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Protesters are flocking to organize the biggest protest in years

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Video .. Protesters inside the Green Zone


25-10-2019 01:56 AM
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Orbit Agency -

Video .. Protesters inside the Green Zone


To watch the video click here 

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BAGHDAD - Iraqi political sources revealed plans by armed factions loyal to Iran, active within the Popular Mobilization Forces, to involve its members in the ranks of protesters, in the demonstrations hoped to launch in Iraqi cities, Friday.

Iraqi intelligence sources told the Arab correspondent in Baghdad that Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Al-Nujaba and Hezbollah battalions, all Iraqi militias loyal to Iran, directed its members to take to the streets of protest and mingle with protesters.

The sources told “Arabs” that “these moves seek to achieve several objectives, the first is espionage and know the mood of the popular movement and influence it; The possibility of striking demonstrations from within if necessary. ”

Baghdad appeared worried and alert, hours before the scheduled date for a new round of demonstrations, on Friday, to complement the demonstrations witnessed in Iraqi cities early this month and suppressed by security forces, killing dozens of peaceful demonstrators.

This comes at a time when Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, director of his office Abu Jihad al-Hashemi, was cleared of repression of popular protests early this month.

The media and political sources have revealed the key role played by al-Hashemi in suppressing the demonstrators because of its proximity to the decision-making center in Baghdad and its close relationship with the commander of the Iranian Qods Force Qasem Soleimani.

Hashemi is the head of the prime minister's office, a ministerial post under Iraqi law, and has broad powers.

Hashemi belongs to the Supreme Islamic Council, which was founded in Tehran in the eighties of the last century, and was a member of the Badr Brigade, the military wing of the Council, which fought with the ranks of the Iranian army in the war against Iraq.

The tension in the Iraqi capital increased with the approach of the demonstrations, where the security forces are busy organizing their ranks and distribution of elements in various locations, and the population is interested in buying food and storage, in anticipation of the declaration of curfew, as happened during the first wave of demonstrations in early October.

In a bid to reassure Baghdad's fearful population, the National Security Council, a special formation that includes the prime minister as commander-in-chief, the interior and defense ministers, the Popular Mobilization, Intelligence and National Security chiefs, and some of the most prominent generals, held a meeting on Wednesday evening to affirm the “right to express legitimate demands. The security forces shall protect the demonstrators and public and private property, and not allow the demonstrations to be diverted from their peaceful path, and call for cooperation in order to maintain security and stability. "

The correspondent of the "Arabs" in Baghdad that the small coordination committees and many urging demonstrators from across the Iraqi capital to carry tents and mattress to sleep and go to the nearest public square, in preparation for a sit-in, until the realization of the demand to overthrow the political system, while activists said teachers plan to launch a strike in Public schools coincide with the second wave of demonstrations.

Commenting on the Sadr movement and its leader Moqtada al-Sadr on the line of demonstrations and declared support, observers warned of "the process of handing over and receiving the sectarian rule, from the group of state factions close to Iran to the Sadrists, ie the building coalition led by Hadi al-Amiri to reform led by Sadr after the October 25 demonstrations." .

Goals of militia movements

Those close to these pro-Iranian armed factions promoted news of a "last chance", given to Adel Abdul Mahdi.

They said that close to Sadr and al-Amiri met in Baghdad on Wednesday, and reached an agreement under which give the government of Mahdi several months to implement a radical reform program.

They added that this agreement ended in the organization of a "peaceful march", on Friday, to bear public slogans concerning the need to hold the corrupt and reform the situation.

Although Muqtada al-Sadr publicly pledged that he would act if repeated government attacks on protesters, the coordination of the demonstrations took these developments with suspicion. The main locations specified for the pool.

On Thursday, Sadr called on Iraqi President Barham Salih and the Saraya al-Salam forces to intervene to spread peace in the event of demonstrators being assaulted during the popular demonstrations that will start on Friday in Baghdad and the provinces.

The Iraqi writer Mohammed Ghazi Al-Akhras, the options associated with the demonstrations of the twenty-fifth of October in Iraq, pointing out that "there are those who talk, for example, about changing the prime minister or the replacement of the whole staff with the three presidencies and cabinet." "In parallel with this, there are those who talk about the crisis as an event or a series of events linked to external and internal equations," he pointed out that "there are those who talk about ideas demanding the change of the entire political system, the Constitution and the electoral law and the logic of political representation, and even the type of political beliefs Actors, from political Islam to counterfeit liberalism. ”

He added, "I am inclined to this kind of abuse," saying that "the subject is greater than Nuri al-Maliki or Abdul-Mahdi or Muqtada al-Sadr or Sistani (...) The subject concerns ideas, logic or the system that has been going on our political life since 2005, that is, since the adoption The constitution and the first elections were established for our distorted political system. ”

"Is it possible to change in this sense?" Al-Akhras asked, answering, "Yes, it can, but it is more like a complex surgical procedure.

