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  1. and thus we are assured that iraq has been following the world bank's playbook. they are back on track now.
  2. THIS!!!! NOW WE ARE TALKING IRAQ! this thread should be literally engulfed in flames right now if the community knew what this really meant.
  3. how long have many of us been in this investment and EVERY time a finance intellectual puts a quote in the paper, we go running in circles with empty pales of water to ****** the burning house?? ReLaX! this is one guys opinion on what the CBI should do concerning "Monetary Policy". the only policy the government and its subordinates can dictate concerning the money is "Fiscal Policy". if you are going to be in this investment, i highly suggest you take 3 minutes of your time and learn the difference. anything coming out of this man's mouth concerning monetary policy is valueless. monetary policy fiscal policy
  4. the united states military is so dominant that the global community renamed it from the superpower to the hyperpower. with this reputation comes a lot of responsibility. the entire world watches your foreign policy bracing itself for the slightest hint of global totalitarian rule. this is why obama was the only choice for president after bush and the warhawks left office. bush sent waves of fear throughout the known world when he, without approval from the global community, walked up into iraq and hung its leader at noon. iraq was one of the top three militaries in the mid east and the fight was over before it even started. the rest of the world shuddered at such might fearing the implications of a uncontrolled united states military industrial complex. the face of a pacifist was needed immediately and obama was the candidate. yeah, everyone knows better than to go head-to-head with the us. a force like isis would implore all types of guerrilla warfare and human shield tactics to string the fight out for years and years. war by attrition is the only possible way to win for some of these countries.
  5. thanks umbertino. that is a beautiful picture. hopefully those people can head home soon.
  6. this is why i have steered away from geopolitics. this man and all of his leaders can safely transverse miles of flat desert, park in mosul, have a meet and greet out front, and bunker down for more terror attacks while all under the watchful eye of satellite & drone reconnaissance. it would appear as though baghdadi isn't as "wanted" as we are lead to believe.
  7. you weren't alone my friend. there are others of us who knew the HCA was not the HCL and we yet await the debut of HCL. truth hurts but it is better than being deceived, HCA is not HCL.
  8. there is too much misinformation to make heads or tails of this thread. (Next Unread Topic --->)
  9. music to my ears! privatizing the state-run banks is a major component to completing the plans laid out by the world bank.
  10. these articles are music to my ears. ISIS is fading fast....too many battles on too many fronts. security is coming to iraq. foreign investment is coming to iraq. the dinar will rise. we will profit handsomely!
  11. well said DoD. iraq is currently a frontier market. it is as just about as risky as it gets. the reward, should things go well, is astronomical. it is definitely not for everyone.
  12. You wire usd to the trade bank of iraq and it is exchanged to iqd at the cbi rate and held in an account accessible to your broker When your broker executes a buy/sell order on the ISX, they utilize the account. This means stocks sold will have the proceeds added to the account and stocks bought will have the funds taken from the account. You submit a wire order to your broker to have funds wired from the account back to you. This means the requested funds must first undergo an exchange from iqd to usd by the trade bank of iraq who then completes the wire transaction. Should you have concerns about the broker's integrity wiring funds from the trade bank of iraq to your united states bank, I strongly suggest interviewing them through an email..... get it from them firsthand (while remembering to be courteous).
  13. help me understand as i have seen this posted a lot lately. is the inference being made that most american presidents put on fatigues and command from a post in a warzone? i am honestly curious and willing to be educated.
  14. after all this time, most of you continue to surprise me. don't you all get it by now that there is no true answer for the mess happening in the middle east. neither obama, putin, abadi, imf, iran, saudis, egypt, israel, NOR YOU have the answer to bringing peace and stability to the middle east. your comments here are just as empty as you say obama's actions are. the only thing i read coming from most of you is anger....anger over who the potus is. i encourage you to please let that anger go, your precious government isn't going anywhere. as soon as he is out of office, a replacement will be brought in and then we can rinse and repeat the same cycle of dissatisfaction. why? because as long as your hope is in man to solve your problems and be your reward, you will forever be let down. Putin means you no good. Obama means you no good. none of those folks nor any other actors are acting with YOU in mind. they are grabbing resources, controlling areas and doing what is best for their own interests. don't you all see that? am i on an island? the best use of your time is spent watching the money and aligning your financial goals with where you see the money flowing. that's it!
  15. if you really think russia's intention is to help you get your rv, you are doing yourself a hopeless disservice. all actors in the middle east are in this for one reason only; self interest.
  16. But wait! O'Stupid should violate international law and send in the troops anyway regardless that the Iraq government does not want us fighting their battles nor did they want us to remain there when it was time to pull out.
