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  2. have we not seen this before ?all the ministers but defense and interior approved and nothing gets done. ?? do they have a fully formed gov. or not and any actual VOTE on hcl anytime soon !?!?!?
  3. Imf executive board concludes 2017 ...........They also encouraged strengthening the legal framework of the Central Bank, [[eliminating a remaining exchange restriction and a multiple currency practice]], and accelerating implementation of AML/CFT and antimdash;corruption measures. Directors considered that the peg to the U.S. dollar, which provides a key anchor to the economy, remains appropriate........good ? Or same old same old ?
  4. First gulf war started in 1990. 27 years ago ! I'm very much a novice and don't know exactly when the dinar was "devalued" but it's been a looping time. How does a country go so long with a currency valued so negatively ? I'm in this 9 years. Doesn't seem like this will ever happen. Listen to people say it's gonna be soon....for 9 years !!! Argh !
  5. delete the zeros dont delete them. smh. answer like i was a newbie.....explain this to me in english. my $5000 notes will be treated like $50's when i exchange !?!?!?!?! Hellifionow thanks adam
  6. family is allways first ! but im sure you can take your time with the defence and finance min. both out theyre about to rv ??????????? go rv !
  7. mr "montana" i have been on this site 7 yrs. pd my 10 for the text and have checkd in here time to time for the latest news. not that there ever is any lol. but..... you have twice in those 7 yrs had me really excited at or around thanksgiving.i have sat and clicked the archive buttom till my thumb was numb and looked at you past post at or around thanksgiving. there is a real similarity to them. i believe in the investment !! even after 7 yrs.......but im not fallin for it again LOL hoping the news around this time is usually the same and not you repeating the excitement every yr around this time a yr for entrepreneurial reasons. still young enuff to enjoy my profit !! just hope i dont have to use it all for the nursing home go rv !!
  8. thanks adam but....the cbi doesnt exsist in a vacum. the UN had a great deal of "influence" on the value of the dinar when its value when from over $3 to -$2000 basicly over night. "someone" lifted the banckruptcy.....the had an "influence" just saying
  9. thanks Adam... does this eem right $1usd = 30,187.50 irp (iran)?? thanks to any dinarvets-ian that might know go RV !! again....thanks Adam
  10. oil....with sanctions lifted and a glut of iran oil about to hit spite of saudi objectins...the ppb for crude may hit historic lows. iraq re-enters oil market iraq...another glut of now iraqi oil hits market. oil prices drop even further than historic lows !! who in the crude selling business would want now or in near future iraqi's billions of barrels to hit market and lower ppb even lower. is it in worlds best interest to allow all that iraqi oil to hit market and drive what are historic lows for a barrel of oil even lower ?? im a nocice at best but....doesnt sound to me like anyone is gonna want all that iraqi oil to hit open market any time soon. go rv !?!?!?
  11. what do you think...
  12. This gold coin thing.....isnt it just a commemorative coin and has nothing to do with this investment ?? Or is good for us ??
  13. is this our year or not....all i want to know !!! not the answer im looking for lol
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