In the meantime, political sources said that the Shiite political forces are trading three names to succeed Abdul-Mahdi at the head of the government, in case they realized that they should sacrifice him to calm the protesters.

The sources revealed that the most likely candidate to succeed Abdul Mahdi is the Minister of Education in the current government Qusay al-Suhail, adding that the second candidate is the former governor of Najaf, and deputy for the Alliance of victory, Adnan Zarfi, while noting that the third candidate in the list of replacements Abdul Mahdi is the governor of Basra Asaad al-Aydani .

The Arabs

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said he would reshuffle his cabinet next week, and announced other measures amid anticipation of mass demonstrations on Friday.

In a speech delivered tonight, Abdul-Mahdi announced that next week will see a government reshuffle not based on the rules of sectarian quotas, in addition to cutting the salaries of some grades in half.

The salary cuts include heads of state, government and the House of Representatives, special grades and undersecretaries up to the fourth degree.

The Iraqi prime minister said the new amendment will focus on competencies, and vowed to form a court to address corruption and disclose the influx of officials' funds through the settlement of salaries, the formation of a reconstruction council, the enactment of an oil and gas law and the formation of the Federal Service Council.

He added that the law of parties will be immediately implemented and pledged to enact new legislation that does not allow armed groups to form parties. "The election law will be amended and the High Electoral Commission will be reconstituted," he said.

On the other hand, Abdul Mahdi stressed that the demonstrators must obtain a license from the Ministry of Interior to protect them and not disrupt the lives of citizens.

He considered that calls to overthrow the government and early elections are legitimate, but on condition that they are in accordance with the Constitution. He said the government's resignation without a constitutional alternative meant leaving the country to chaos.

The Iraqi prime minister said his government was working to protect protesters and public and private property.

"We are facing a systemic crisis, and the Iraqi people have realized it.

He added, "We have to build a modern state, a state of citizens, not a responsible state.

Renewed protests
The speech comes after the resumption of anti-government demonstrations on Thursday evening and the launch of calls to take to the streets on Friday.

In Baghdad's Tahrir Square, hundreds of demonstrators gathered to shout "all thieves," referring to the political class. Demonstrators in the capital also carried Iraqi flags, and some chanted "Free Baghdad, Iran by land."

Interior Minister Yassin al-Yassiri went to Tahrir Square on Thursday evening to assure protesters that security forces were deployed to "protect them," authorities said.

In the city of Nasiriyah (300 km south of Baghdad), demonstrators called for "sit-ins until the fall of the regime."

It is noteworthy that this month's demonstrations were marred by violence that killed more than 150 people, according to an official toll.

Source: Al Jazeera

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Al-Ahd News publishes the most important speech of the Prime Minister regarding reform measures, especially salaries of special grades

Al-Ahd News publishes the most important speech of the Prime Minister regarding reform measures, especially salaries of special grades

Ahd News - Continue

- After the victory over ISIS, the Iraqi state had to realize the changing political equations, which the people realized.

- Preserving the sovereignty of the country comes from respecting the freedom of the people.

- The main task is to ensure freedoms, security and services.

- We are facing a system crisis not realized by political forces or state forces, but realized by the people.

- We will work on a set of steps are the ministerial amendments away from the concepts of quotas.

- Allocation of funds derived from the reduction of salaries to serve the people.

- Government stresses the importance of the Supreme Judiciary to form the Supreme Court to combat corruption and open its files to the public.

- The government will work with the parliament to legislate the law "Where do you get this", stressing the importance of localization of salaries.

- The four presidencies signed a list in response to the orders of reference and will be announced soon.

- Funds from salary cuts will be allocated in addition to the establishment of a fund and social security to get any Iraqi out of the poverty line.

- The government supported the decision of the House of Representatives to freeze the work of the provincial councils.

- We will support the role of youth to lead the community and enable them to set up small projects.

- We will present a new amendment to the electoral law and review the Commission.

