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    Astronomy, snow boarding, rock and ice climbing, water sports, aviation. Exploring and enjoying nature. Would love an ocean going sailing vessel with a five person crew and a seasoned guide until I learned the ropes.

    For schooling, I'm pre-med and hope to MCAT to Mayo and go further to help teams research a cure for cancer. I've been told to choose my battles wisely. I've fought many obscure, fruitless, futile battles and at the age of 36, I think I've finally realized to heed the wisdom a bit more rather than keep making my own mistakes over and over again. Fighting to save lives, from the demise of cancer, would be worthwhile battle.
  1. I'll do what I can TennesseeCherokee. It'll take awhile to organize the project and get it off the ground, though hopefully it will yield positive results for people that have been damaged by the fraud that has been perpetrated. The best outcome would be some financial compensation paid back to those that have been hurt and further criminal charges being raised during or after after the civil suit. Though I would settle to just have shut down the operators of this con. It appears to me, from reading the boards, that there are a number of people that have realized Okie, Tony and others are being dishonest. I had heard of one person that committed suicide over being told, by Okie, that the 'rv' was going to happen... they overextended and lost everything. I don't have any hard evidence of this, though once the site is rolling, I hope many will share their experiences that have been damaging both financially and psychologically.
  2. I think I have a descent name for the site and will begin my work in Feb. *decent
  3. Desensitizing effects caused at phony sites. Phony: not genuine; fraudulent Come on, Thug, give me something better to work with here.
  4. I've been weighing a name for the civil suit's/suits' website. Any ideas that do not outright say fraudulent scum of the Earth? Something pithy. >Hope you are reading this Recaps and 'friends'.
  5. I find it interesting that Recaps is letting a few critical thought comments through. It does not hide the fraudulent wrongs of the past. >Shut your site down, Recaps, unless you think your attorneys are better than mine and the corporate veil of a Limited Liability Corporation cannot be penetrated. Your disclaimer won't work in court to shield you from liability. This is warning shot over your bow. Kelley
  6. The Pumper Protection Unit will go down in flames as all cons that have crossed me. When I was 22 years old, I lost a bit over fifty grand to a con ran by the Russian mafia. It was a good portion the monies I had accrued risking life and limb fishing in Alaska. I fell for a few cons. I'm not into anonymity as I don't have anything to hide and my life is an open book. You can Google 'Kelley Callanan Wired Magazine' and read the publishing over that loss. I've learned hard lessons. SG, the scam that took my money, was cooked by the SEC. I've helped shut down a few cons over the years via lawsuit and government help. It has not profited me, but it sends those pieces of dirt away. Come February, I will begin the fight against this and hopefully they are not deadbeats with nothing to repay to the People that have been harmed, both in the States and the globe. Bering Sea
  7. Hey Ben, Do you know her email? I wanted to run a trace on it to verify where 'her' location is. I'm thinking about starting a project in February to bring civil suits against the gurus, individually, and recaps. I'm hoping criminial proceedings would be soon to follow.
  8. I had a mountain goat walk by me in a rock climbing area behind Mt. Rushmore. It was a trip because I had a person on belay and wasn't going anywhere. I've always wondered how a mountain goat would taste. I couldn't kill one, but if it fell off a mountain in Bavaria, I'd take a bite. Or cut it up and send it to the four corners of Dinarland.
