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  1. Well I think she wanted to be the first "jack ass" (mascot) of their party. Oh lord bet the poor Donkey has his head in the sand or in a skunk's custom!. bye for now Moxie64
  2. These videos are great to watch and agree on good info on them. I see that Q has been mention also. Did you hear Trump being asked what his thoughts were on Qanons, not sure on spelling. Can't wait to see how many indictments handed out. Went on Ca criminal records saw some dems on it, 2 for Pelose. for now Moxie64
  3. I couldn't get the website again but have the article sorry it is long but I hope you agree it is worth reading. by Liz Crokin July 10, 2016 [Liz Crokin is an award-winning author, journalist, political pundit and an advocate for sex crime victims. Her work has appeared in the RedEye Edition of the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times: Splash, Townhall, Elite Daily, Marie Claire and Us Weekly. Follower her on Twitter and Instagram @LizCrokin.] As an entertainment journalist, I've had the opportunity to cover Trump for over a decade, and in all my years covering him
  4. I found this article and thought I would put it on here about our president. It is sad the MSM doesn't report about this also but never would for it is not trash. Just think if Trump doesn't get reelected they will have to report on what?? They will need to go back to school to remember how to actually report news. To all the Dads I wish you a Happy Father's Day. I always remember my Dad and am so thankful he and my Mom taught me the values to live by.To be proud to be an American and to be thankful for what America means for all "We the People". I pray we can all one day get to l
  5. My son always tells me she will never go on tail and serve any time behind bars! I keep praying everyday that she does SO I can tell my son "I told you so". Everyone must be held accountable for "We the People" would be if we were in their smelly shoes. I am just soooooooooo tired of waiting along with a lot of you also. I pray the swamp gets drained before voting day, hope Durham gets back soon. Have a great weekend. for now Moxie64
  6. 1,000,000 as of yesterday and already lining up yesterday too!!! for now Moxie64
  7. I heard about the boogaloo movement this morning on onamericanews, bet the ss are kept hopping around him.. Wonder if we will ever find out how many were attempted. Maybe if he gets to drain swamp his 2nd term will be a cake walk. Just reminded when he said about no wall so he'ld dig a moot along the s border and put gators in it. He needs the wall on either side of moot once he gets swamp rats in it just before the gators go in. We need to starve them for a mo so when they get turned loose rats will disappear quickly. We can hire the swamp people to catch them BUT I bet there would be tons o
  8. Well this is a huge wake up call, gives everybody a great chance to see what the left/dems are up to and great show and tell what America could look if the wrong man is elected. Plus Biden won't be the president for long that is why he said his vp had to be someone that good be president on day 1! Shall we guess who that will be?? He'll have to do part of a debate with Trump and bet Trump will go and eat him alive within 10-15 mins. Got to see that one will record it so I can have a great video to watch when I need a big laugh. Don't forget to have 1/2 a bag of popcorn ready. for
  9. Just saw an article where they want to rename the street in front of Trump Tower after Obama. I got a better idea they can rename the biggest land fill in NYC "Obama Land" land of the smelly dems alive or dead. May they all RIP with the devil!! I'll to that. That way We the People all KNOW where the bodies are buried!!! Wear a gas mask while driving or flying threw or over NYC. for now Moxie64
  10. I agree ANY ONE that lies needs to charged and more then a slap on their wrist too. No one has the right to ruin some one's life hell they need a sentence 10 times longer then what one might get ! for now
  11. Yup everyone should laugh at this one. Doesn't it sound like he is singing?? LOL It is funny every time I happen to listen. Got to watch Fox with how Schiff has been trapped about time. Watch what news will be released now that General Flynn is cleared!!! When President Trump opens the flood gates to the swamp there won't be any HUNGRY GATORS left. We need to get a semi truck filled with tums for the belly aches the poor gators will have, hell we may need 2 trucks!!LMAO for now Moxie64
  12. Well my DV friends I have a full box of pop corn and a few to watch the show unfold !! I have been waiting for a LONG time just like the rest of you and PRAY they will all be held accountable for their crimes committed against mankind. Best of all the first news I have seen today is that General Michael Flynn is cleared !!! Now the flood gates to the swamp will be 100 % open!! Guess Trump's "promise made will be a promise kept" to drain the swamp !! Once the water is gone there won't be any HUNGRY GATORS for over a yr .LMAO Boy the MSM is swarming like a fire ants nes
  13. " THE TRUMP QUARANTINE SONG " Sorry I forgot to say what song I put on but forgot how to put a you tube video on. Posted this a while back. for now Moxie64