- We will present the Federal Service Council`1 candidates next week.

- Next week we will introduce the ministerial amendments and work to hold the corrupt senior.

- Emphasis on constitutional principles, including the enactment of the Freedom Act.

- We are working on ministerial amendments away from quotas and focus on competencies, youth and women.

- Open corruption files clearly and before the public opinion, especially those that affect the theft of funds for vital projects.

- Consult with the various authorities for reforms in the structures of the judiciary.

- Re-study the investment law and the partnership between the public and private sectors.

- Studying the constitutional amendments required by committees specialized in constitutional law for referendum.

- We are working to reduce the legal age to run for elections to give young people a chance.

- The government supported the decision of the House of Representatives to freeze the work of the offices of inspectors in the ministries.

- Take action in demanding the international community and the United Nations to support the stability of Iraq.

- We will work on the absence of any weapons outside the state.

- We will work on the absence of any weapons outside the state.

- Activation of industrial and agricultural activities and support of local product.

- Prime Minister announces the reduction of salaries for some grades by half.

- Prime Minister says that the law of parties will be immediately applied.

- Prime Minister promises to legislate a law on parties does not allow armed groups to form parties.

- Protesters must obtain a license from the Ministry of Interior to protect them and not disrupt the lives of citizens.

- We will call for a regional conference for neighboring countries aimed at removing Iraq from conflicts and calming the situation in the region.

- Supporting low-income graduates and implementing the law of parties.

- The government supported the decision to freeze the work of the provincial councils.

- We will work to apply the logo of oil and gas belongs to the Iraqi people.

- Studying the amendment of the constitution to address the gaps in it, including reducing the number of members of parliament

- Abdul-Mahdi wondering about the fate of the committees to investigate the fall of Mosul and demonstrations in 2016 and other issues.

- Abdul-Mahdi: Most of the investigative committees ended without results or accountability to the negligent.

- Some parties denounced the procedures of referral to the courts and this reflects the misunderstanding.

- There are those who hold the government accountable in light of its old wrong culture.

- Calling for early elections is a legitimate and unequivocal right that we are proud of for our future and the future of our future generations.

- Some people with totalitarian mentality believe that the resignations are from a position of weakness.

- Presidency of the Republic and the government prepared a joint project to form a reconstruction council.

- Some believe that my previous resignations start from a position of weakness.

- The resignation of the current government without providing a constitutional alternative means going to chaos.

- The decisions taken against personalities is not an accusation but an opportunity for them to prove their innocence.

- The current government is the first government to prepare a government platform that allows it to monitor its institutions.

- We must work according to sound programs to advance Iraq on the basis of correct.

- Calls for the overthrow of the government and the holding of legitimate early elections provided that they are in accordance with the Constitution.

- Demonstrations are a guaranteed right as long as they will not disrupt public life.

- October 25 will be the day of Iraqi unity.

- Some exploit events not for political purposes but to raise prices and monopoly.

- We have issued strict orders to release all detainees in the demonstrations except those who committed crimes.

- The Interior warned against the arrest of any demonstrators.

Finished ...

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Release date:: 2019/10/25 0:48 • 1098 times read
Abdul Mahdi's speech to the Iraqi people on the eve of Friday demonstrations
Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi addressed the Iraqi people late on Thursday night and on the eve of popular demonstrations scheduled for Friday.
Abdul - Mahdi: We are in front of the system was not aware of the political forces crisis
Abdul - Mahdi: The primary mission is to ensure the highest level of freedoms, security and employment opportunities
Abdul - Mahdi: We will conduct ministerial changes away from quotas next week ,
Abdul - Mahdi stresses reduce the salaries of officials to half and give them to the people
, ministers, deputies and special grades agents and schools two years
Abdul - Mahdi: We will give candidates the federal service to parliament next week ,
Abdul - Mahdi: the cabinet will bring his proposal to the parliament to amend the provincial elections law and parliament
Abdul - Mahdi: We seek to form a new Commission elections are independent
Mahdi must: the application of the law of parties and to prevent armed groups from party work and participate in the elections
Abdul Mahdi: the subordination of all oil exports , including in the region 's oil - policy
Abdul Mahdi: granting every Iraqi does not have an income 130 thousand dinars per month
Abdul Mahdi: convening a regional conference includes Iraq's neighboring countries to prevent the threat of war in the region
Abdul Mahdi: No demonstrations without the approval of the Interior Ministry
Abdul Mahdi: Agreement to codify all offices of the three presidencies and make it less expensive
Abdul Mahdi: Commission of inquiry is not an executive but to diagnose the events of demonstrations
Abdul Mahdi defends the investigative events of demonstrations and confirms: accept objection
Abdul Mahdi: cut the nomination election age and win the highest votes
Abdul Mahdi: senior officers exemption does not mean out of service and otherwise misunderstanding
Abdul - Mahdi: government Supported Parliament's decision to freeze the work of the provincial councils
Abdul Mahdi: call for early elections is a constitutional and unequivocal right and
will be pleased according to the Constitution, either pressure and portrayal of people this is
Abdul - Mahdi refused to resign and is the early elections as "adventure"
Abdul - Mahdi: the government 's resignation means going to the chaos and against reform
Abdul Mahdi criticizes Abadi "implicitly" and Tvak victory over Daesh
Abdul Mahdi attacked the previous government and loaded large debts on Iraq
Abdul - Mahdi: Some take advantage of events to raise prices We will hold them accountable by law
Abdul Mahdi: We directed to release all detained demonstrators and not to pursue the media
Abdul Mahdi: The armed forces thrown demonstrations a big mistake and replaced them with law enforcement forces ..

