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  1. Carrello I agree 100 percent!!! Even the top brass at the Pentagon was caught by surprise. He made an impulsive decision and it will only benefit Russia and Iran...Why in the hell would he allow the Kurds to be slaughtered...if this happens you can kiss Iraq good bye...Iran is already controlling the GOI and trying to take over the Iraq Military. Protestors burned down Maliki's office the other day. If those isis prisoners are released they are going to raise hell in the Middle East.....We have bases all over the world....why this one??? Putin told him to do it!!
  2. What a loser...these guys only care about themselves. I met an Iranian Woman working at Walmart and I asked her what it is like there and she didn't have anything positive to say about their Government. Mahdi is a sore loser and is an extension of Maliki. I agree with you Senior Member. Why is it so hard to do what is in the best interest of your own People and Economy FIRST instead of letting Iran dictate your affairs. I need to stay away until this clown is out of office. I see why Sadaam overthrew the Shitte leaders.
  3. Aritiech...I am going to look for that documentary but Obama and Biden had no other choice but to pull the US Troops out because the Prime Minister at that time didn't want to give the US Troops immunity to the Iraqi Laws and guess who the PM was at that time.....MALIKI! The SOFa Agreement was drawn up by Bush but Maliki didn't stick to the agreement. Can you imagine what it would have been like if our Troops would have stayed there and been condemn by an Iraq court if they broke the law! Hell no he did the right thing and any other President would have done the same! Maliki is the problem and always have been!!
  4. Yea this is not good...Iraq is really holding on to Iran for some reason.( Maybe it is because Iran has infiltrated their Government) there is about to be an ugly war in the Middle East all because of these losers. Iraq could be the next Dubai but they want to be loyal to a regime that cares nothing about them or their people. Hell, thy don't even give a d#$mn about their own people...SMH ..this is insane!!
  5. it is obvious that Iraq is loyal to Iran so if we are waiting on Iraq to distance themselves from Iran before an RV, we are going to be waiting a long time. I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling there will be a war in the middle east and it won't be pretty! Go RV!!
  6. Correct me if I am wrong but how are they going to RV with all of the political corruption and the G.O.I not being seated...Iran is a real problem and they threated the speaker of the house Holubisi. Did you guys see the car bomb that exploded in Kurdistan yesterday killing six people. I am not being negative guys but will someone please shed some light on the recent actions? their Government is the worst!!
  7. List of “names” of Iranian banks and companies .. put by America in front of “Iraq” to stop dealing “immediate” with .. Otherwise ..! List of “names” of Iranian banks and companies .. put by America in front of “Iraq” to stop dealing “immediate” with .. Otherwise ..! Friday, May 24, 2019 at 12:17 pm Baghdad / Sky Press WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US Treasury Secretary Marshall Billingsley has confirmed that his country is presenting a list of Iranian companies and banks to the ethnic government to stop dealing with it immediately because it is circumventing US sanctions using strong ties to Iraq, local media reported. These are the American orders to Baghdad, which aims to ensure that the dollar does not infiltrate from Iraq to Iran. In order for Washington to confirm to Baghdad that it has the full facts, the American official presented a list of Iranian companies and banks operating in Iraq with high investments and involved in large dollar transfers drawn directly from the Iraqi market to Iran . Washington hinted through the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury to the possibility of imposing harsh sanctions on Baghdad if it continued to refuse to stop the activities of the Iranian banned, especially as it eventually cause a complete collapse of the Iraqi currency in exchange for the recovery of the Iranian currency. ..Well, here is the pink elephant in the room...It is unbelievable that the GOI is letting Iran take over their Country and Central Bank! !!! these guys are pathetic!!
  8. No Navira I am going to keep the majority of it...I will trade a lil over a million and I think I have time to buy it back if I need to. At least I can still exchange the currency for USD...only time will tell with these clowns....
  9. This is what happens as a result of the GOI putting Iran first before their own people....whatever happens they deserve it....!! No Rv anytime soon...Madhi is a damn idiot and so is Al Sadr for choosing him as the PM..Iran has nothing to offer them and they will find out the hard way...I am trading some of my Dinar back so it won't be a total loss...SMH..
  10. That's true Jake....this is a real mess and the Government hasn't been formed. The GOI is spineless and so loyal to Iran at the expense of their own people....I don't think anything will happen until Mahdi is voted out. If they ever stop the auctions there maybe some kind of change and hell no we are not going to war with Iran for the sake of Iraq..
  11. Well they want to do business with Iran and this is the outcome....
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