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  1. "Failure is an option" you couldn't have said it any better than that! Not including the corruption investigation at the Central Bank. I remember several months ago they gave the Governor of the CBI an award for maintaining the exchange rate of the IQD and now there is an investigation because $7 Billion is missing.....Really?? Oh "we are about to introduce the lower denoms and educate the Iraq People on how to exchange them". That was just a month ago and now this. SMH! Trillions were spent and nothing fruitful has manifested for the citizens in Iraq or the US. Not including the lives lost on both sides, injuries and PTSD's etc. I have a feeling they are going to extend this out until the end of 2020. I hope I am wrong but I have been involved in this for a while and this is business as usual.
  2. I am giving up...If a government is not formed chaos will take it's place. There hasn't been any bombings like in the past and these guys have had plenty of time to get their sh$%t together. I am starting to believe they do not care anything about the Iraq people or the currency. Nothing positive will manifest from Parliament or any of their Ministers and as long as Maliki is around there will always be corruption. I see why Kurdistan wants to be independent of them...I guess I will check back in 6 months and it will be the same **** and I thought our politicians were long as they have USD to spend and keep getting loans why worry about the HCl and a RV...
  3. Hey guys, can anyone answer this question......once the new notes are released in Iraq, (redenomination) will the $10,000 , $25,000, $5,000 notes that we have be horned for the same value as the smaller notes if the value of the Dinar is increased? (RV)...
  4. GreedyDinar07

    Delete three zeros from the currency question?

    By the way I am not a newbie....I have ben around since 2007...this is my first post...Thanks!!
  5. Hey guys, can anyone answer this question......once the new notes are released in Iraq, (redenomination) will the $10,000 , $25,000, $5,000 notes that we have be horned for the same value as the smaller notes if the value of the Dinar is increased? (RV)...
  6. GreedyDinar07

    Anti American Protests in Bagdad

    Also, the ministers will not be voting on the oil law anytime soon! This is all a mess. All religion is man made and anything man made is suspect..I believe that a person should be able to worship God they want they want to...Your relationship with God is your business! I believe the guy who made the movie should be held accountable for the Americans who lost their lives as well as the idiots that killed him..All of you newbies be patient..I am loosing confidence in Iraq and begining to look at things for what they really are!
  7. GreedyDinar07

    Chapter VII

    I am not going to get my hopes up. I must agree there is a lot going on with the U.S. delegation visiting Iraq, Maliki "claiming" he will name the Security and Interior Ministers, the Financial Conference next week etc..but I still don't think anything will happen in 2013..I have been on this merry-go-round for a while and they always make promises but never deliver. I am going to continue to buy though..just $250,000 a month to add to what I have until something blows! I am hoping for 2013 like everyone else though...But hey who am I...I am just Greedy!!! GO RV!!....By the way, do you goes honestly think the UN will released Iraq with Maliki being in office? I don't...But I hope I am wrong... I just joined but I have been involved since 2007 and counting....I have been reading the articles and comments and observiing. You know, more like reconnaissance work that the U.S. use those drons for (among other things)...I want one! Maybe I will buy one when the RV hits! I will have to settle for my remote control helicopter for now. It is a start though! GO..RV!!
  8. And one more thing....Do you guys think the UN will remove the Sanctions with that clown maliki in office? (I was suppose to be staying away for a while....right) this is addictive!!
  9. (this maybe old info) But you guys should go to YouTube and type in "Kurdistan Mall" there is a guy standing out side of the mall talking in the camera with a hat on..You wouldn't believe it is Iraq..You would think that the Maliki would want what is best for his people but Iran is in his ear! Why would he listen to the "Shaw" (if I spelled that right) and "Aukmadenajod (I know I didn't spell that right) when Iran has nothing to offer!! Money, Powere and Greedy is a bogabear!!
  10. Hey Guys..I am not a newbie, I have been invested since 07....I am not gonna get my hopes up because I have been hearing "the begining of the year" for some time. Without the Oil law,Erbil and the Government seated I believe we might be waiting a lil longer...I believe politicans are as bad as terrorist!! AC stated to me that if it doesn't happen at the begining of 2013 then we will have to wait another year because the release of the small notes will act in concert with the 2013 budget.So if it doesn't happen at the begining of the year it won't happen til 2014. I believe AC is a reliable source and has been in Iraq since 03...check out his post "another site Iraq" ..Since I have been involved and reading DinarVets since 07,AC has been on point...We can always come to our own conclusion though..We can only hope! There is also an informative video on his site "Iraq Petroleum 2012" Tony Hayword former CEO of BP is speaking..This was held in London earlier this year..the video said Iraq politics is holding back overseas investments and they NEED an oil law...When Maliki "stole" ther elections from Allawi a few years ago, I had a feeling this would happen. Did you notice his body lanuage when he was on the White House lawn earlier this year standing beside President Obama? Something is not right with that dude! I believe there is a chance it will happen in 2013, we will have to wait and see..I have read "somewhere" that this is a 10 year investment so 2013 will be the year...but don't qoute me on that..I am speculating..Only time will tell..I am gonna step away for a month or two because these guys are giving me a headache!!!

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