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US embassy in Baghdad issues alerts on Friday demonstrations

Political | 01:26 - 25/10/2019




BAGHDAD - Mawazine News 

The US embassy in Baghdad on Friday called on its citizens not to travel to Iraq and urged those inside the country to avoid demonstrations, comply with instructions from the authorities and monitor local media for new news.

"US citizens may see an extensive police presence as in previous demonstrations, and roads are likely to be closed in all major cities, including the international area of Baghdad," the embassy said in a statement.

is over

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Source .. Tahrir Square protesters sit near the outer courtyard of the parliament

Security | 03:28 - 25/10/2019




BAGHDAD - Mawazine News 

A Green Zone source said on Friday that the protesters of Tahrir Square staged a sit-in near the outside courtyard of parliament. 
The source told (Mawazine News), that the demonstrators entered the gate of the palace in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and went to the House of Representatives and organized a sit-in nearby.
He added that the security forces did not prevent the demonstrators from entering the Green Zone.

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Date:: 2019/10/25 0:18 • 94 read times • Published in section: Political News
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:16 • 72 times read • Published in section: Political News
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:14 • Updated:: 2019/10/25 0:29 • 96 read times • Published in section: Political News
Abdul Mahdi: Next week we will make ministerial adjustments away from quotas
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:42 • 89 read times • Published in section: Political News
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:38 • 232 read times • Published in section: Political News
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:35 • 86 read times • Published in Category: Political News
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:34 • 133 times read • Published in section: Political News
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:31 • Updated:: 2019/10/25 0:34 • 97 read times • Published in section: Political News
Abdul Mahdi: The government supported the parliament's decision to freeze the work of the provincial councils
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:24 • 95 read times • Published in section: Political News
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:21 • 169 reads • Published in section: Political News
Date:: 2019/10/25 0:19 • Updated:: 2019/10/25 0:31 • 104 read times • Published in section: Political News
Abdul Mahdi: the application of the law of parties and the prevention of armed groups from party work and participation in elections

Urgent Abdel Mahdi: We are facing a crisis of a regime that political forces did not realize

Date:: 2019/10/25 0:12 • Updated:: 2019/10/25 0:27 • 119 read times • Published in section: Political News
Abdul-Mahdi: We are facing a system crisis that political forces did not realize

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October 25, 2019
Demonstrators in Tahrir Square Thursday

Demonstrators in Tahrir Square Thursday

Iraqi security forces used water cannons to disperse protesters at the entrance to the Green Zone in central Baghdad, which houses official and diplomatic headquarters.

Loud explosions were heard, probably tear gas, in central Baghdad.

The protesters began to gather on Thursday in the squares, as observers expected a demonstration "million" on Friday will not succeed the government measures delayed in stopping them.

To coincide with the evening demonstrations, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi issued a decree restoring all contracts with the Ministry of Defense, Interior, Counter-Terrorism and Popular Mobilization.



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Iraqi PM warns against violence on eve on planned anti-government protests

Highlighting proposed reforms in speech
Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi speaks during a symbolic funeral ceremony of Major General Ali al-Lami, who commands the Iraqi Federal Police's Fourth Division, who was killed in Salahuddin, in Baghdad, Iraq October 23, 2019. REUTERS/Khalid al-Mousily

18 minutes ago

SULAIMANI — Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi said on Thursday (October 24) people would be free to exercise their right to demonstrate at imminent anti-government protests, but warned violence would not be tolerated.

