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  1. They need to eliminate Parliament not just postpone it. They should have a committee of about 9 people and maybe they could actually govern, would save a ton of money to boot.
  2. Sounds like the same politicians BS here in the USA trying to get a vote for an election.
  3. Hang in there Floridian don’t let these guys get to ya. I will agree to the statement about the pizza boy though. We been in this circus long enough to know that none of these gurus knows anymore than the rest of us. I would think only the CBI could tell you how much Dinar is out there. Maybe this insane speculation will soon come to an end….
  4. Good Morning yota and thanks for the articles on this subject. All the years I worked in Afghanistan was a waste, I can only imagine what our military thinks about this. I wonder what all our liberal friends think of the terrorist starting to retake the region….
  5. Very true Sage, it’s a shame that a country like Afghanistan has nothing to offer the world but heroin and terrorist are the only people who want to own it. They have no government and the military is a bunch of gutless cowards. There has been way to many American lives lost in that wasteland for us to stay there. Iran will set up their own terrorist network in that god forsaken country because the world knows now that the country of Afghanistan is a failed and hopeless state….
  6. Linda Bower, remember you’re in the rumor (BS) section but what Frank is saying is partially true. The GCC talked about doing this at least 10 years ago. They went as far as locating their central bank in Saudi Arabia I think it was. Frank doesn’t include a link or website so I take everything he says as BS…..
  7. LMAO!!!! Oil at $70.00 a barrel and these worthless morons are still begging for money. I guess it’s hard not to blame them, if the WB and IMF keeps giving it to them why not. The same logic is being used here in the good ole USA…..
  8. Un-puff myself…LMAO, really. Is that what you got from my post? Now a little advice from us old timers that have been around awhile and could give a rats azz about you newbies feelings. You folks need to take a breath and stay out of the rumor (BS) section and keep up with the news. In the the real world everything is not positive with flowers and rainbows. If you can’t take some occasional real world facts, YOU may think about stepping back for awhile. I have been on this site for a long time and have a lot of money invested in it so you will excuse some of my negative comments occasionally. Yota, sorry about the rant and the high jacking of the thread but I thought it was time for one of us OLD timers to step and defend ourselves from some of the sensitive members who only want a feel good site that strokes their insecurities about the Dinar….I’m done
  9. Good advice HowieC, it appears Adam has already gone there so you could be right. I also didn’t mean to piss in your wheaties this morning and will try to refrain from negative comments. Check my join date to this site and you will notice any comment from me is far from uninformed…you have a good day.
  10. With my method they would only need one step to prevent theft. It’s called a noose, guaranteed to prevent further theft from any resources…
  11. I’m not sure if this PM is brave enough or smart enough to think outside the box in appointing these ministers. While he’s in Brussels, England or Germany he should look for individuals to fill these roles. Cowing down to the same ole status quo of appointing these crooks from the corrupt parties should end. I’m sure appointing someone from outside the corrupt party circles in Iraq is a death sentence…
  12. I wish he would get on a mission to jail all the corrupt politicians and bankers in the country….. I’m thinking his mission might be a little easier and more productive if he could curb some of the corruption in his country…
  13. Well if this trip is like all the rest, all their doing is having meetings about borrowing money and getting loans…
  14. including Iran-backed factions, Guess they wanted to show the US soldiers what was being shot at them…
  15. LMAO!!! Now these crooks want to be comedians. Either they want to be comedians or they think the rest of the world is as dumb as their constituents. That script about them passing the HCL in the next parliament session has been engraved on the walls of parliament forever. I’m just hoping the HCL is not tied to the RV or we could be here another 25 years….
  16. That’s a pretty good wish but my wish would be I owned around 150 Bitcoins…
  17. LMAO…would these clowns be so quickly to postpone their session if their pay was stopped as well? I think not.
  18. Israel will get the blame even if not responsible. To many countries dislike Iran but haven’t the balls to engage or enrage. America with this administration is in bed with the Iranians and pressure from the European countries will cow down to their demands and return to the famous failed nuclear agreement. I said I was done with politics but this article brings out the disgust of American and foreign policy I have at this time….
  19. Agreed HCR, if there’s no difference in the US dollar or the Kuwaiti Dinar would work perfect for me also…
  20. I won't give you a bulleted answer to your question this time but will let you do a little due diligence on your own. Google the currencies of: Jordan UAE Kuwait US Dollar Just to name a few of the currencies...
  21. I like the thought process of this economist and would love for the Iraqi Dinar to have no difference in value than any other currencies....
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