  14. Well I found this again, of course worst of all I had to play it too. I hate to say this but can't help laughing each time after watching it. It is a good pick me up after having a bad bad day. they say laughter is the best medicine. But then playing it once doesn't do trick so after 1 drink one might play it 2 - ?? times depending how many you had plus how good your sense of humor too counts. Warning this is habit forming and it "could" cause mental health issues with prolong use !! LMAO Got to ask how many of you think that it sounds just like the Preside
  15. I'm glad I was sitting down while reading shocking news if it really comes true. Be a great Happy Mothers Day.. go RV for now Moxie64
  16. OMG Get your passports!!!!!!!!! Runnnnn Pelosi turned the dogs from HELL loose and nipping at my heels! Dee plane dee plane it's leaving. God help us all. Wait for meeee for now
  17. Thanks bigwave seems to me this should be #1 essential business I think Ca closed gun shops as they were non essential, really. I think we ought to make SIGNS 2 - 2 1/2' x 2' h for all our yards in plain sight. We Support the 2nd Amendment locked and loaded Think we need to have another in Spanish next to it??????????? Got to cover our bases, ( me no speak or read English ) right?? Also have a solar spotlight shinning on it, if you have a biggggg yard I would pu
  18. You are right CL, if people didn't lie about where they been so no quarantine or under home quarantine and go to a business meeting or to their kid's school. Guess those people have a mental problem not much grey matter in their brain. If media would stop scaring everybody, your going to die we'll have 430,000 deaths from this, it could or not happen. What happens when cattle stampede? You better get the hell out of the way or you may DIE! lol Remain calm how many times do they have to say whose really is at risk?? Get tested, clear that day showing positive next day. Col doing
  19. Thanks for all the great articles guysI, I pray some time everybody can afford anything they need or want. There has been so many companies that have buried their technology patents because of greed. These certain companies want the the big bucks as long as they can. There are so many ideas that have been buried 1/2 way to China that are bring dug back up. They could have saved us ????$ long time ago. You ever watched the Death of the Electric Car?? How old is that movie?? Pretty sad what we could have had long time ago if it wasn't for a few people. These cars were rented only a
  20. I shouldn't wish death on anybody BUT I agree with you if the brass is gone how many Iranians might live? How many may have died for lack of food or heath care. I hope Trump with -holds fed funds til CBP and ICE clean out the illegals for Americans safety. Bet Trump would have done this within 1 mo. in office. Depressed people need mental heath before illegals get heath most agree. States get cleaned out, homeless off the streets and reform our justice system. First to be helped is our law enforcement without them no one is safe. Thank you all for your servi
  21. I agree wealthhound wish we could do a MASS roundup and deport them all but maybe DV ought to buy Greenland. We would have one of a hell of resort with "FREE" speech. We'l would have to make sure we had our own brewery TOO. Did you see where we have 5.4 % death rate from the virus?? MSM are not saying 10(?) died in 1 nursing home (?) in Washington? We have .01-1% from top dr on Trump's virus team. It is said 29,000,000 infections, 280,000 hospitalized and 18,000 (?) 100 have been children from the flue. Trump said why aren't the dems upset about those affected from the flue??
  22. I wouldn't put it pass the Cal. governor to pay some one to go and infect some of the homeless. Most would die from the health issues they already have there are a lot of sick sick people in this world. I wouldn't put it pass those crazy dems. Guess they could blame Trump for not DOING ENOUGH then impeach him for that. What a sad place America is coming to. Bet he thinks about the millions he would save if they died cost a lot less to bury a person then. Guess he wouldn't have to worry about where to take them off the street then. Wonder what vile names they will call Trump. What a glorious da
  23. We need a movement started right now. This ought to go viral asking millions of people to send 1 page to all the evil leaders Iran, N K,V,R, C and etc, including the addresses. Send 100 ways to snuff out evil leaders once and for all or any one that takes over the country without freedom too all citizens. I would do it would you do? Think it would send a message to the whole world? I can wish right? fo now Moxie64
  24. It's getting real now! I hope this helps the Iranian people topple the current regime. Advisor to Iran's Supreme leader dies from coronavirus, as other top officials infected An advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has died from the new coronavirus, as other top officials in the country are confirmed to be infected, according to multiple reports on Monday. Mohammad Mirmohammadi, 71, was an Expediency Council member who advised Khamenei a
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