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  1. Thanks Adam, I hope all my banking information is up to date. Have not changed anything sense I began. 2009.
  2. thank you Adam for your updates. looking forward to emails.
  3. Thanks for all your doing Adam. Patiently waiting.
  4. Thanks Adam, looking forward to more information.
  5. Thanks Adam, Looking forward to them getting things going. Happy New Year Jim
  6. Hello again, still here, still hanging on. go HCL.
  7. Hello Adam, I'm finally on the site after trying for a couple of months. Alls good I didn't miss out. Thank for all you do. I'm still with you.
  8. Thank again, still feeling good because of our attention to the members. GO RV!
  9. Thanks Adam, always positive always encouraging. I been here awhile not going anywhere. Keep up the great work you do so I don't have to. Can't anyway.
  10. Thank you again for all your doing. Scared me a little with the VIP needing renewed, I 've never renewed. I checked, I'm life time, I forgot, whew! My heart is working better now after that though.
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