  9. There was a snowstorm that shut down my town for a few days or I wouldn't have wasted time at oom. This is hillarious. That site is a cult. Asking things like 'do you believe in Okie?' Okie must be a god to them for them to 'believe' in him. Sailors' Inn is welcomed and told how much of a god loving bunch of people they are and then is cruxified by a couple of members. At the end a mod is telling his cult cannibals to stand down. I must say I've not ever been around a group of Christians were the military type phrase 'stand down' is used. Hope you have a laugh off some of my mis-used time: Welcome to OKIE OIL MAN and Friends - PLEASE CHECK FOR OKIE or WINGMEN before TYPING You have entered OKIE & FRIENDS. Topic: **GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE and PRAYERS CHANGES THINGS** [sailors' Inn] Hi, I'm new to the dinar and had some questions. Reading different sites is confusing. Is there anyone here with good knowledge about this? [mrkleen] Sailors' Inn welcome to the bestest site of intelligent, heart-felt, honest, God Loving peeps on the 'net......I wish you well, and welcome, too...... [TXengineer] Sailors ask away. Maybe we have some answers or what we understand. [txnative] Sailors' Inn welcome, there is a wealth of information in the oom forum under the Articles of Interest. [RaginKajun59] mrkleen kojac I love you sweet brothers [.SEDNET1] Sailors' Inn BRANG YOUR QUESTIONS? [lucycamel] I am also new to this and have read several times about reserves exactly what does that mean? [sailors' Inn] Thanks. I heard about Okie and started reading his posts on a site that must compile a large number of sites. Then I did some google searchs and came across a site that said there would be no revaluation, just a re-domination. Then I came across a site that apparently was ran by moderators that used to work for Okie. They had nothing good to say about the man and had many of his old posts with breakdowns. What is the truth about this whole investment? [Ween1] Sailors' Inn wow [Ween1] Sailors' Inn I think you had better rethink that in our OKIES House [.SEDNET1] lucycamel RESERVES ARE "OPTIONS" TO BUY. FOR WHATEVER AMOUNT THE DINAR DEALER MAY REQUIRE, ONE CAN "OPT" TO PURCHASE X AMOUNT OF CURRENCY, (DINAR IN THIS CASE) IF THE OPTION TIME EXSPIRES, YOU HAVE A DECISIOON TO MAKE TO EITHER RENEW OR NOT. HOPE THAT HELPS? [mrbiz] Sailors' Inn Welcome, I'm glad you stopped in and said hello. we're a fun; close and loving group here. you'll be glad you stopped [TXengineer] Sailors' Inn. The problem is that some people do not understand that this is a moving target. Things change and no one knows 100 percent what or when this will happen. Okie gives us the most recent intel that he has. He is not in charge of this endeavor but has contacts that give us more information than we could ever hope to get on our own. [sailors' Inn] what is that Ween1? I don't understand what you mean. [.SEDNET1] ALOHA BOSS! [Ween1] Sailors' Inn Do you believe in OKIE? [sailors' Inn] Thanks TX [mrbiz] Ween1 [RaginKajun59] mrkleen whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kojack Ill be wearing a tee sirt saying Kojac wheres my dance!!! [Ween1] Sailors' Inn If you did you would would not bring this into his house [mrkleen] Sailors' Inn may behoove you to choose wisely your words about Okie, in HIS room, no matter what you heard elsewhere.... you can and will learn much here, provided you RESPECT that Okie is and will always be revered in Dinarland...... [sailors' Inn] I don't know what you mean by believe in Okie, that doesn't make sense. I'm sorry, I just don't know what you mean. [lucycamel] Thanks alot. I appreciate it. It helps. Is there more info about this on the forum? [RaginKajun59] mrkleen Amen! [Cindieloohoo] mrkleen You are so sweet [Ween1] Sailors' Inn Shoes are coming your way say goodbye [Cindieloohoo] BRB [Ween1] ..sambo help me here please [sailors' Inn] What are you talking about Ween1? I understand what TX said. [.SEDNET1] lucycamel ONLY ABOUT A COUPLE YEARS WORTH OF POSTINGS. