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  1. LMAO!!! So the Iranian terrorist regime is willing to throw their puppet under the bus to keep in the Iraqi government…. I don’t think Al Sadr has the authority to give Maliki immunity. This is starting to get good….
  2. Good Morning yota, I’m thinking Iraq could save a lot of money and wasted time if they did away with this crazy parliament system they have and just let the high court run the country. The court could set up a couple of smaller committees to handle the little stuff and eliminate most of the corruption and foreign influence going on….
  3. Being we’re in the BS section of DV I will concur that’s the way it will go down….
  4. rvmydinar, sounds like you’re an expert on this Ramadan thing. How many years have you actually spent in the Middle East? Can’t figure out if you know much about the allah thing though….
  5. With Biden as president the price of oil could reach $150 easily. Not sure if the house and senate has enough stroke to pressure Sadia Arabia after the November midterms or not. All Trump had to do was make one phone call and the gas got to $1.75 a gallon. If you love paying $4.00 for a gallon of gas thank a liberal….
  6. Time for Al-Sadr to bring back his militia and run these Iranian terrorist back to their homeland. I’m hoping he’s smart enough to know the US troops are not his problem. Iraq is in a very important time frame on which direction the new government will go. I hope for our sake he chooses wise…
  7. LMAO!!! Maliki wins again… Al-Sadr needs to step in like he did with the corrupt governor of the holy city and stop the circus that the Iranian regime is making of their democracy.
  8. hspotman, I don’t think anyone gets excited or takes anything posted here in the BS section of DV’s serious, I know I don’t. You are correct it’s their Opinion….
  9. There will be articles galore once that event actually happens. Remember your in the BS section of DV where you can post all the BS from the gurus you want BUT don’t believe any of it….
  10. LMAO…you gotta love the positive thinking from these folks. Iraq with all the petroleum in the world still flares off millions daily because they don’t have the technology and to corrupt to hire it out. BUT in a couple of years supply the good citizens of Iraq with 12,000 megawatts of solar energy. I guess these guys are running for some political office. Who knows, maybe with this new government coming in they actually can stop some of the corruption and invest some of these billions of dollars back into the country’s infrastructure….
  11. Unfortunately there is still a large influence of the Iranian terrorist regime still in Iraq as indicated by a National holiday for an assassinated terrorist. Maybe with this new government and future elections Iraq will continue to purge themselves from the stranglehold the demonic state has on them….
  12. Key word, FORMER…. I often wonder exactly how much all these former members and ministers are really kept in the loop about up to date business. They probably get their news from the same place we do. I think I have read an article or two where the 2022 budget was ready for approval.
  13. HELLO!!!! Now you’re getting it, that’s why you lost the election….get back to Iran.
  14. LMAO!!! You newbie’s are hysterical, a little advice for you folks that don’t own Dinar and continue to to troll DV. When the CBI has been talking about removing the large notes from circulation for the past 5-6 years, it appears their plan is working. Newbies, stay out of the rumor (BS) section and read the news. The CBI would be tickled pink if the Iraqis turned in ALL their Dinar and used the USD. Oh, and me too..
  15. Greedy, most folks have been on DV for 10-15 years so I’m pretty sure you don’t need to save us from anything., we be big boys and girls. I guess maybe I could help save you some heart break and disappointment, why don’t you close your DV account and drive off into the sunset. How easy was that…..
  16. Good Morning yota and thanks for the article… My guess is the committee will find some Iranian stooge to blame giving the USA military the location of these terrorist which led to the drone attack and publicly hang him or them….saving face is the goal.
  17. The statement added that "the security forces have started an investigation process and locate the launch site." Sounds like it’s time for our 2500 “Advisers” to go to work…..
  18. LMAO!!! and the kangaroo courts like this is why you have countries with dictators like Sadame Hussein. Their elections have turned into as much of a sham as ours has here in the USA….
  19. And just like that - 2500 American soldiers turn from a fighting machine into an advisor...wish I had a Forest Gump meme.
  20. I would think just the 3% of the oils sales that has been deducted from them each month would cover paying a lot of their debt. I don’t buy them starting a slush fund for future generations with that 3% as stated….
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