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02/16/13 -- Mystery Lady Update


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Saturday Night "Mystery Lady" post emailed to Dinar Recaps


I have not disappeared or vanished as some have suggested, rather just sat back and let this unfold as I have zero control over this event and updating multiply times a day really isn't my style.

Yes, I have been informed of certain events and timelines that have occurred and are on the for front of occurring. My husband assures me that the recent Kurdish budget approval is a sure sign that the other blocs are finally in agreement with one another and the Iraqi budget is all but made public. Which this is to be done by mid week or sooner and the revalue is to follow immediately.

The updates you have been getting from the individual from PD (OCrush) are again factual and right inline with everything I keep hearing from my end. In fact, his insight comes from a line of sources that travels a completely different path, yet always ends up near or there about with what I hear.

I come this last time to lift up those who fail to see the whole truth and sag with doubt, joy should be upon you now you made it.

Thank you to all those who welcomed my insight and appreciated my willingness to reach out without recognition.

God bless each one of you and use your new found wealth in a positive manner.

Remember, without morally correct people leading by example in this world we will not sustain the level of decency that God expects of us.

Smile : ) my friends it's over!

Wife in the Know

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Wow!!! Ok dog... You got it first!!! Hilarious!!!!!! Should have known it would be you!!! I'm a man of my word... PM me and I'll get your dinar to you!!

hahahahaha Aww man it was right on the tip of my tounge Stone . But I couldnt remember it. So I googled it. hahahaha

Naaa I didnt win man.

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