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  1. Somebody help me out here....AIDS is a syndrome of about 30 different diseases. Currently, there is no commercially available test for AIDS since it is about 30 diseases. Diagnosis is usually made with symptoms (from the 30) presenting, along with a positive HIV-test. However, there is no commercially available test for HIV!! You can only test for the antibodies to a particular thing. So, at best, you are tested for the antibodies (and this is NOT the same thing as the virus itself) which shows you were exposed (and what specifically is questionable), maybe you have symptoms, maybe not. SO, what/how are they testing for AIDS? Is there medical team far in advance of the best in the west? BTW, it is well-established that up to 60 different events can trigger a + test. Do they retest or just line up the + dude and give them lead poisoning? Dunno, just asking......Save the goats indeed
  2. EXACTLY! Bigwave. Look at the opposite" Suppose I wanted to make my unit 2 feet long (I don't even know if that is possible...yet), the organization I joined is suppose to pay for that? That is insane. Why not botox? Facial reconstruction surgery just for kicks? Where does it end? XX, XY that what you are. Deal with it as best you can, save your money and do the deed when you get out. if the policy allows for transgender folks to join, then the rest of the troops need some education/adjustment, but that's it. if the military wants to offer some program that allows you to "save up" similar to the GI Bill then OK. Put YOUR money aside and try to save. Again, lifestyle choices can be linked to events in the womb/birthing. So to hate on someone for something they have no control over is not fair, but neither is them feeling they need to be treated special because of that. Hmmmm. Gals, might hurt in the END, but for you all, I accept!! Take it like a man, baby. Dunno, just saying....Ouch!
  3. Hey gals. Always happy to see your replies. OK, lets begin with something that I think should be made clear: chromosomes determine your sex. pretty simple. I don't care how you feel about yourself, if "its a man, baby. Watch out, Nigel!" then that's what you are. IF the organization which you join (doesn't matter which one either) accepts you are a dude in a woman's dress, then so be it. As for benefits you are entitled to by being part of that organization, then that's what you get-nothing MORE or LESS. I don't believe anyone gets more than they AGREED to. Now, if there is a policy change while working/under contract with these folks, then you have the option to see benefit from that policy change. Again, nothing MORE or LESS. A man uses the MEN's ROOM. Don't like it? Don't join that organization. Feel special? Yeah, well so do I. I got nothing special being a Jew in the military and, in fact, was given extra duty on Christmas and told to piss-off when asking for time-off on our holidays. Guess what? I lived! I got over it, accepted it for what it is and told myself, "Well, I signed the contract...". So to answer your question: There is to be NO queue jumping in receiving health benefits from the VA. Some claims will be dealt with fast than others (that only makes sense), but the very idea you are so-special because you "feel" like another person is IMHO: tough SH........ Keep up the good posts, girls. Love you long-time.
  4. Just for the record, since a post mentions a lot of nonsense that is totally off-base (No pun intended). Fact: transgender, G-A_Y or whatever is determined whilst in the WOMB or whilst birthing. We can see fMRI scans which show abnormal activity, abnormal hormone levels in both fetus and mother when compared to those who develop as heterosexuals. The very idea that a dude would wake-up one day and decide to wear a dress is STUPID ( or he really DID wake-up and decide to wear a dress?!?! Who knows? The brain is a fascinating structure). To say someone is "mentally unsound" because of how they dress is insane. Maybe they desire suicide because of the stress/angst place upon them by society because of the erroneous belief it is a mental problem. Talk about unstable people.....I know plenty from the US Marines and I never saw them in a dress. Finally, as for, "I joined to fight bad guys and defend the country..." What a load of horse SH is that. Must be a old dude who fought the Krauts or nips in WW II. Why? because NO ONE has defended the country since then. Who are the bad guys? Local LEO funded with federal weapons or CIA-funded terrorist? Oh, sorry, I just repeated myself. This knee-jerk non-thinking needs to be called out. Usually I ignore the nonsense, but as a doctor, I know the research findings show something completely different. Dunno, just saying.....Peace
  5. Hey kids Sorry for the late reply. I have practically no net here which works consistently. If you are going with Gc-MAF get the B.I.G version (4th generation). It is nano which means it will cross the blood-brain barrier. That is one of its hallmarks. Should be commercially available now. 1 cap per day. I bottle per month. Costs me about 500-600 USD to get. hyperbaric oxygen, 3 per week, 2.0 to 2.2 ATA. That's 2 hours in the tank. Add the Gc-MAF yogurt while in the chamber, hold in the mouth for a few mins (not like your friend is going anywhere!) and repeat till all done. There is no flash hazard (use a plastic spoon, plastic container, etc), so the clinic should have NO problem with your friend using it inside. I certainly wouldn't and I used to be charge of the hyperbaric chamber here. KETO all the way. Get those ketones making energy in the brain-inflammation will be greatly reduced, but this is a long, progressive disease. Not really sure if chelation will get into this region at all, but overall metal detox will help. The body, if given a pathway, usually can figure it out. LDN might be useful in symptom reduction. No experience with PSP however. Parkinson it can help often and the symptoms are somewhat the same. (well, a little) Please remind your friend there are NO viable treatment options in western medicine. So, there really is nothing to lose, but only gain. Cheers. Probably back to suck-a$$ net tomorrow!!!
