airstrike knew civilians were in the building or that the explosive materials were present.


Isler added that the home’s 30-inch concrete walls were "completely pulverized," but the GBU-38, which has a 192-pound warhead, could not have caused such destruction.  The GBU-38 is designed to take out enemy combatants on roof tops, not collapse entire structures.

The American bomb "wouldn't even dent any of the surrounding walls," he added. 


How ISIS managed to smuggle in half a ton of explosives remains in question, but Isler said bad weather over two days prior to the airstrike hampered the U.S. military's ability to conduct drone reconnaissance over the target area in Mosul and that the weather combined with intense fighting led to "multiple opportunities" for ISIS to smuggle in both the explosives and the civilians into the building.

"We don't know when it was moved to the residence," Isler said.  “No one saw ISIS move explosives into that area."

Related Image

U.S. Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class Joshua Silva, assigned to "Gunslingers" of Strike Fighter Squadron One Zero Five (VFA-105), helps push a weapons skid loaded with three GBU-38 500 pound satellite guided bombs on the flight deck aboard USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), in the Gulf south of Iraq, in this handout photograph released on December 15, 2004. The aircraft from Carrier Air Wing Three (CVW-3) embarked aboard Truman are providing close air support and conducting intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions in ongoing military operations over Iraq. REUTERS/HO/US Navy/Mate Airman Ryan O'Connor  HH/ABP - RTRIDJQExpand / Collapse

U.S. Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class Joshua Silva, assigned to "Gunslingers" of Strike Fighter Squadron One Zero Five (VFA-105), helps push a weapons skid loaded with three GBU-38 500 pound satellite guided bombs on the flight deck aboard USS Harry S. Truman .  (REUTERS/HO/US Navy/Mate Airman Ryan O'Connor)

Isler said Iraqi forces suffered casualties hours after the strike as they attempted to recover Iraqi civilians killed in the strike and rescue others wounded and trapped under the rubble. Some 101 civilians in the building were killed, and another four died in a nearby building, while 36 civilians remain unaccounted for.

The airstrike was likely the largest single incident of civilian deaths since the U.S. air campaign against ISIS began in 2014. The deaths represent about a quarter of all civilian deaths associated with U.S. airstrikes since the air campaign began in 2014.

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    • By ametad
      Mosul will be liberated.
      Will the Oil Law come before or after Tal Afar?
      I'm thinking the entire North of Iraq needs liberated with quick political stability through the Oil Law to prevent a civil war from beginning.
      Does anyone know how strong IS is in Tal Afar? Is this another possible Fallujah?
    • By umbertino
      March 30, 2017
    • By Adam Montana
      ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— Heavily supported from the air, Iraq’s emboldened ground troops marched into the industrial neighborhood of Mosul in the early hours of Tuesday and advanced further towards the Tigris River in the eastern suburb of the city after gaining control of the nearby Misaq district.

      The army says it is now almost in full control of the eastern pockets of the embattled city with nearly 45 neighborhoods under its control. 

      Tuesday’s clashes were preceded by heavy raids from Iraqi and coalitions airpower using so called Night Hunter helicopters among other gunships.  

      The intense clashes which lasted for nearly 7 hours into the late afternoon led to retreat of ISIS gunmen from the so called industrial district of Mosul where they attacked army convoys with at least one car bomb in Misaq neighborhood. 

      Rudaw’s embedded correspondent Ranja Jamal who is travelling with the Iraqi police units in Mosul said residents abandoned their homes for the safety of nearby districts already in army control as soon as ISIS left their neighborhoods 

      “Although it’s difficult to verify if the entire Misaq district is in the hands of Iraqi forces, it seems that ISIS militants had left the area ahead of Tuesday’s offensive,” Jamal said. 

      He added that the army has raised the Iraqi flags in several locations inside the Misaq neighborhood which Jamal could make out from distance in the nearby industrial district.  
      The operation to retake Mosul from the ISIS militants which started on October 17 has entered its third month with unexpectedly slow pace of the army although both Kurdish and Iraqi leaders have publicly praised the relative professionalism of the joint ground troops. 

      Much points to further delay of army’s mobilisation into central parts of the city which still appears to be in ISIS’ firm grip and where almost a million people are believed to reside. Iraqi leaders have said, to avoid civilian casualties, the army has chosen to move with patience.  

      Both Hawija and Tal Afar also remain in militants’ control where ISIS is believed to enjoy robust protection provided by its many tunnels and ditches in addition to strong local support.  

      On Thursday the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yidirim is expected to visit Baghdad where he will discuss the Mosul operation with his Iraqi counterpart Haidar Abadi, according to Turkish government sources. 

