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Adam Montana Weekly 14 September 2016

Adam Montana

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Hey hey it's WEDNESDAY!

Not much to report today in Iraqi news or Dinar progress, but 
I kind of expected that. Like I said a few weeks ago, I'm leaning 
on October to be a big month in our news.

My primary reason for not expecting much out of this week is 
their last long holiday of the year, Eid-al-Fitr. Just an FYI for you 
all, here is a link that lays out the current holiday dates and also 
what to expect for the rest of the year: 

As you can see, Eid-al-Fitr goes till Friday this week, and then we 
don't have any more long holidays in the immediate future... which
hopefully means they will be getting some WORK done.

Let's go, Iraq! Enjoy this week and then GET BUSY!

Here's some encouraging October highlights:

World Economic Summit in Dubai, October 11 - I'd love to see Iraq 
shake this one up!

IMF to resume discussions with Iraq in October: 

There's more, but let's move along... US politics have been entertaining, 
don't you think?! 

First Hillary apparently died and has been replaced by a body double... 
have you heard about this?! This is straight out of a sci-fi movie! 

Those spoiled rotten Trump kids are getting away with KILLING TRICERATOPS!

I'm disgusted at their elitism, their disregard for innocent lives, and everything 
else the RICH do! UGH!

And of course, the dead guy who won an election in New York:






1. Just to clarify things again. I thought an HCL law passage was or is not a factor into any implementation of an RV.

2. In your opinion, do you feel that in this end 1/4 of October Iraq will pull the RV trigger or do you feel it will be in 2017?  I'm in the camp of 2017.

3. Do you think most of will actually live long enough to see an actual RV? :)


1. It's not "mandatory", but I place it high in my personal opinion of catalysts for the RV.

2. I won't give a date, but I've made it clear that I'm positive for progress in the coming weeks/month.
3. Yes. :twothumbs: 



magawatt  This is a chicken or egg question.

Does the Fitch rating need to get better before Iraq could RV, or would an RV increase Iraq's Fitch rating?


You are correct, it is a chicken/egg question. :)

I did see that Iraq was given a B- or close to that recently? Over the last few years
they have maintained a very consistent and very good quality rating, which tells us 
that they are pulling forward consistently. That's better than what a lot of other 
countries have done!

Just another reason to hang tight and root them on.


================ // ========================


That's it for now - I certainly hope to be back online with more to report before 
next Wednesday. Have a great day everyone!



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Not much to add except congrats on the Packers winning.  I'll have to look and see if you play the Patriots this year.  Back in a bit.


Bummer, no Patriot Packer game this year.  The Cheeseheads are holding back I think.

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On September 14, 2016 at 8:27 AM, 8th ID said:

Thanks Adam


On September 14, 2016 at 8:33 AM, boosterbglee said:

Thanks Adam


23 hours ago, almostcajun said:

Thanks Adam


22 hours ago, billbill said:

Thanks Adam


19 hours ago, adhoc10 said:

Thanks Adam


17 hours ago, Wayfarer said:

Thanks Adam


12 hours ago, WISKY291 said:

Thanks Adam


12 hours ago, sandfly said:

Thanks Adam 


Wtf - Did Everybody Download Ur 'Thanking' App ? :blink:

:D       :D       :D


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mr "montana"

i have been on this site 7 yrs. pd my 10 for the text and have checkd in here time to time for the latest news. not that there ever is any lol. 




you have twice in those 7 yrs had me really excited at or around thanksgiving.i have sat and clicked the archive buttom till my thumb was numb and looked at you past post at or around thanksgiving.


there is a real similarity to them.


i believe in the investment !! even after 7 yrs.......but im not fallin for it again LOL 


hoping the news around this time is usually the same and not you repeating the excitement every yr around this time a yr for entrepreneurial reasons.

still young enuff to enjoy my profit !!

just hope i dont have to use it all for the nursing home


go rv !!

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