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  1. Did they ever pass the 2021 budget? I don’t think Iraq will ever go international. Their politicians are to weak to break away from Iranian influence, Maliki is behind all of this chaos like he is the PM so how do you expect Countries to invest in this environment. Things are starting to look like they were when Maliki was in office and not a damn thing is being done about it. This has been a failure from the start because the Bush administration put Maliki in office after the fall of Sadaam. He made an ass of everyone by building an alliance with Iran after the US and the International Coalition removed Sadaam from office. Every PM has been a puppet of Iran since then therefore handing Iraq to Iran on a silver platter. I never thought I would say this but the war was a failure. We did exactly what Sadaam was trying to prevent. All of the US lives were lost for nothing. Sadr will prove to be ineffective just like the rest of them. It will take a revolution to turn things around. The world is moving towards green energy so as time pass their oil will become less and less attractive..... what a waste!!
  2. Yep, business as usual and innocent people die because Maliki and Iran can’t get what they want and Iraqi officials are concerned with the US solders leaving .Really?? I blame all of the people in the GOI including Sadr and Alkhezimi for allowing Maliki to exist no to mention be part of the GOI when he is clearly an agent of Iran. Iraq is a failed state and will remain that way until they stand up to Iran and Slimaki... this is the same man the Bush Administration put in office after the fall of Sadaam and we haven’t gotten anywhere in 19 years!! Maliki does whatever in the hell he wants... if Sadr had any balls he would order a drone strike on Maliki and let the chips fall where they may. Face it guys, we may never see a RV and I said this months ago. No international company in their right mind will invest in this environment and that is exactly what Iran wants. They want complete control of Iraq and they are gonna get it. This whole invasion of Iraq has been a failure and it handed Iraq to Iran on a silver platter.Biden is not going to do a damn thing about it and Iran knows it!! It is gonna get worst! Mark my word!!
  3. I hopes Sadr stands firm against Slime-aki and Iran because as long as they have influence in Iraq there will be no RV.... Iran will make an attempt on Sadr”s life next, that’s how they roll when thing don’t go their way.
  4. Yeap Iran is on a rampage and if nothing is done we can kiss the RV goodbye!! No company in their right mind will step foot in Iraq and that is just the way Iran wants it. Sadr has talked a lot of game so let see if he will bow down to Iran or defend his people!! Maliki is behind it all and until he is removed Iran’s influence will keep them in the Stone Age.
  5. They ain’t gonna do s$&t ...the environment seem better and more promising before the last election.....
  6. Yea I hope they raise the exchange rate until the Country goes bankrupt or a revolution breaks out, that is the only thing that will stop these crooks!! Damn I wish I could steal some of it!! It is like a water faucet on max pressure!! When you add in forming a government with Sadr and Maliki involved, they will continue to steal with no end in sight!! By the way Dr Al Shabibi passed away a few days ago and he was the only person that had the Central Bank of Iraq on track!! Maliki ruined that too!! Smh!!
  7. I am a believe it when I see it kind of guy but one thing that stands out in this article that has never been mentioned in any other RV article is that they have paid Kuwiat!! I sure hope so!!!
  8. The guy that does “Rapid Updates” said his source that lives in Iraq stated that a meeting was held with some Iraqi Officials and Sadr at Malakis house. If this is true and I wouldn’t doubt it then we are screwed. Iran has been running this Country every since Sadaam was overthrown because the Bush Administration put Maliki in power and nothing has changed since then. No PM announced, No HCL, the budget for 2021 and 2022 hasn’t been passed and now Sadr has the largest block and he can’t be trusted. About a year ago the Pope was over there saying Iraq is ready for foreign investors to go in and a ton of MOU’s were signed but to no avail. These clowns have no intentions to RV anything and as long as they can steal from the auctions the dinar will never see the light of day. After all of these years they “devalued” the currency so what does that tell you. Wake up guys we have been duped!! It will take bankruptcy and a revolution before any change happens. There will be no progress made in Iraq because as long as Iran is pulling the strings no County will seriously invest in Iraq. The risk is too high. China will do it but not the US and this is exact what Iran wants. The US made a colossal “F” they should have left Sadaam in power..... even he said we would regret it and now I see what he is talking about. What a waste.
  9. Thanks Engine!! Ok here are some facts..HCL is not passed... the census hasn’t been taken... the GOI hasn’t been formed .....have they even announced who the new the auctions are just trotting along... so how in the hell are they gonna RV with that laundry list of things to do...?? All of these years I though they were out of chapter 7 or what ever in the hell it is..... “Thrill me with your acumen “!!!
  10. They are so determined for the US Solders to leave but haven’t said anything about Iran. If the RV is not part of Iraq exiting Chapter 7 then this is all talk.
  11. NMP2017 I believe you and these crooks will continue to rob the people through the auctions. Until they stop the auctions, pass the HCL, conduct the census and show some real growth these clowns have no intentions of increasing the exchange rate. There is no demand to make them do it so why would they. Iraq is a colossal “F” and has been for the last 18 years... same ole talk... only a revolution or bankruptcy will force them to do anything.....!!! (Bash)
  12. Thanks Engine!! Ok here are some facts..HCL is not passed... the census hasn’t been taken... the GOI hasn’t been formed .....have they even announced who the new the auctions are just trotting along... so how in the hell are they gonna RV with that laundry list of things to do...?? All of these years I though they were out of chapter 7 or what ever in the hell it is..... “Thrill me with your acumen “!!!
  13. January, February and March will be just like all other months....hype and can kicking!! I am trying to save you guys the embarrassment......(now let the bashing begin)
  14. No one wants to deal with a worthless dinar inside or outside of Iraq... Good!! I don’t blame them... the Iraqi people are tired of their Monopoly money games.... the dinar maybe strong but no one gives a damn about the strength of it until it has value....
  15. Thanks Engine!! I will hang around for a spell!! The replies on here are more exciting than what’s going on in Iraq!!
  16. Every year they tell and show us they are not going to RV and the never let us down. We are the ones reading into a RV that is not there. The auctions help the greedy and CBI. They could care less about purchasing power and somehow they are getting things down with out a RV.. ports.. schools etc. This is going to be another Vietnam. It benefits them to keep the exchange rate low so why rock the boat. And yes I have sold most of my dinar back... these clowns are marvelous crooks!!! You can call me negative if you want to but I am trying to save you guys the disappointment I have experienced dealing with these clowns....they will be here next year saying the same thing until another bomb goes off...what a waste!!
  17. They haven’t been telling us, they have been showing us by not increasing the exchange rate. Nothing is going to happen....we will be in this same situation this time next year....!!
  18. It didn’t say they will be using dinar for trade with Kuwait. I don’t see anything to get excited about until I can cash in but I don’t see that happening cause they are full of camel dung...
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