      Turkey has a limited military presence in Bashiq camp near Mosul where Sunni fighters are being trained and funded and could play a decisive role as the operation evolves.  
    • By Adam Montana
      The Iraqi army has come in control of Industrial and Mithaq neighborhoods of Mosul as troops push further into the city against ISIS in the second phase of the operation.
      Heavy clashes took place between Iraqi troops and ISIS militants in the two new neighborhoods on Tuesday as a Rudaw team embedded with the army filmed the scene.
      Civilians could be seen fleeing the fight. Some of them were caught in the cross fire and lost family members to ISIS car bombs.
      The Iraqi army launched an offensive on October 17 to retake the country’s second largest city from ISIS.
    • By TexasGranny
      This article is not about the dinar but I thought others might be interested in the content since it is not colored by media bias or sensationalism.
      There is also a video at the link if you would like to watch it.
      An intense battle rages to liberate Mosul from two years of ISIS terror: Nearly 100,000 coalition troops, led by the Iraqi army and including several hundred American military personnel, are pitted against several thousand ISIS militants. The number of those fleeing the conflict has well more than doubled since November 1. The latest reports, as of November 9, count over 40,000 displaced people.
      Samaritan’s Purse is distributing food to displaced families at Khazer camp, which lies about 25 miles east of Mosul’s center. The camp sits just before the border with Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq, along the main Erbil-Mosul highway, and security is tight. The current population of the camp is around 6,000 or 7,000 people.
      On November 7, our national staff and disaster response team members distributed a monthly ration of food to 425 families. An average Iraqi household includes six members, so that’s an estimated 2,550 men, women, and children who will benefit. Each family unit received flour, oil, chickpeas, salt, sugar, beans, and rice in quantities expected to last 30 days.
      Distributions continued November 8 for several hundred more families and will continue as long as new arrivals enter the camp complex. We are working in other camps and will be helping to meet the food needs of thousands of families over the coming months.
      Stories of Those Who Fled
      Kasem*, a midde-aged father of eight, was among the first in line to receive food. The family left Gogjali, a suburb of Mosul, a few days ago as fierce fighting reached that area. Kasem’s explanation for why he ended up at the camp was simple.
      “We were scared. We had a family, and so we left [by truck].”
      Abdul Rahman*, 62, also received rations for his large family on Monday. He came to the camp recently with his children and grandchildren.
      When the bombs got close to his Gogjali home, he knew it was time to flee.
      “I was in my home, and the bomb hit my neighbor’s house, and then my other neighbor’s house,” he said. “Then a bomb hit my wall. Do you expect me to stay?”
      With the Iraqi military’s help and permission, they were able to drive out of harm’s way. They were eventually stopped at the Khazer camp and have settled in. One of the first things Abdul did after escaping ISIS was shave his beard, a required facial feature under their tyrannical rule.
      While camp life can be challenging, it’s a vast improvement over his life for the past two years, he said.
      “This is better than under the authority of ISIS—1 million percent.”
      In the summer of 2014, Abdul and his family lived in a small village just beyond the Khazer bridge (for which the current camp is named). ISIS overran Mosul in June of that year and later stormed east toward Erbil where they met fierce resistance from Kurdish fighters. Abdul’s village was at the edge of the fighting, and ISIS forced his people across the bridge. Then ISIS blew up the bridge and trucked the people west to the edge of Mosul. There they were held hostage until the Iraqi military liberated them over the past week.
      One of Abdul’s specific challenges under ISIS was obtaining adequate medical care. He has a long list of serious health problems—heart issues and diabetes are just two among them—and medical treatment was expensive and difficult to come by. A local nurse was able to sneak medications to him and others, but that man was eventually caught by ISIS and imprisoned, Abdul said.
      “We don’t know what happened to him.”
      Returnees Start Over
      The drive to liberate Mosul has cleared ISIS fighters from many small villages on the Nineveh plains. These villages, completely drained of their inhabitants in 2014, have begun to repopulate in the past couple of weeks. Families that fled then are now slowly returning to start over.
      On November 6, Samaritan’s Purse distributed emergency supplies to 54 families in two villages. The citizens there are Kakai, a Kurdish people group that adheres to a little known, mystical, and monotheistic religious system that began in 14th-century Iran. They are not considered Muslims, which put them on the ISIS hit list.
      We were the first organization to provide relief to these returnees. The families received heavy-duty plastic sheeting to cover windows and doors and otherwise patch up things in light of damage caused by war and ISIS vandals. They also received blankets, kerosene stoves, fuel containers, and three days’ worth of ready-to-eat food—crackers, canned meat, tuna, beans, chickpeas, powdered milk, and dates. The biggest concern that the families expressed was their lack of fuel and electricity in light of the coming winter.
      “ISIS took everything from this village, and the network for city power is destroyed,” said Kamal, a head of household who received supplies from us. He has a wife and seven children.
      Regarding the distribution, he said: “We kiss and appreciate whoever gives his hand to us and helps us.”
      Twelve-year-old Ahmed is the son of the village leader, Ibrahim.
      “We are nine persons in my family: five boys, one girl, my grandmother, and my parents,” Ahmed said. “We are very thankful that you came and gave us some supplies.”
      Ibrahim remembers two years ago when his family fled for their lives with only the clothes on their backs. Now they’re back home, but the village is mostly rubble.
      “We’re starting from zero, we’re starting our lives again,” he said. “When I first came back to my village, I thought I was a newborn. This is my great-great-grandfather’s home.”
      Ibrahim said this is actually the third time in four decades that the village has been destroyed by violence. He hopes things will change.
      “I hope the best for my kids and to grow up in peace in our village.”
      *Names changed for security.
      View larger map

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