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  1. Shingles is VERY VERY painful, I had it from armpit down the inside of arm to my wrist. It is like now you don't see it and then it's there,it hits fast. At top of arm there blisters were 4"across then at elbow about 3" at wrist 2". It can spread til blisters heal to other people if fluid touches an open wound. If you have a bad case then most likely you will get PHN, this is left over pain from nerve damage just under skin and some never get over it. I got mine in 1999 end of May and middle way to following Feb pain was wasn't as bad but did hurt. My immune system was very low, April 8 I found out had rare illness, transverse myelitis, spine swelled left with numbness from waist to toes and lost of balance never recovered, had 20 yr ann. yesterday, had high doses of steriods (forgive spelling) for 3 mos, this may have triggered shingles . Mine was worst if my arm rubbed a side seam in clothes, had to be SOFT also had to make nightgowns with no seam on right side. My Mom told me to see a chiropractor my Dad went to one and got rid of his just ask if they treat shingles, he adjusted my neck 3 times. WOW worst pain gone, tried 6 more times to get rid of PHN but no luck.Over 3-4 yrs most of pain gone but does flare up from time to time. They now have a non live virus shot that I plan to get, I hope this may help others, I wish everyone the best of luck. for now Moxie64
  2. Glad you got your rings backs! I hope and pray where you move to you will be safe, maybe your new President will be able to stop a lot of murders. I also pray this happens soon for all the citizens with all they have lost, it will a shock to all. This rv will be a big (little) to late for some. They say there is a light at the end of the tunnel , my batteries will die very soon, lol. Have a good day, keep fingers crossed 👋 for now
  3. Botzwana, God does work in mystery ways, so happy to hear all your prays were answered. I have a dear friend that needs a prayer also so he has peace of mind. Were you able to get your wedding rings back, I hope you did. We all pray it will rv this year. My nephew says if a person has a lot of money he will truly not be a happy. I told him it depends what a person does with his wealth, I can't wait til I can be that person. Til then we have our faith. Take care and may God Bless us all and the United States of America. 👋 for now Moxie 64
  4. I'm sure if Nuri al-Maliki asked old Clinton how to be a shoe to win the election, I'm sure she has tons of info as how to do it. I hear there is a leak that her next book will til people how not to get caught at it!!!!!!!!! for now
  5. They don't state that these people are arrested when they step off the plane either., they know who is who. If this is true no wonder attacks are happening, they should all be sent to Get Mo and then each country should send money to keep it open and NO prisoners to be released either.I still can't believe bambam got away releasing all the terrorists including those hardcore "OLD" terrorists to go somewhere with their walkers and teach all the other terrorists how to plant and grow a garden!! Especially after what has happened over the years to our soldiers and all the others fighting Isis. In fact I believe bambam was behind the scenes to help elect Trump so all the mess in the world will be blamed during his watch! May God watch over all of us so we can stop our enemies in their tracks. for now
  6. I wonder how long it will take for the PM to send these murdering militias back to Iran ???????? This should have been the first thing he should have ordered. He should take Iraqis forces and do a forced march after all weapons are surrendered AFTER all civilians returned, they have suffered too much already!! IF he can't do it now I'm sure there is a prison they can be held in til then, they need to be beat each day and only bread (if there is any, hopefully a shortage most days ) and water til their release. He also needs to arrest Miliki for the icing on the cake. for now
  7. God please watch over all in the path of Irma and hope you all stay safe. They were talking about seeding the eye of hurricanes and when the eye closes up they loose their strength. Memory is bad but I also thought some seeding was done years ago not sure what type storm the were talking about. Who knows maybe some very smart person or people will come up with a way to do it. They were saying something about tornadoes a few years back. Maybe they could take a lesson from Shark Nado? lol It has gone down to 155 mph, these winds extend out 70 miles from the eye, wow, 30 miles less will help some but it may gain strength some more. I wonder how many 911calls will be on gators or snakes?? One thing they NEED to do is open both southbound lane on interstates like they do on the Keys, that should have started yesterday. I can't imagine riding the storm out in a car!! Jose is 155 mph but it should not hit land they said. Guess Mother Nature goes any where she wants, wish I could!
