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Government Abadi Amended Paragraphs Oil And Gas Law And The Kurdistan Welcomes !

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CNN. Broadcasting While Ordering What's On Draft !       (by walkingstick) Government Abadi amended paragraphs oil and gas law and the Kurdistan welcomes Author: Bian3 on: Monday, 02/23/2015 15:

TC ....the HCA is in the Budget and is Law, which is the start (got start some where) of the HCL...The HCL will take some time and more amendments (Fine tune it), Iraq and the Kurds output of oil, is

Thanks Thug- with you on this jobug38. Just wonder what had to be done, 17% sounded pretty good to me. This has the makings of an interesting week. With all the new laws coming into effect and I did n

From November 27..wasn't the article I was looking for but it will do...close enough...


I would be interested to hear why you think that? I don't really get a time table vibe off this article. I just seems like a statement as to where they are at this time and how they plan to move it forward. Appreciate your input and interpretation.

BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) Confirmed member of the parliamentary legal committee Salim Shawki Baghdad awaiting visit the Kurdish delegation to the central government for a final agreement on oil and gas law.   He said Shawki told ((eighth day)) that "the recent agreement between the governments of the center and the region and we are waiting for an initial visit of the President of the Government of the Territory final agreement on oil and gas law, which serves both parties."   "We have been exporting 150 000 barrels of oil through the Turkish Kurdistan Ceyhan line and handed the money to the region."   He said the Parliamentary Legal Committee member, said "The oil ministry is studying the oil and gas law, which in turn serves the governments of the center and the region."    The Kurdistan Regional Government has announced (November 13, 2014), the agreement with the Baghdad government to solve the "full and fair" to the problems between the two sides, saying that the federal government would pay for the region of $ 500 million and will transform the Government of the Territory of 150 thousand barrels of crude oil a day at the disposal of the federal government.   As regarded the Oil Ministry, the recent agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil to resolve differences between the two sides will not constitute a final solution, but opens the way to begin to establish "a comprehensive, just and constitutional," all outstanding matters solutions, as pointed out that respect this agreement by both parties will ensure the return of some million barrels of oil a day to the Treasury.

Read more:

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Isnt this the same subject I had mentioned that they were waiting until 2016 to make a final decision Yoga? That once agreed they would abide by it but monitor it each month to see if any amendments were necessary.

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Editor Hussein gesture - Monday, February 23, 2015 17:51

Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
confirmed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Razak Mheibes, on Monday, that the territory of Kurdistan, told the Federal Ministry of the oil that will be issued 600 thousand barrels per day in April next year, as pointed out that the region delivers SOMO 230 thousand barrels per day. He said Mheibes in an interview " Alsumaria News "," The Kurdistan region provides SOMO 230 thousand barrels per day, and this leads to a breach of the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, "noting that" there is a delegation will arrive in Baghdad in the coming days, including ministers in the government of Kurdistan to discuss the application of all the paragraphs of the oil agreement with Baghdad ".


Mheibes He added that "the region provided the Oil Ministry timetables which said it will increase the export quota to 600 thousand barrels per day in April next year," asserting that "the oil and energy parliamentary took it upon themselves to play the role of neutrality between Baghdad and the region for the purpose of listening to the views of the parties and then it will be a separate opinion. " In the same context, Mheibes "We are optimistic about the rise in oil prices, and the withdrawal of some petroleum investors from the US market because of the collapse in prices increased optimism Add to that some OPEC countries will reconsider their production." The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani confirmed , in (February 4, 2015), that the Iraqi government does not currently have sufficient funds to implement the oil agreement because of lower oil prices and its impact on the economy of Iraq, among the two parties are committed by and there is no problem between Baghdad and Kurdistan. He accused Barzani, on Sunday, some of the parties Political in Iraq, not wanting in the development of relations between Baghdad and Erbil, while he was willing to visit Baghdad in order to reach to address a joint and termination problems with it. The cabinet decided, in (2 December 2014), the approval of the oil agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government which provides for the delivery of the region at least 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to Baghdad for the purpose of export, after reaching the Kurdish delegation headed by Nechirvan Barzani, the Iraqi government with an agreement on the region's share in the budget and export of oil.

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Erbil renews its commitment to the recent oil agreement with Baghdad

Abdul Hamid Zebari

Renewed the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq to stress the commitment to an agreement last oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve differences between the parties, at a time when Congress considers the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives need to make changes in some of the faces of the oil file in the province.

And a president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Barzani yesterday met with the heads of Kurdish blocs in parliament and ministers in the federal government to discuss the recent dilemma that got between Erbil and Baghdad and not to send the region's share of the Iraqi general budget until now by the federal government, despite the ratification of the law a political agreement and to ensure that the share of the province's 17% within the budget.

