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  1. Just saw an article where they want to rename the street in front of Trump Tower after Obama. I got a better idea they can rename the biggest land fill in NYC "Obama Land" land of the smelly dems alive or dead. May they all RIP with the devil!! I'll to that. That way We the People all KNOW where the bodies are buried!!! Wear a gas mask while driving or flying threw or over NYC. for now Moxie64
  2. I agree ANY ONE that lies needs to charged and more then a slap on their wrist too. No one has the right to ruin some one's life hell they need a sentence 10 times longer then what one might get ! for now
  3. Yup everyone should laugh at this one. Doesn't it sound like he is singing?? LOL It is funny every time I happen to listen. Got to watch Fox with how Schiff has been trapped about time. Watch what news will be released now that General Flynn is cleared!!! When President Trump opens the flood gates to the swamp there won't be any HUNGRY GATORS left. We need to get a semi truck filled with tums for the belly aches the poor gators will have, hell we may need 2 trucks!!LMAO for now Moxie64
  4. Well my DV friends I have a full box of pop corn and a few to watch the show unfold !! I have been waiting for a LONG time just like the rest of you and PRAY they will all be held accountable for their crimes committed against mankind. Best of all the first news I have seen today is that General Michael Flynn is cleared !!! Now the flood gates to the swamp will be 100 % open!! Guess Trump's "promise made will be a promise kept" to drain the swamp !! Once the water is gone there won't be any HUNGRY GATORS for over a yr .LMAO Boy the MSM is swarming like a fire ants nest the size of a tan that someone step on saying Trump's using his powers illegally !!! All I say is God Bless President Trump and We the People of AMERICA. Pray all of you are safe and well tonight. for now Moxie64
  5. " THE TRUMP QUARANTINE SONG " Sorry I forgot to say what song I put on but forgot how to put a you tube video on. Posted this a while back. for now Moxie64
  6. Well I found this again, of course worst of all I had to play it too. I hate to say this but can't help laughing each time after watching it. It is a good pick me up after having a bad bad day. they say laughter is the best medicine. But then playing it once doesn't do trick so after 1 drink one might play it 2 - ?? times depending how many you had plus how good your sense of humor too counts. Warning this is habit forming and it "could" cause mental health issues with prolong use !! LMAO Got to ask how many of you think that it sounds just like the President singing???? Forgot how show video Enjoy lol lol for now Moxie64
  7. I'm glad I was sitting down while reading shocking news if it really comes true. Be a great Happy Mothers Day.. go RV for now Moxie64
  8. OMG Get your passports!!!!!!!!! Runnnnn Pelosi turned the dogs from HELL loose and nipping at my heels! Dee plane dee plane it's leaving. God help us all. Wait for meeee for now
  9. Thanks bigwave seems to me this should be #1 essential business I think Ca closed gun shops as they were non essential, really. I think we ought to make SIGNS 2 - 2 1/2' x 2' h for all our yards in plain sight. We Support the 2nd Amendment locked and loaded Think we need to have another in Spanish next to it??????????? Got to cover our bases, ( me no speak or read English ) right?? Also have a solar spotlight shinning on it, if you have a biggggg yard I would put 2 signs up. Sounds good to can't say they weren't warned!! Well you could say SMILE your on camera??? for now Moxie64
  10. You are right CL, if people didn't lie about where they been so no quarantine or under home quarantine and go to a business meeting or to their kid's school. Guess those people have a mental problem not much grey matter in their brain. If media would stop scaring everybody, your going to die we'll have 430,000 deaths from this, it could or not happen. What happens when cattle stampede? You better get the hell out of the way or you may DIE! lol Remain calm how many times do they have to say whose really is at risk?? Get tested, clear that day showing positive next day. Col doing drive by testing. Do what is best for you and family stay away from older members that have under laying problems if you are sick. I have to do self quarantine been at it for 41 yrs, it's easy to due. So read or listen to some one that knows how these diseases work and what rules to follow. Be thankful and thank God you are healthy I would give my dinar away to be healthy again. I pray to God each day this virus stays away from the homeless or you'll see thousands die. If it happens it makes me think how it did since no one wants to get that close to them. Who would really want them gone millions $ saved verses cost of a burial humans can be that super sick minded pure EVIL It is easy to blame it on a virus??? Sad now a days there is not much compassion for others. Good night and stay safe, say a huge pray to God for our world and all in it he will hear every one. This is my opinion, I think I have enough grey matter for my age. for now Moxie64