  8. I agree about Irma, I have been praying for it to go out sea BUT if it hits the east coast so be it " at least " it will NOT hit Tx or La . They don't need any more this year, may God Bless them and everyone everyday, I know his help has been there from the start. It was so amazing to see everybody there and all the help they received during and after the storm. True Americans have done an excellent job,digging in with all they done so quickly and from all the states and else where. Every time a disaster happens people pull together and help each other no matter what it is. All Americans need to stand as One Nation under God everyday even in the good times as we need it more today then ever! Prayer Day should be 24/7 every day! Thank you President Trump. Be safe if you are in the path of Irma and PLEASE take your PETS with you!! If you don't SHAME on you! Their lives matter. Hope I didn't offend any one. for now
  9. When we heard about the the Iraq army turning chicken , laying down all weapons and running I wonder if they were not trained enough to fight. I am sure they needed training on maybe new equipment, tactics and etc. but I wonder how much training they really needed on the will to fight. I am not talking about new recurits . You can have all the equipment in the world to fight with but with no will and moral no army could win the battle. I want to believe when our troops went back to Iraq and having a new PM that wanted to real change for all his citizens that was the turning point. The army was given new rules of engagement and sense of restored pride and moral to do their job for their country especially with our being there also. Just the same as President Trump did for our troops. I also want to think our troops gave them the extra support to show the world the Iraq army could fight and do their job. Miliki just like bambam wanted to degrade the troops and blame the troops instead of himself. I know alot of our troops wanted to go back (I think) and take the terrorist out once and for all, would really like to know what our troops thought about the Iraq army, we were told the two armies worked closely together and did a great job. I pray and wish the Iraqis the best to keep their country as safe as they can and pray our troops stay as safe in what ever they need to do. Only problem with this is the deaths of some of our troops, I pray for their families, their follow team mates and for us that believe our tropps are the best and in freedom for all, God Bless America. Bambam sure screwed the world up and let our enemies get a stronger hold over a lot of countries. Our FAKE news should go to hell in a hand basket once and for all along withall, the snowflakes and pansies no room in America for them. Hope you all get my meaning and tried not to offend anyone. for now
  10. Hum, sounds like President Trump ought to do the same to bambam's cronies too then put him where he belongs. for now
  11. Most of us here can agree about those days, we ought to have a topic and name it :The Good Old Days" Back then we had a family life no babysitter and us 3 kids used to look forward to going anywhere with our parents and money wasn't needed to have a good time either. We ate lunch in the rest areas on a picnic tables remember??? No McDonalds back then, Dad had a Colmen stove, hot dogs or hamburgs, man were they good with homemade canned hot dog relish. I've wanted to pattern it bet 1 million $ it would fly off the shelves. How many snow flakes would even know what it was let along how to can food, but the best was canned deer meat!! There should be family farm DUDE ranche for the little darlings to see how life was like back then. My parents taught us common sense so we could survive in the REAL world, no college degree needed for that either, being happy was free too. If we did our best there were rewards and the best was feeling good about our selves at the end of the day. Some kids now a days remind me of an abused animal, one neglected, show no love and tied out back to a tree and left alone. Sure miss the GOOD OLD DAYS, clouds were white back then too. Enough said, by the way 64 isn't my age. lmao for now
  12. That sounds like so much fun. always wondered how they missed the big rocks on the northern shore. Where was the Ewa beach?. You ever see the video of the surfer in this pipe line with the shadow of the HUGE shark right behind him? It was so HUGEEE it could have been a Megalodon . Used to snorkel at Waimea and it was so interesting to see the bright colors of the fish!! When this rv's I going to build a house to hold an oval salt water aquarium 8'-10' long by 3'-4' by 4' high. I want 2 sharks from Australia the ones that only get 2' long. They've made an oval one 20'[ (?') long 5' high 7' wide. Been watching Tanked too long but I WILL pick out my own fish, LOL that will take me all day plus I'll have to build a bigger tank, the one they build total weight was 25,000 lbs I think. Heck I could dive and get my coral too. lmao I'll have too pour a concrete slab that tank. for now
  13. I was there 69-70 and sat on the northern shore watching those huge and awesome waves coming in, the surfers looked like midgets !!! Was fun going to the monkey bar in Peal city, they were neat to watch. Surprised they had a drive in theater also and plenty of rainbows never seen so many/ for now
  14. If they are smarter then the average camel they will do good and may be the best ones to invest in?
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