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The Independent: Iraq has no choice but to take austerity measures or float the currency

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The Independent: Iraq has no choice but to take austerity measures or float the currency



To reduce the pace of economic crises afflicting Iraq and threatening its future. A report by the British newspaper The Independent puts economic solutions before the Iraqi government that can finance the economy with inflation by floating the currency, or taking austerity measures and reducing employee salaries and operating expenses.

The report stated that the best option is to float the currency in order to stimulate domestic production and reduce imports that deplete the country's economy, and the report pointed out that the Iraqi economy has paid exorbitant costs in attempts to stabilize the dollar exchange rate due to the corruption of the currency sale window in the Central Bank.

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14 minutes ago, GreedyDinar07 said:

Is that a $100 Dinar note in the picture above?

I think,  that could possibly be the dinar note they decommissioned a few years ago, I forget the domination of the note now! I could be wrong! Plus I don’t know if, I have ever seen a $100.00 note or not! JMHO  🤠

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