  11. Thanks for all the great articles guysI, I pray some time everybody can afford anything they need or want. There has been so many companies that have buried their technology patents because of greed. These certain companies want the the big bucks as long as they can. There are so many ideas that have been buried 1/2 way to China that are bring dug back up. They could have saved us ????$ long time ago. You ever watched the Death of the Electric Car?? How old is that movie?? Pretty sad what we could have had long time ago if it wasn't for a few people. These cars were rented only and lots of people wanted to buy them instead. Not sure but I think GM had them. over 60 cars I think were taken straight to the metal shredder instead. The people had gotten together and had the money already to purchase them but company refused. Now that certain technology has been refined is worth big bucks cause now we the people are tired of paying higher prices, hope there will be cars people afford. All this research done on all fronts that done it with free grant money You are talking about health, growing food, energy and etc, now worth a lot of "BIG BUCKS"!! Look at some of the new cancer treatments they are offering now? They make big money being the first to come out with the treatments but as time goes on prices go down thank the lord. NC offers free solar panels for your home with "NO" $$ down so you save on your electric bill!!!!!!!!!!! I called on a few different ads and the costs is around $20,000 and payments will be billed monthly. How many monthly payments will that take you plus the interest to pay it off??? Do you think poor people can afford solar heat?? Oh well such is life they say. Hope this all made sense. Good thing dreams don't cost $. for now Moxie64
  12. I shouldn't wish death on anybody BUT I agree with you if the brass is gone how many Iranians might live? How many may have died for lack of food or heath care. I hope Trump with -holds fed funds til CBP and ICE clean out the illegals for Americans safety. Bet Trump would have done this within 1 mo. in office. Depressed people need mental heath before illegals get heath most agree. States get cleaned out, homeless off the streets and reform our justice system. First to be helped is our law enforcement without them no one is safe. Thank you all for your service. With GOD by our side and Trumps love for country we will get sooner them later. gooo rv PLEASE?? Scares of war need to be gone and pride returns to Iraq. Best weekend to all. for now
  13. I agree wealthhound wish we could do a MASS roundup and deport them all but maybe DV ought to buy Greenland. We would have one of a hell of resort with "FREE" speech. We'l would have to make sure we had our own brewery TOO. Did you see where we have 5.4 % death rate from the virus?? MSM are not saying 10(?) died in 1 nursing home (?) in Washington? We have .01-1% from top dr on Trump's virus team. It is said 29,000,000 infections, 280,000 hospitalized and 18,000 (?) 100 have been children from the flue. Trump said why aren't the dems upset about those affected from the flue?? Trump is right on we need to make America INDEPENDENT from China and every other country we depend on for our every day living. I can't believe we get 80(?) of "OUR MEDICINE " FROM CHINA? ( i am not yelling with ca letters, just voicing my opinion loudly what can I say ). I hope this SHOCKS all of America even the dems and lefties and snowflakes, MSM doesn't talk about that. It was mention about our military taking same medicine from China! One simple way to kill off America's DEFENSE !. Do we get our vaccines??? Whoops no Americans left and no nukes used, one way to save the climate. Our politicians and top leaders have NO COMMON SENSE and they really must hate America. Sorry this is long, enough said, my opinion only. I had more then 2 cents left today. for now Moxie64
  14. I wouldn't put it pass the Cal. governor to pay some one to go and infect some of the homeless. Most would die from the health issues they already have there are a lot of sick sick people in this world. I wouldn't put it pass those crazy dems. Guess they could blame Trump for not DOING ENOUGH then impeach him for that. What a sad place America is coming to. Bet he thinks about the millions he would save if they died cost a lot less to bury a person then. Guess he wouldn't have to worry about where to take them off the street then. Wonder what vile names they will call Trump. What a glorious day it would be for the citizens of Iran or any oppressed country if their leaders died, I pray all people could live in a country like ours,Trump 2020. What happens when his second term is up then??? GOD have mercy on us then!! for now Moxie64
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