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  1. Not necessary Dinar News but interesting. Introduced in House (03/22/2018) 115th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. 5404 To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES March 22, 2018 Mr. Mooney of West Virginia introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Financial Services A BILL To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. FINDINGS. Congress finds the following: (1) The United States dollar has lost 30 percent of its purchasing power since 2000, and 96 percent of its purchasing power since the end of the gold standard in 1913. (2) Under the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent inflation objective, the dollar loses half of its purchasing power every generation, or 35 years. (3) American families need long-term price stability to meet their household spending needs, save money, and plan for retirement. (4) The Federal Reserve policy of long-term inflation has made American manufacturing uncompetitive, raising the cost of United States manufactured goods by more than 40 percent since 2000, compared to less than 20 percent in Germany and France. (5) Between 2000 and 2010, United States manufacturing employment shrunk by one-third after holding steady for 30 years at nearly 20,000,000 jobs. (6) The American economy needs a stable dollar, fixed exchange rates, and money supply controlled by the market not the government. (7) The gold standard puts control of the money supply with the market instead of the Federal Reserve. (8) The gold standard means legal tender defined by and convertible into a certain quantity of gold. (9) Under the gold standard through 1913 the United States economy grew at an annual average of four percent, one-third larger than the growth rate since then and twice the level since 2000. (10) The international gold exchange standard from 1914 to 1971 did not provide for a United States dollar convertible into gold, and therefore helped cause the Great Depression and stagflation. (11) The Federal Reserve’s trickle down policy of expanding the money supply with no demand for it has enriched the owners of financial assets but endangered the jobs, wages, and savings of blue collar workers. (12) Restoring American middle-class prosperity requires change in monetary policy authorized to Congress in Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 of the Constitution. SEC. 2. DEFINE THE DOLLAR IN TERMS OF GOLD. Effective 30 months after the date of enactment of this Act— (1) the Secretary of the Treasury (in this Act referred to as the “Secretary”) shall define the dollar in terms of a fixed weight of gold, based on that day’s closing market price of gold; and (2) Federal Reserve Banks shall make Federal Reserve notes exchangeable with gold at the statutory gold definition of the dollar. SEC. 3. DISCLOSURE OF HOLDING. During the 30-month period following the date of enactment of this Act, the United States Government shall take timely and reasonable steps to disclose all of its holdings of gold, together with a contemporaneous report of any United States governmental purchases or sales, thus enhancing the ability of the market and of market participants to arrive at the fixed dollar-gold parity in an orderly fashion.
  2. Selling 5 million in Tampa FL $800 per million 25K Notes uncirculated.
  3. From BBC Friday Interested in Adams opinion. Dutch prosecutors say they have launched co-ordinated raids in several countries against suspected money-launderers and tax evaders. They are investigating about 3,800 Dutch-linked accounts in an unnamed Swiss bank following a tip-off they could contain undeclared assets. Paintings, a gold bar, cash, a luxury car and jewellery have been seized. As well as the Netherlands, there have been searches in France, Germany, the UK and Australia. The Dutch government has passed information to the other countries about more than 50,000 suspect accounts at the bank. UK authorities said the investigation was also targeting senior bank employees. The suspicion is that these hidden assets are largely ill-gotten gains, the proceeds of crime. The Dutch financial investigations service has highlighted the unfairness and corrupting nature of tax evasion. While the practice is apparently becoming more prevalent, the authorities say so too is the exchange of data between governments, the use of smart data to track payments and the use of informants. The Dutch authorities have warned that the international co-operation is making it harder for the secret bankers to remain below the radar. But in taking this co-ordinated action without apparently consulting their Swiss colleagues, the Dutch have diluted what might otherwise been seen as a EU-co-ordinated triumph. The co-ordinated raids on suspects' properties began on Thursday, the Dutch office for financial crimes prosecution (FIOD) said in a statement. The cross-border operation is being supported by Eurojust, the EU's judicial co-operation unit, which said the suspect funds ran into the millions of euros. Credit Suisse bank has released a statement saying its offices in London, Paris and Amsterdam "were contacted by local authorities concerning client tax matters. We are co-operating with the authorities". It said it "continues to follow a strategy of full client tax compliance". However, it did not explicitly confirm that it was the institution at the centre of the investigation. The Swiss bank has already been in difficulty over its customers' taxes in the United States, says the BBC's economics correspondent Andrew Walker. In 2014 it agreed to pay a fine of $2.6bn (then £1.5bn; €1.9bn). Swiss 'disconcerted' But the Swiss attorney general expressed annoyance that it had not been informed in advance about the operation. "The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland is disconcerted about the manner in which this has been organised with the conscious non-inclusion of Switzerland," it said in an emailed statement. "The applicable practices and rules of international co-operation and legal assistance have obviously not been complied with here. "The attorney general expects a written explanation from the relevant leading Dutch authorities and is examining further actions," the OAG said. The Netherlands raids targeted homes in four locations - The Hague, Hoofddorp, Zwolle and the municipality of Venlo. Two people were detained for interrogation. In Australia, authorities said investigators were looking for the owners of 340 anonymous bank accounts. The UK tax inspection body, HMRC, confirmed that it had launched "a criminal investigation into suspected tax evasion and money-laundering by a global financial institution and certain of its employees". "The first phase of the investigation, which will see further, targeted, activity over the coming weeks, is focused on senior employees from within the institution, along with a number of its customers," HMRC said. "The international reach of this investigation sends a clear message that there is no hiding place for those seeking to evade tax." The investigation will continue for weeks to come, Dutch financial prosecutors said. Interested in Adams opinion.
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  5. Estimates that half the oil sold as extra-virgin in Italy and 75-80 percent of the oil sold in the U.S. does not meet the legal grades for extra-virgin oil.
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    CBI down on Tuesday

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    urine test

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    Where's Doc31

    Doc is fine I talk with him regularly he is taking some time off from the form
  11. I’ve been following the discussions on what everyone’s plans are for their post RV wealth. Though I commend your intentions I get the feeling most of you are not mentally or emotionally prepared for what is about to happen to you. Personally I have a very substantial investment in IQD and I’m in the upper tax bracket. There is a book that has been on my reading rotation for the past year that I believe may offer some help and guidance. I have no affiliation with the book or the author I just think it is a good guide to learn from others and not reinvent the wheel. “The Richest Man in Town” By: W. Randall Jones The Twelve Commandments of Wealth 1. Don't seek money for money's sake 2. Find your perfect niche 3. Be your own boss 4. Get addicted to ambition 5. Be early 6. Execute or get executed 7. Fail so you can succeed 8. Location doesn't matter 9. Don't compromise your morals 10. Embrace selling 11. Learn from the best and the worst 12. Never retire
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    CBI Currency Auction 10/18/2010

    Here you go Doc ... here's the latest one

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