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  1. I have been a member here since 2011 and following this site since it first opened and NOT ONCE has Adam engaged in any wild “Alice in Wonderland “ fantasy about the direction of the dinar or news surrounding it. It aggravates me when “ people like you” use words like “we” as if to suggest you are some how aware how the rest of us feel about news that Adam brings. You don’t know if that’s your assessment of the general feeling here. A better guess is that most here have taken time to keep up with the rest of the class and read actual news brought by our newshounds like Yota, Thug, and others. This remains the only site I’ve personally seen that stays grounded. In the meantime CE please feel free to follow my advice below 😁:
  2. No disrespect intended DL but Adam only provides the weekly updates as a courtesy to the dinar world. It is always helpful for me to think of a lack of an update in these terms. If he doesn't do one today or even this week then I take it as there is nothing significant to report. Adam has said many times that he will only do one IF there is something new to say, otherwise I take it that things are moving along as they should be. As far as VIP/OSI is concerned, we are paying for more access and opportunity both now and post RV. I suggest a three month membership, you won't be disappointed plus the post RV strategies will be well worth the ongoing renewal cost of membership.
  3. Sittin on Go! Tell 'em to press the button already!
  4. I could not imagine a worse mistake on their part! Talk about waking the sleeping giant!
  5. You're ona roll today Shabs! Don't agree with you very much but you sure add a lot of humor to the conversation! Have a great day!
  6. Exactly! This is the week that's had me excited since I read that last month.
  7. Nelg is doing well. I spoke to him earlier this week. He is home now and recovering. Thank you Snow and all those praying for and keeping Nelg in your thoughts. He really enjoys being part of this community.
  8. I wanted to send out a prayer request for Nelg. This past Friday, he had surgery and will be in the hospital for a week or so. I saw him today and he is in good spirits. In fact, not long after I arrived he asked if there was any dinar news! Many folks here have been encouraged my his posts I wanted to send out a quick note to ask for prayers for him and his family. Thanks!
  9. It is! it wouldn't be a wasted trip if you ever do get to visit!
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