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  1. I agree with you Artitech and Spartakus!! this is horrible and I pray that non of our people get killed or harm. Enough is enough!!
  2. Why do some of you all allow politics and politicians to convince you that they give a damn about us? No, this is not Obama running the White House it is Biden. I hope that he is aggressive with Iran because they don't deserve any type of nuclear deal. They are the main cause of Iraq being in this position along with Maliki and the other corrupt Ministers. I have always said that if this Country falls it will not because of China, Russia etc....politics, racism, poverty, to name a few, will be the reason and our enemies will take advantage of the situation. We don't have to like or love each o
  3. If Iran did this then the International Coalition needs to come together and bomb the s$%t out of Iran. This is sooo sad!! They didn't waste time to test Biden at all....SMH! I have always said man is the devil and religion is a tool used to brain wash people. How can you let someone talk you into blowing yourself up. During the Iraq war these suicide bombers were high on opium because you have to be on another level to kill yourself while these fat slob Ministers sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. We all have been duped. There is no mutant coming out of the middle of the earth with
  4. I posted a few weeks ago this was going to happen. I feel sooo sorry for these people being brutally murdered over BS!! Poverty breeds crime and obviously these Ministers don't understand that. Whoever is behind this needs to be hung! One of the most cowardly acts is to kill innocent people. With all of the international assistance how in the hell did this happen. While some Iraqis are upset about solemoni being killed they need to worry about their own people. The Government is going to try to borrow money next mark my word. If Iran is behind this and it is a strong possibility they are, Iraq
  5. I believe what they are saying because they don't give a damn about their people as long as their pockets are full. I have come to believe that these people have no interest of joining the international community and at the end of the day they are only hurting themselves. NEWSFLASH IRAQ... THE WORLD IS MOVING AWAY FROM OIL gradually. The New World Order is promoting green energy so if they think the world is going to wait on them the are highly mistaken. I will admit I feel duped and ashamed that I told anybody I hold this currency. They hype up an Rv at the end of eve
  6. Search Modes All News Images Shopping Maps More Settings Tools About 8,090,000 results (0.48 seconds)
  7. Maliki is the cause of all of this!! this man sold his Country and People out to Iran. He is the one that needs to be assassinated!!
  8. And I have a feeling it would happen that way so I am stuck with it...I could sale half of it and it wouldn't hurt ....maybe that would speed things up!!
  9. I have a feeling they are going to do what they are known for which is to continue with this rate until the end of 2021 and start releasing articles towards the end of 2021 stating they are going to RV the dinar. Same s$%t different toilet. This past October there was article after article about giving the people purchasing power and they knew damn well it wasn't gonna happen. Now it is as quite as a rat pissing on cotton. I am slowly trying to stay away from this investment because I am mentally exhausted. You may think that I am being negative but hoping for a RV at this point is border line
  10. And what happened to the Economic White Paper Plan that was supposed to roll out on January 1st to save the economy. Something really bad is going to happen and Iraq will never emerge from the sand if this continues. People are starting to protest and soon ISIS will fill the vacuum. I know people don't want to hear this but what has happened in the last 13 years where anyone has benefited from Iraq except Iran and the corrupt ministers .Now the exchange rate has been reduced and for how long? No one has an idea and the question is what will happen in the mean time? They are not giving th
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