The Baghdad and Erbil struck oil deal the beginning of the month of December of last year and provides for the establishment of the province exported 550 barrels of oil per day from the wells, and the province of Kirkuk through Turkey that Baghdad is committed to sending the provincial budget made by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki beginning of last year.

In a statement to the provincial government, the government renewed its full commitment to Tfniv agreement, and that the budget law for 2015 became explaining the presence of some of the technical barriers and the existence of some kind of misunderstanding before the implementation of the Convention, as the Government of the Territory is working with the federal government to overcome these obstacles and processed.

The statement noted that the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region of renewed during the meeting readiness to visit Baghdad again, for understanding and to find common solutions and overcome the technical obstacles and end the misunderstanding, and this particular team commissioned minister Kurds in the federal government to open a frank discussion with the Prime Minister.

To comment on the course of this meeting, I spoke with Radio Free Iraq to Muthana Amin head of the Islamic Union bloc in the House of Representatives and one of the participants in the meeting, which indicated that they demanded from the provincial government to make changes to some of the characters Oil file in the province, he added: "We said that the pros Government Haider Abadi the dimensions of the characters of the oil file was always raises problematic with the region, we hope that this step stepping region with some of the faces that draws oil policies that may have caused disruptions occur or that these differences are between the province with Baghdad took personal dimensions, unfortunately. "

The Secretary that they demanded the provincial government to speed up the processing of technical problems and added: "the provincial government demanded the immediate expedite the implementation of all the requirements to the budget law for 2015, as well as not to give any pretext of the Federal Government to bring the forms in a living of citizens and not to send the budget."

President of the Islamic bloc also stressed the need to address the problem Roataatb employees of the public sector in the province, which overdue for more than a month, saying they had asked the provincial government to solve the problem, adding: "to speed up the solution of the employees' salaries problems until the end of this month and bears the government full responsibility In this path, especially the provision of SECURITY requirements and a decent life for the Peshmerga forces who are defending the homeland. "

Observers believe that there is difficulty in the implementation of agreements signed between Baghdad and Erbil, without the existence of laws governing the relationship between the parties, and in this regard, a political analyst and Kurdish writer Abdul Ghani Ali Yahya says Radio Free Iraq: "previous agreements, as well as dialogues and meetings have not led to nothing has been accustomed previous governments in Iraq they do not fulfill their promises, at the end of 2010 reached the Iraqi parties and her children Kurdish party to the contract Erbil agreement has not carried out one of that Convention In February 2013, paragraph delegation Kurdish visited Baghdad and was in a high level was Aghtzal Kurdish demands from 19 to 7 Om that The Baghdad government has not implemented. "

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Monday 23 فبراير 2015 | 04:59 مساء |
Kurdistan: We will not withdraw from the government in Baghdad .. The differences are solvable

BAGHDAD / .. denied MP for mass change Amin Bakr, Sunday, and there is no intention Kurdish blocs to withdraw from the government, despite the political and economic differences between the center and the region.

Bakr said, in a statement to "Ein Iraq News", the Kurdistan Regional Government is determined to solve its problems with Baghdad peacefully and according to the constitution without resorting to any withdrawal from the Baghdad government, noting that there are notes about the oil agreement and the salaries of the staff of the region and some of the laws pertaining to Kurdistan .

He added that the current government headed by al-Abadi where consensus and solutions to some of the issues got Unlike what happened in the previous two sessions and reached a serious stage problems, stressing that all differences can be resolved. Finished / 5

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Well They Better Have It 'Hugged Out' And Worked Out


Because They Just Discovered A Whole Shiite Load More Oil In The South ...





(by cshessman)


500 billion barrels of oil reserves south
2/23/2015 0:00 
BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb 

develop the oil industry represents an important focus to maximize the financial revenues of the country and providing the federal budget the necessary funds, which is supported by the ease of production of domestic oil fields. 

oil expert Mustafa al-Maliki between in an interview for the "morning", that "the South Oil Company to pay attention significant for the development of the productive process, and in light of the recent report issued by the International Energy Agency, containing expectations and prospects for future energy it, according to Oil Ministry data spread proven reserves across 66 fields with total oil reserves in these fields exceed 500 billion barrels

He pointed out that it means the average extraction coefficient of about 35 percent, and contains five fields above a giant in the south to 60 percent of the total proven reserves which each of the Rumaila, West Qurna, Zubair, crazy and river life. 

