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  1. If Iraq don't get their act together and go international this will be an everyday thing. Poverty breeds crime!
  2. Horsesoldier I agree with your point!! I don't see how it will add up either. I hate to say it but I think they are serious about keeping the rate at 1450. Does this make sense to me? Hell no! I hope I am wrong! But they have a track record of not getting things done.
  3. 10-4 Laidback..I don't believe it is "IF" I believe it is "When" ...for those of us that have been here for a while we are just exhausted and ready for this to be over....Laidback everything you said make sense!!
  4. SONIA1, none of us know what the rate will be or when this will happen. It was probably was some guru non sense.
  5. I agree Dretown....but this is Iraq we are dealing with...
  6. It is articles like these that make me think that we are within months of this thing happening. The question is will they wait until foreign investments start boosting the economy before they RV or will they RV and then allow everything to fall in place. I visited Sweden for two weeks back in the late 90's (It's a very beautiful Country and the women a beautiful as well) and the first thing I had to do was convert my USD to the Swedish Krona. I think it was like .33 per one dollar back then. My point is, when the tourist convert their currency to the dinar they will need a wheel barrel to carr
  7. Yes Sir New York Kevin! You know how they do it in Iraq. I think the people will have to raise hell first and then we might see something happen!! I am going to stay positive until then!! But "SOON" is always in the back of my mind!! And where is this big CURRENCY RESET that was suppose to happen this year. The elite/one percent really know how to hold the wealth from the masses!! We will see! Go Iraq!! Go RV!!
  8. One thing for sure, they are consistent about letting us know there will be no change in the current exchange rate, it will be changed back to the 1190 previous rate, or reduced to 1500. This is Iraq and I don't know if he is pulling our leg or telling the truth. One thing for sure, inflation will rise and the people will eventually start raising hell. They will remain where they are internationally and no one will take them seriously. Everything else is pointing towards a Rv but of course they will never tell us they will revalue the money. We will see here in a minute. I am going to give it
  9. Right! This day will come and go just like the rest of them, but I still think we are close but I don't know how close!!
  10. Right! This day will come and go just like the rest of them, but I still think we are close but I don't know how close!!
  11. Oh boy, here comes all of the Rv comments! They are going to get us all excited again!
  12. This is awesome news!! I want to see how far they have come with the New CBI Building! I wish I could have ear hustled in on that conversation. Keep the good news coming. I hope they are getting that big ole beautiful building ready to deposit those highly valued dinars because 1450 aint gonna cut it!! He said the rise in the Central Bank reserves are remarkable, I hope the exchange rate is remarkable too!! Go Iraq!! Go RV!!
  13. Who said they are not going to run for a 2nd term....Al-Khademi? He has only been in office for less than a year. Where is the article on that.
  14. I didn't know Al-Khedemi was in Washington...Where is the fanfare video? I like those videos!!! They are so encouraging!! I didn't see anything on the news...was it virtual?
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