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU AVAIL YOURSELF OF THAT WEALTH OF INFORMATION. WWW.OKIEANDFRIENDS.COM REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR FULL ACCESS. HAVE FUN! [sailors' Inn] Does anyone else have information about what is going on with this investment? [Ween1] .SEDNET! Help me here read what Sailors' Inn has posted [TXengineer] Sailors' Inn]. I understand that you are only repeating what you heard. We at OOM are a little protective of our leader Okie. Rest assured that he is an honorable man. [RaginKajun59] TXengineer Amen! [txnative] Ween1 chill sis, he was only saying what he had read, and was asking for clarification. its all good [.SEDNET1] Sailors' Inn I AM ADDRESSING A SIR OR A LADY? [Ween1] Sailors' Inn why don't go to another room and stir it up [lucycamel] awesome thanks. I will check it out that [.SEDNET1] SETTLE DOWN FAMILY! [sailors' Inn] Ween1, I am without words, I wish I knew what seems to be wrong, but I don't. Thank you again TX. And .Sednet I'm a guy. [mrkleen] Sailors' Inn uhhh, excuse come into CHAT, ask questions without regard to WHERE you are, and have the gawl to discredit OKIE without reading the WEALTH OF INFORMATION on the forum? [Ween1] mrkleen Love you Brother [mrbiz] txnative [mrkleen] where [mrkleen] oh pooh.........where'z gypsamama, I wanna borrow her boots....... [Ween1] mrkleen Your so funny!! (((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))) [.SEDNET1] Sailors' Inn OK, IN A NUTSHELL, THERE HAVE BEEN MULTIPLE VARYANCES WITH THIS WHOLE GLOBAL RESET, IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE DINAR OR THE DONG. 204 COUNTRIES, 194 CURRENCIES. PLEASE ADVISE HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN AWARE OF THIS? [txnative] mrkleen please re-read his original post. [RaginKajun59] mrkleen lol lol lol [sailors' Inn] I don't know what is going on here, but I feel I'm not welcome. This is the strangest experience I have ever had online. I didn't discredit anyone or anything. I came with some questions that I was hoping to get answers too. [sailors' Inn] I'll leave now. [CalifBob] Ween1 & mrkleen I think that Sailors' Inn is lost and confused. I think that he had heard things from other sights and is not saying bad of our okie but is trying to find the truth....just my opnion but I reread his comments and still take them that way... Breathe, Pray & Repeat...Often as we await our blessings. [.SEDNET1] Sailors' Inn PLEASE DO NOT [mrkleen] Ween1 on the other side of tearz, there's laughter [TXengineer] Sailors' Inn don't leave [..sambo] Sailors' Inn A BIT OF EXPLAINATION - GRANT OKIE AND EVERYOTHER INTEL PROVIDER HAVE MADE POSTS THAT WERE ACCURATE AT THE TIME OF THE POSTING - THIS VENTURE IS VERY FLUID AND CHANGES HAVE OCCURED DAILY - THE GROUP YOU MAY TALKING ABOUT WERE AT ONE TIME MODS - I HAVE BEEN ADMIN OF OOM SITES FOR OVER 2 YEARS - AND HAD HAD A BIG TURNOVER IN MODS - SEVERAL HAVE TRIED TO TAKE OVER THE SITE, SEVERAL LEFT AFTER LOSING FAITH - THE MODS THAT ARE HERE NOW ARE THE VERY BEST EVER - IF YOU ARE NEW YOU NEED TO GO TO OUR FORUM AND STUDY - WE HAVE A TON ON INSTRUCTIVE MATERIAL THERE IT WILL HELP EDUCATE AND TEACH YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO PREPARE FOR THE CE - SAMBO [.SEDNET1] YOU ASKED HONEST QUESTIONS, WE WILL ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THEM FOR YOU, FAMILY? STAND DOWN PLEASE!
  10. Did a fraudster just call a fraudster a fraudster and in return the called out fraudster said they were not the fraudster, but instead the initial fraudster is a sensationalizer?
  11. "We do NOT write what others are saying, but post what we think OUR readers what to read." Recaps, you have numerous readers that want to read the truth, not the lies you print and promote by censorship. "But, to bash, and unjustly criticize those trying to help thousands of people is not making the RV happen any faster." According to your logos, Recaps, are you saying by printing the gurus you are helping thousands of people? Are you not aware that most of what is posted on your site is lies? Would you like me to prove it for you? Please respond if you do sincerely want to help people. Spreading lies, as your site does, is not helping people. It is hurting them.
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