Protesters had begun to gather in public squares in Baghdad and southern provinces as Abdul Mahdi made his televised address, ahead of officially sanctioned protests on Friday, according to Reuters.

Abdul Mahdi has struggled to address discontent since sometimes violent unrest erupted in Baghdad on Oct. 1, spreading to southern cities. Demonstrators blame corrupt officials and political elites for failing to improve their lives.

Despite the OPEC member’s vast oil wealth, many Iraqis live in poverty, have limited access to clean water, electricity, basic healthcare or decent education as the country tries to recover from years of conflict and economic hardship.

Abdul Mahdi stressed in Thursday’s address that a government collapse would drag Iraq into further turmoil.

“The resignation of the government today without a constitutional alternative, will lead the country into chaos,” he said.

He reiterated reforms announced in the aftermath of the protests, including a cabinet reshuffle, job opportunities for unemployed youth and the establishment of a new court to try corrupt officials.

The premier also announced that government salaries, including for top officials, would be gradually halved, with funds redirected to a social security fund for the country’s poorest.

A government committee established by Abdul Mahdi reported on Monday that 149 civilians were killed because security forces used excessive force and live fire to quell protests earlier this month. The committee recommended the dismissal and trial of dozens of senior security commanders.

(NRT Digital Media/Reuters)

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Hundreds flock to Tahrir Square and raise the demands ceiling

Political 08:32 - 25/10/2019




Special - Mawazine News
Hundreds of citizens arrived on Friday morning in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to participate in the 25th of October to protest against the deterioration of services, the spread of corruption, high unemployment and the failure to hold corrupt people accountable.
The correspondent / Mawazine News /, "Hundreds of citizens have flocked since the early morning hours of Friday, towards the Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, to participate in the demonstrations."
Our correspondent added, "Liberation has been packed with demonstrators since Thursday night, anticipating the date of the demonstrations scheduled to start Friday noon."
He explained, "The most prominent new demands, according to the demonstrators, dissolve parliament and change the government, the holding of early elections under the auspices of the United Nations, and the dismissal of the government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi." Ends 29/6 N

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Urgent First official toll of victims of today's demonstrations  2019/10/25


The first official toll of victims of today's demonstrations


BAGHDAD: The Office of Human Rights, the first official statistics of the victims of the popular demonstrations witnessed in the capital Baghdad and the provinces on Friday 25/10/2019.


A statement issued by the Commission received a copy of the agency (Euphrates News) that it "documented through its observation teams the fall of one martyr in the city of medicine and wounded {227} wounded, including {224} wounded in Baghdad and three wounded in the province of Muthanna as a result of the use of tear gas and sound bombs and hot water During clashes between demonstrators and security forces when they tried to enter the Green Zone. "


He added, "The Commission also documented the injury of the correspondent of the channel (Alsumaria) and the German television cadre.


"It also confirms that the monitoring and complaints teams of the Commission are located in the yards of protest and demonstrations and in hospitals and health centers."


The Commission on Human Rights "it is ready to receive complaints about all violations and all citizens, and our Office did not monitor the presence of cases of injury or assault on property or demonstrators in the rest of the provinces and the situation so far is going well."

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The first martyr in the October 25 demonstrations and Amnesty International accuses the Iraqi authorities of deception

 Friday 25 October 2019



Baghdad - Writings

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraq's protests on October 25, 2019 saw the fall of the first martyr among protesters through the intervention of disgruntled elements who stabbed him with a "knife" during his chants against Iran.

Amnesty International said in a brief statement on its social media page that reports from its correspondents and activists had arrived at noon on Friday 25 October 2019 about Iraqi security forces launching massive quantities of tear gas and live ammunition in the capital Baghdad. Two demonstrators who have flocked to Tahrir Square have been killed from various areas in protest against corruption and the domination of Iran and in revenge for the martyrs of the October uprising.

Amnesty International renewed its call on the Iraqi authorities not to disappoint the Iraqis after all their promises not to be protested and to protect freedom of expression and assembly.

%D8%AA%D8%B8%D8%A7%D9%87%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8% %D8%AA%D8%B8%D8%A7%D9%87%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8% %D8%AA%D8%B8%D8%A7%D9%87%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%



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