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  1. The ******* are losing their mind right now, including many supposed voters and supporters. "OH NO, HE'S JUST ANOTHER WARMONGERER! HE'S GONNA START WORLD WAR 3 OVER THIS!" and such is all I'm seeing in my feed right now. The Russians were informed of this strike in advance, and there were no allied casualties. For all we know, we were helping the Russians out in taking the air base. People are losing their minds over what may as well have been a danger close weapons test in a nearly abandoned air base.
  2. 1.12 would be fine by me. Sadly, it's coming from Frank. So, back to cryptos I play with.
  3. It would be like announcing the USD overtaking the Euro at your local church. Complete nonsense.
  4. Huh... I was just thinking of selling my dinar to get into cryptocurrencies, and this apparently happens. I'm still getting some coins, but this is neat, too.
  5. Every single movement Abadi made in the US was reported, except his visit to the UST? Come on, now...
  6. Get on with it already. I want a farm in Wyoming where I can shoot my guns to my heart's content... and get the guns in the first place.
  7. Well, that is interesting. I don't suppose they did it out of the goodness of their hearts. What do they have to gain from canceling such a debt? I don't want to get my hopes up TOO much... Maybe we'll see other countries doing the same?
  8. The clear answer to this is "yes." Also... What an amazing thing it would be if it were to happen on April Fools, of all days.
  9. So he has a reputation around here, and a good one at that. That's good to read.
  10. They're cockroaches. They reproduce way too fast to get anything accurate until we wipe out the nest.
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