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  1. Thats good Information Thank you:)
  2. watercop

    What I heard

    Im gonna get me some o that--- the head set stuff
  3. watercop

    What I heard

    Memory lane AHHHH I only get on here once in a while now but I remember all that everyone said and especially Old Sarge, he was great, and then we met the girls and remember Betty Bop and Randelln I wonder if he is still alive? I hope so.
  4. Wishful thinking but in todays world they will both get away with it and Criminalarious Klinton will become president somehow
  5. I remember the Pink Piggy also I wish he would come back for old time sake. Maybe he is still here in the background like us most of the time just read and not post.
  6. Get well soon and we are praying for your speedy recovery. Hoping you will feel better than you have in years now that the problems are getting fixed. God loves you!
  7. Why can't you just go to a place that exchanges money like an airport and get the current exchange. Thats the way I thought it worked. Maybe Im wrong but if we cant exchange now how will it work when the value goes up?
  8. Our hearts go out to these people who die while just wanting to be safe. What is the answer? Count your blessings everyone.
  9. Thanks Yota you are so good at finding these articles. They keep working on it and moving forward at least
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