  6. Geez! He must be a porn star! look the size of his pencil!!!!
  7. I think the real issue is the belief that one is entitled to something, whether its some type of assistance or to be protected against the various forms of hatred. Unfortunately, you AINT. The sooner a person realizes life isn't fair, they might stop looking at all things as "racism". Now, some might argue, "What about the Jim Crow laws?" of recent memory (hence the Civil Right's Act of 1964). This argument is rather weak for the following: it was government policy to limit the freedoms and potential of a certain group. Therefore, it was blatantly illegal and immoral. But it existed because certain sectors of America promoted its application. It was institutionalize hatred. People were denied their constitutional/natural rights. But government steps-in and declares its a statue making it illegal to act/speak in a particular manner. The 9th Amendment affirmed certain ideas in protection rights. So, now we have the RIGHT from being exposed to hate-speech or hateful activity. Sure, any government institution that would do such would suffer the fate of violating a person's natural right, However, provided I DONT limit your freedoms, pursue of happiness, seize property, etc. How does that bother you? As a Jew, I fully support the KKK or wacko Nazi's in their rallies. It is their right and no where do I see a natural right to protect your candy-a$$ from some meanie who sprouts out utter crap. You are entitled to be LEFT ALONE. As am I in how I think and feel. Dunno, just saying...Peace
  8. Hey MS. First, malzoltof on your daughter turning the corner and finding a better way. So happy for the family and I hope this helps in your over-all recovery. Nope, I am a total dumb-a$$ when it comes to computers. Cant type, follow prompts if my life depended on it. Low-tech all the way.
  9. Hey Umberto, Thanks for your posts. Like I said before, "Where do you find the time?" The problem isn't that Americans are "racist", the problem is that government thinks they have the power to legislate the hatred. the Civil Rights Act of 1990 further made it a "crime" to be openly so in public/commercial endeavors. Is it wrong? Do most American find racism abhorrent behavior. Of course. Does society need to try to prevent such activities? Certianly. However, someone can be charged with a hate-crime (and there are many forms) or in violation of the Civil Right's Act and the burden of proof lies upon them that they didn't. Kinda backwards. Quota system is an easy example of that. If you don't hired enough whatever, you can be investigated. School are required to admit x number from certain groups. Sorry, I never saw any of that in the Constitution. I do think all American have a right to left alone. If you want to be a hater, your business. I wont go to your business. Dunno, just saying...Peace
  10. Wow! What a great story. It's wonderful that the children carry on the tradition. Thanks for the post Wil Cheers and to your REALLY OLD HEALTH
  11. Sorry didn't mean to post this twice. Only made a spelling correction. What is up with my PC?!?!
  12. This has been going on for decades. Why is it that the RyuuKyuu Islands house 70-80% of all US Military, but is the smallest of the prefectures? There is no love lost between the locals and the central government. They are treated as 2nd class citizens and given the snub at every opportunity. It isn't about the US military directly. Its about the complete lack of respect by the mainlanders. There IS a difference, BTW, between the people. They were an independent people till 1872 and full annexation took place in 1923. Its like saying a native Hawai'i is the same as Billy-Bob in Alabama. Yeah, they are both Americans, but culturally there is a difference, however slight today. They have their own language (Hogan) which is being taught again. So, don't think it is anti-American sentiments. Its people tired of being treated like crap by their government (sound familiar doesn't it?) with treaties that don't give them any regard. If you ever go there, talk with the old folks who remember the war. They still harbor some rather unkind things to say about the Japanese. Dunno, just saying and Aku sami oh!
  13. Thanks for your post BigWave. I want to relate an event that really happened to me and how is relates to all things, not just military. Used to fly for them stationed out of GITMO (and Key West NAS). Tasked on that day to support DEA/Customs, etc in stopping drug flow routes into the US. Got a mission to fly south to intercept unknown slow-mover (twin prop job) coming up from South America. Given co-ordinates, etc and expected flight path we were told that it would probably fly across in area A. Once airborne, we were given completely different area to search! Based upon the original verses the new area for patrol, there was NO WAY IN HELL a prop job could make the shift. So, either the type of airframe was wrong (It was really a jet, but doubt that) or initial intel about point of departure was WAY off (not likely) OR, we were misdirected on purpose not to find this cat. Other air-assets were similarly sent off to areas completed unreasonable to the intel given. We spent a lot of time on that "conversion flight" (Converting JP 4 to noise and fumes) and for what? I had a Guard buddy tell me the only people they ever caught were the ones they were SUPPOSE to. So it isn't about the military, etc. Its about a system in place that protects those who it wants to protect and all the rest are fodder. Those blow-hards in CONgress talk a good game. Get you all wrapped-up in the flag when they could care less. I tell all young people: "Just know what your getting into. It might not be what you think..." Make an informed consent and accept your decision. Might regret it later or maybe its the best thing to ever happen to you. I made some real brothers in the Corps and would never turn my back on them. That is a very positive event for me. Dunno, just saying.... Peace
  14. If I recall correctly, Phyllis Dillar (RIP) said it best, "I've got everything a 20 YO has. Its just 2 feet lower". You girls still got it. Your posts are a riot! Love them. Sense-o-humor will last us a lifetime! Cheers, babies.
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