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  1. Mrchips if the deal falls through you will be the first i contact.
  2. Updated on the situation, looks like my dinar is sold pending buyer approval and funds. Will be meeting in person, so hopefully everything goes...smoothly. Will definitely have overwatch.
  3. TRUTHIS, look at your profile page I've sent you a message.
  4. I thought about that as well, probably better than the 5% Paypal would want. I wonder what UPS charges for that?
  5. I had considered it, but I figured it would be best to come here as well, if you're on here you're into dinar. I didn't want someone to sift though old lawn chairs and "free at the curb" to look for dinar. I think truthis may be interested and is located in DFW so this may work out. I appreciate everyone's advice on here, it has been a big help. truthis do you have a Paypal account? It may be in both our interests to use this service.
  6. I'd be willing to setup something with Paypal, but I'm not too familiar with their service other than reading about it being used. What I be able to get the funds from Paypal and deposit it to my bank account? May sound like a silly question but like I said I don't use Paypal.
  7. Im sorry im looking all over thisbforum oage but cant find any message notification, matter of fact I cant find a nessenger anywhere on here. Where is it at on the page?
  8. I called a place out at DFW, the corporate line said "market value less transaction fee". They neglected to mention their market value was $600. After revalue I believe the role will be reversed considerably, exchange services scrambling to get any dinar they can. I look at it like this, we see what the vendors charge, I see what they offer to buy from me, theres someone out there that wants dinar at a good price and I want to sell for a good price. Win/win if you ask me.
  9. Thanks for the input, Id be willing to meet at a bank, police station or other such public place to avoid any "unfortunate event". I have a test pen for testing USD and would hope someone buying dinar will know the security features well enough to protect themselves. Ill also provide a receipt if requested. Or if out of area I can sell the lot of it in increments to assure anyone interested they will get their dinar. I understand buying 2.7M dinar all in one go can be met with alprehension, no one wants to be out a couple thousand dollars with nothing to show for it. Im trying to sell it in this fashion as I dont trust the trusyed third parties, by that I mean the dinar vendors. Ive read some bad stories about months late payment, "lost" dinar, etc.
  10. Forgot to say, Ive also decided to reduce my asking price to $850 per million.
  11. Just an update, looks like we cant find some of it. Nice huh? So I have 2776750 for sale. 3 x 250 1 x 1000 12 x 5000 14 x 10000 103 x 25000
  12. So it seems like the best place to sell mine to a vendor is dinartrade or safedinar considering I dont have a cert. I got mine in country. Is there any place specifically I should watch out for? Oregonman your story makes me a bit leery, this was with cashfordinars?
  13. I have dinar that I picked up while deployed and I need to sell it. Im a little wary of the websites that offer to buy it from me, namely I dont want these places to have my SSN that some require. So it was brought out many moons ago before BIAP was confiscating it and has been in a lock box since. I can provide pics and time stamps of any and all bills if you'd like. They are mostly uncirculated but I'll let you be the judge of their condition. I know some of the smaller denoms I got as change from shops. Mostly 25K notes, I have about 3.4 mil, I'll get an exact count in a couple of hours when I can get at them. Id like to get 900 per million, I've not sold any before but I think this is a fair price. Id prefer a face to face so I know I get mine and you know you get yours. If your out of area I can ship to you but Id like to be paid first. If anyone has advice the best way to go about this or if I'm way off in my dinar selling etiquette let me know. I will only accept cash or money order, may trade for ammunition. I know everyone isnt pro 2A but its an expensive hobby. So thats it, if you have any questions let me know, thanks.
  14. Saw your post through google and yes Im brand new here. Im in DFW and looking to sell all my dinar. I see the official rate is like 850 per million but a lot of dealers charge 1000 or more, thats crappy IMO. Id like to get 900 per mil for mine, how much are you looking for?
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