  17. amazing that in all of your elitist and arrogant speech, you honestly regard yourself as a wonderful person. so let me help you by holding a mirror up to your own words and resulting ignorance per bullet point. there are americans who sit around collecting food stamps and they come in all shades not just blacks. to forecast this as solely a black mindset is racist. to suggest that only blacks through use of the welfare system stems from a mentality that, and as YOU put it, "we still owe them". this is not only a superiority perspective but also extremely ignorant. when you use words like "we" and "them" where "we" are above "them" it puts you squarely in the definition of a racist - "a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another." the truth of the matter is the wealthy in america benefit the most from government subsidies and liability breaks. welfare under any title is still welfare. next, and i am doing good at restraining myself...i really am, to infer that only the good white soldier boys spilled blood on the battlefield for america is beyond preposterous. please get over yourself and your race and step into truth. it was americans of all shades that stepped onto those battlefields and spilled blood for the nation. what is more, it was primarily NOT done to secure our freedom. it was to secure property rights and resources for both the wealthy and corporate interest. your history class back in the day misinformed you and it is up to you to re-educate yourself. hopefully you are not one who still believes the constitution was drafted for all classes of people??? the constitution was drafted to protect wealthy property owners from one another after seizing lands away from natives. so quit glorifying yourself with propagandized history books. you are absolutely right that we (the people) owe no one anything, however here you allude to whites not owing blacks (spirit of your message). instead you have gravely missed the real issue and that is the transference of wealth from middle class to the wealthy. there has been a war waging for years against the middle class whereas the wealthy in typical european classism methodology want to return america to a two tiered society; rich & poor. this is the way the world ran for centuries; property owners and serfs. the wealthy feel that the middle class owe them that wealth.....that it should have never trickled down into the hands of peasants to construction a middle class, hence they want that wealth back. your superiority elitist mind has blinded you from seeing the world as it truly is. you strain at the gnat and ignore the elephant. you protest at the millions and completely miss the billions. your gravest enemy truth and humility. so come down a few levels and realize that you are not "all that", humble yourself, ask God to help you see yourself, repent and then ask Him to help you see the truth of the world in which you live.
  18. Ah! So your comments were based on South Carolina law. Whatever it takes to feel justified I guess. Feel sorry for you, your dark heart is unrepenting.
  19. He know but he doesn't want to pay the price for Iraqi unification in the blood of our sons and daughters.
  20. dude, really Tex.....really?!! Starrider, thanks for letting US BLACKS know how you all really feel. This group here simply takes the cake. Shame on you. shame also on the ones who are attempting to turn this into a race issue shame on the ones who want to criminalize the insubordinate student children are insubordinate all the time and that goes for any and all colors. how many white kids have i seen in the middle of the grocery store giving their mothers the embarrassment of a lifetime. never once did i want to go up to the 8 year and execute a chokeslam followed by flying elbow to the face. a police officer executes such brutal judgement against insubordination and you all agree but when a kid shows up to school with bruises up their arm and boiled skin from where a sizzling iron was applied for insubordination, we regard it as child abuse. but let me get this right, child abuse is okay so long as the person executing it has a badge because the almighty badge justifies any and all actions of its bearer. ridiculousness! and lastly shame on the facilitators of the school environment for offloading disciplinary duties and the liabilities onto the police force. this is irresponsible. police are not trained for this. just like military is not trained to police urban neighborhoods. and quit calling the student a criminal and looking to dig up dirt to justify acts of violence perpetrated against her. no child regardless of their insubordination deserves abuse. there are tons of other methods/means to disciplining this kid. attempting to crack her skull and fracture her leg is not one of them. SHAME ON SOME OF YOU
  21. why stop with a rear naked choke hold, suplex to the base of the neck, desk crashing down on the back, body slam across the floor, knee jammed into the spinal column arrest? insubordination should require much much more brutal demonstration for all the children to see. why not just pull out trusty dusty and blow her brains all over the other would be insubordinates. it is the only language these socially privileged leeches understand. guaranteed you wont have a mobile phone problem in the classroom again. these stupid libtards are now allowing criminal-students to run the schools with their history of drug peddling, bullying, destruction of property, blatant disregard for authority, premarital lewd sex parties and everything else that is bringing a wonderful most blessed and glorious nation down to the pits. just kill them. one less thug off the streets and out of the american taxpayer pocket! how did i do DV?
  22. i've been waiting a long time for this day. THIS is what we have been waiting on my friends. capital inflow is everything to this investment.
  23. i truly hope Abadi planned for this type of backlash when he touched politician pay. i truly hope he has a plan.
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