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  1. Shelley, the US military and coalition installed Maliki to the transitional government in 2006. He was later voted in as the new Prime Minister of Iraq. I’m surely not an Obama fan but Maliki was in office years before Barack was president…lol
  2. I find it as normal as Nancy Pelosi flying to Ukraine for a photo shoot. Lindsey Graham is a US Senator that happens to be on the appropriation committee, budget committee, the judiciary committee to name a few. These committees deal with where the USA spends and sends its money. The party affiliation is irrelevant if your on one of these committees. Lindsey Graham has worked and been close to several presidents. I would guess he wanted to assure the Iraqis that America would continue to stand by them unlike the circus America did in Afghanistan…
  3. They’ve been trying to get their banking system caught up to the 21st century for many years but until they reform what the IMF and World Bank has proposed they still have a ways to go. I’m on my cell phone so can’t direct you to any links but I know doing away with their multiple currency and reorganize the two government banks into public owned is two things that needs to be addressed.The doing away with the auctions could be another…
  4. Good Morning yota and happy 4th of July to you… It appears Al-Sadr is starting to form the troops. In previous articles you posted I see Al-Abadi could be the next to pull out of this so called government circus they’ve formed. When Al-Maliki gets his unconstitutional PM position is when I’m thinking all hell will break loose over there and by that time Al-Sadr will have his army put together for this mass coup that will once and for all rid Iraq of the corruption that Al-Sadr speaks of. That’s the only end game I can see for the decision Al-Sadr and the rest of these political parties withdrawing from the government….just my thoughts
  5. Great news, it’s a shame that cutting off your monthly installment and shutting down your oil industry is the only way to make the corrupt politicians in Kurdistan comply and resolve an HDL that should have been implemented many years ago… Better late than never I reckon…
  6. Thanks for the articles yota, I’m gonna go out on a limb and give the common Iraqi a bunch of credit. With this type of revenue coming in each month and they don’t do something about the standard of living for the people, I see mass demonstrations and a lot of burning tires in the streets of Iraq….
  7. Well I guess with the billions flowing into Iraq the crooked Kurds will wait until they are broke to settle this oil and gas law. These foreign oil companies are not gonna risk being black balled by Baghdad to continue to go against their Supreme Court decision. A person would think a Kurdish politician with half a brain would stay in Baghdad until a HCL was in place…..
  8. Theseus, totally agree an have been screaming this point for the past two weeks. What part of the US Supreme Court doesn’t make laws does the ignorant liberals not understand. I don’t have an issue with the liberals not agreeing with the decision but their reasoning and intelligence levels come into to play when they are clueless about what they disagree with. Until the liberal mindset is voted out of power we will continue to see the ignorance not only in the USA but abroad, what an embarrassment Joe Biden is to America talking down democracy….
  9. It appears to me that they are referring to an alternative trading platform to buy an sell stocks. In the USA they call it penny stocks, this is a platform with little to no oversight or regulations with it. Thats why in the article they give a disclaimer to the investor that warns them they are trading on a undisclosed platform. These listed companies are not trading on the ISX and just giving the potential investor a heads up to what their buying….
  10. I usually don’t agree with anything the crooked Kurds have to say but I’m all in with this thief. What Al-Sadr needs to understand now is, he is nothing more than the average Joe in Iraq. One of his followers needs to remind him that he and the Sadrist movement no longer exists. He gave up any of his power or influence last week. He needs to go back to Iran and just chill for a few years…
  11. LMAO!!! What in my post would you be referring to that I’m regurgitating? Could it be the decision of the Federal Courts? Or the corruption of the region…either one is a true fact. I think you may need a refresher course on Kurdistan if you think the USA has always been loved by the Kurds. Ask the old timers there about the American Abandonment but that’s for another lesson. When the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar finally occurs it certainly won’t be of any support from the crooked Kurds…
  12. I have a suggestion for all these intelligent rock scientists in parliament, how about start using your own currency and then you won’t have to worry about an exchange rate…HELLO…..
  13. Maybe Kurdistan needs someone to have an indebted meeting with them to explain that their oil and gas law is unconstitutional according to their Supreme Federal Court. They can amend it a 100 times and it will still be unconstitutional. It’s a shame their sitting on a resource that could bring them out of the dark ages and into another Dubai but would rather stall and prolong because of the corruption and greed is shameful. Their just not smart enough to figure out that the world is slowly turning off the need for fossil fuel and what they are arguing about will become worthless….
  14. That’s exactly what they should do but not sure what new elections would gain. The same people would get voted in and now your back to square one. I’m still of the belief that Al-Sadr has a plan, maybe it’s resurrecting his followers to burn down the city but hard to believe he just handed over the keys to Iran….
  15. It appears Al-Maliki boys jumped the gun a little. He told them to wait until he was PM before they tapped into that pipeline….
  16. Would someone dumb it down a little for me please and tell me what market will be confused by lowering the exchange rate. I’ve read several articles saying this but can’t figure out what market their referring too. Are they referring to the ISX or the CBI daily auctions or maybe the money exchangers on the street corners. If they are referring to any of the mentioned it has absolutely nothing to do with the majority of the poor citizens of Iraq.
  17. Iran thinks 7, I bet there were a lot more involved….
  18. According to his calculations if you take three zeros off of 100,000 Dinar to 100 USD would give a 1-1 rate…. Hope that helps.
  19. Never would have thought Al-Sadr would have turned Iraq over to Iran. I thought it might have been just a big bluff he was pulling but it does appear he just threw in the towel and turned it over to Al-Maliki and Iran….
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