The other major fields container reserves are in the east of Baghdad in the middle, and the field of Kirkuk in the north, and there are about two-thirds of total reserves in the fields now run international companies, to include those reserves most of the biggest fields transactions extract higher, and this is reasonable evidence of how easily the potential development of these fields. " 

Maliki continued, saying: Perhaps the most important practical realities of the extractive, low cost of production per barrel in the industry oil of Iraq, especially in the most productive now the southern region, as characterized by fields above the giant being developed and work where now there is a huge exploration potential, and also simply geological situation compared with the giant fields or above a giant in other spots of the world, and the occurrence of all Iraqi fields in the land . 

and on the fields around Basra between it situated mostly in uninhabited and flat relatively lands, reducing the wells, pipelines and other facilities costs. 
Oil is characterized by product moderately do not need to be a specialist to develop, and can be pumped and circulated easily, since all the southern fields located in the places that are not difficult to access for coastal export facilities. 

What makes a relatively short main pipelines, (but high export paths much longer). 

This is the proximity of the port of export in terms of crude delivered to the market in the initial phase of the marketing of the advantages of oil and gas energy chain which is characterized by Iraq. 

A report by the International Energy Agency dealt with production conditions and forecasts from several angles, Ka existing contracts and laws prevailing constraints and logistics state of the global market. 

He said he could pick out the following text because of its importance requires contracts applicable occurrence of an unusual increase in oil production development plans Iraq over the coming years. 

These could increase comes from fields that are managed under the given technical service contracts through the national licensing rounds. 
It can also increase comes from fields operated by direct national oil companies and fields or potential areas within the scope of 
the partnership contracts in production in the Kurdistan Region. 

Based on a detailed search of the forty-six (46) of Iraqis, and found that - if all goes in all of them in accordance with the schedules envisaged Currently, the production capacity of the oil in Iraq can be up to 14.6 million barrels per day by 2020. 

, an estimated five-fold energy production achieved as of mid-year 2012, which amounted to 3 million barrels per day.

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If this HCL moves without the vote of the political groups, then I can see it passing when oil reaches $65-70 dollars.  This may take place by the end of March until the fist of May.  Let's hope it passes much sooner than the end of the year.  

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Well that looks disgusting to be sure.... I thought it was some kind of statue at first... Straight from Vegas... In front of the Riviera no less....LOL

Hurry up now and run on over there so I can get pic of you with your hand on their arse's!!!

Edited by jcfrag
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Thug, I don't know how you and the other guys do it, but I wanted to personally thank you and Yoda and the others for all your great work. I'm an older guy and depend on your posts, so to you , and the others and of course Adam.....a heartfelt than you.

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Whoop - Whoop ! B)



Deputy Kurdish: There is no disagreement between the federal government and the province on the oil agreement
History of edits:: 02.24.2015 18:14 •

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} denied the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ashwaq dry that there is a dispute between the federal governments and the Kurdistan region on the oil agreement.

She Dry MP told {Euphrates News} "are trying to create a crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, and those living on these crises, but we Snfot them the opportunity, especially that of the Federal and the Kurdistan region governments that they will work hard and through the application of the oil agreement dialogue." 

She added Dry "There is another round of talks between the two parties, and the Kurdish leadership are determined by whether there is a withdrawal from the federal government, and when our leadership has decided that Fsnltzm him." 

The oil minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi had been held in ever with the Kurdistan Regional Government ended the agreement crisis as long as the spill officials in Baghdad and Erbil, and ran all the Iraqis and disrupted life generality of the country, this crisis was caused by the previous government through its intransigence and Tzmtha accounts is correct. 

The negotiating delegations continued to communicate between Baghdad and Erbil in order to reach a final version of the agreement and its application to the land reality; to materialize the interests of Iraqis through the distribution of the country's wealth evenly them. Ended tc

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Obviously no one has a Crystal ball Yota...  But in general theory (using the term loosely) , does the HCL actually have to be "completed" prior to an exciting RV?  Or just the HC Agreement generally written in the Gazette...  Along with the Budget, etc, etc..

Permission to take a stab at this one? Thanks!

The HCL, 140, Amnesty, Law of Accountability & Justice, Federal Court Act, or any of the other hot button laws you want to mention, I don't believe any of them are required to RV per se. What they are required for is stability. Prior to taking office Abadi agreed to a 21 line item list of demands presented by the Kurds and the Sunni. Many of the aforementioned items are found in said agreements plus more. None of that other stuff is required to RV either but the threat of a walkout will always be present less said agreements are written into law.

The guy with his finger on the big red RV button isn't going to even think about pressing it until these issues are solved because a post RV economy relies on a government that functions and a functioning government relies on unification. Unification relies on all factions being represented and included in the government. It is that which our RV relies upon not the passing of an HCL.

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Permission Granted!   Thanks RFJ.   You have pretty much confirmed my basic understanding of it all being the noob that I am...  I guess my question was more about the in depth understanding of the HCA vs. HCL in which Yota graciously added some input.   I think that was confusing me.


Now...  Lets find that dude with the big red RV button, hold him down and epoxy his finger to it!  

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