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  1. Christopher Columbus did not discover America, that is one of the oldest lies!! People were already here and not just Indians....Geesh. I am not a Muslim but what these people are doing is not Islam. Religion is for the sheep to stay in control and that is for all religions. The people with wealth and power don't give a damn about how you worship and that includes the Middle East and anywhere else. It is always about the money!! By the way, the Greeks broke the nose off of the Spinx to hide the true history of point is, humans have been at war and conquering each other for thousands of years. A lot of history in America has been hidden too. Our track record aint much better because this Country was founded on slavery and yes Arabs enslaved Africans too. It is all #$#%ed up either way you look at it..!! Rv the damn currency and call it a day!!! But I personally don't believe it is going to happen anytime soon. We are gonna go into 2022 with the same BS!! Mark my word!!
  2. Six months will pass and nothing will happened. These clowns have to get pass the elections first. They haven’t said who is running I hope it is Al khezemi.. and the last exchange rate adjustment occurred at the beginning of the year. I am not being negative but I am damn sure not gonna get my hopes up... JMO!!
  3. Dude, you can't script this stuff!! You know this election is going to be rigged!! If he runs and win you may as well re name Iraq as Iran, kiss your RV goodbye and call it day!! LOL!! Wow!!
  4. Artitech, I agree, we have been here for 10 plus years and it just the same ole talk and repost.... the only hope they have is Al-khdemi... he has done more than all of the other PM’s combine.... that’s the only reason I have a lil hope that this could happen. The question is how much longer. If he wins the elections I think we have a shot at it. I don’t get excited about it... I can understand about the newbies being excited... been there... done that....
  5. Let me save you guys the trouble. Don't get excited but this is good information. I will believe it when I cash it in...
  6. Yea, that’s the problem.... the near future! Is that another 18 years.... some old rehashed BS..... Next!
  7. Idiots. As bad as they want the US to leave why in the hell would you stall the process. Yes we should have never been there in the first place by why make matters worst. Maybe a bombing campaign will get their attention. These clowns have at least 4 trillion dollars of resources under that sand and don't have enough common sense to use it. Religion makes people stupid as hell! All religions!! Jesus is not returning, there will be no judgment day, Mohammad, Budda etc is not returning either. I believe God is the creator of all things and man is the one destroying it when there is enough for everyone. One in 5 stars in our galaxy has a planet that may support life and that is in our galaxy alone and their are trillions of other galaxies. My point is, God is being revealed through what he has created and we are not the only ones in this big ole Universe. So where does religion fit into this? It doesn't, it was all written down by man as a form of control and every religion is correct and your religion is wrong. How ridiculous does all of this sound. I thank God I have been de converted. If this fool blew him self up, it was because he was duped by religion and high on opium more than likely. So he is in heaven with 7 virgins getting his freak on. That sounds as about as ridiculous as meeting Jesus in the air on a cloud. Wake up people! We have been duped while the elite go all the way to the bank every time!!
  8. To bad Zaha Hadid passed away before its completion. She was very talented and well respected world wide. This is a good information, I wonder when it will be open for business. The question is will they fill it with worthless currency? Go Iraq ... go RV!!!
  9. The exchange rate is determined by the CBI but I wouldn’t put it pass these clowns. If they do they will only be hurting themselves and they remain where they are now..... no one will give a damn about Iraq eventually and their bs...
  10. I think this has to be address first before there is any kind of RV. The problem with Iraq is corruption and Iran. Iran is slowly trying to take over Iraq with it's militia and expand it's territory. Iraq can not go international when there is a high security risk and Iran poses a threat. Who ever controls Iraq controls the Middle East. In another article Al-Khedemi ask Biden for assistance with Iran because they are gradually taking over certain areas of Iraq. Another article stated that The US, Britian and Israel plan to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, Isis strong holds in Iran, Syria and Iraq. I don't condone violence but just 2 weeks ago Iran (I believe) was responsible for a suicide bomb that killed 35 Iraqi's, they ignited an IED on a road that an International Convoy was traveling on, they destroyed energy towers and they have been lobbing missiles in the green zone at the American embassy. Iran is a threat to the sovereignty of Iraq and until they are compromised I don't think we will see a RV. Also, Also, Al-Khedemi has to win the elections and form the Government and all of that crap. Just my speculation, I think we have a ways to go but a lot of progress has been made since Al-Khedemi has been in office and I hope it continues.
  11. Let me get this straight, the other day Iran blew up some of the power lines in Iraq and now they want to suspend the electricity to them because of "Internal reasons". If Iraq doesn't see these clowns are in it for themselves and they want complete control of Iraq they are brain washed!! No maybe Iraq will use their own resources and let GE build their grid for them....
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