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  1. "Adam Montana Weekly 27 November 2021" ?????? Let's give 2021 a chance, why rush through Thank You, Adam
  2. Prayers for her loved ones... Now let’s get an actual constitutional Judge appointed to that seat.
  3. Hope you get feeling better quickly! Everybody is talking about Corona lately, even when I did drink, I never cared for the taste of that....
  4. Crude-ly written article Thugs! CNN at its best.... Bring on the oil, and with it a higher rate of the Dinar!
  5. If mankind has this supposed power to alter the climate by causing the temps to increase and decrease based on our actions/emissions etc..., why not just make the hot days cooler and the cold days warmer? lol Not happening...
  6. Good Morning Adam, Thanks for the update. I heard from a friend that there is a rumor that a large hotel chain has started accepting IQD for payment. Have you heard of that? Thanks for all you do!!
  7. What an ugly Thanks Adam!!!
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