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  1. They're talking about the street rate which, since the closing of the auctions, has been running around .1340 +/- a few. They are not talking about the international rate of exchange here at all. Also the IMF, World Bank, UN, etc. have little to do with when Iraq will or won't RV and how much they will RV to. Balls in Iraq's court, nowhere else.
  2. This is not the HCL. When the Hydrocarbon Law is passed it'll be major news on all outlets in the mainstream media. As others have said all this refers to is the Oil Agreement as being written into law with the passing of this years budget. The HCL represents something that once passed won't need to be discussed on an annual basis which at present is all they have now. An agreement of 17%, for the year 2015, nothing more nothing less, and not an HCL.
  3. Permission to take a stab at this one? Thanks! The HCL, 140, Amnesty, Law of Accountability & Justice, Federal Court Act, or any of the other hot button laws you want to mention, I don't believe any of them are required to RV per se. What they are required for is stability. Prior to taking office Abadi agreed to a 21 line item list of demands presented by the Kurds and the Sunni. Many of the aforementioned items are found in said agreements plus more. None of that other stuff is required to RV either but the threat of a walkout will always be present less said agreements are written into
  4. What they are doing is moving the functionallity of the sale of foreign currency from the auction point to inside the bank. Sale of foreign currency meaning large sums of USD to smaller banks and money changsrs. This makes the tracking of who has what and where its going much easier because, under the auction system, it was like the wild wild west out there... Wild, wild, East actually.
  5. This is great. Hopefully it'll slide through parliament rather quickly. I'm of the opinion this is on par with the other big laws we're all waiting on. Thanks Yota.
  6. There has been no such thing as smoke in the 7 years I've been following this. Deleting the zeros, like others have said, involves the removal of the large bills from the streets of Iraq and abroad then taking those notes out of circulation and retiring them. Somewhere within that process lower denominated notes would be released and the rate of exchange would be increased. Can't do any of that tomorrow though because they need an economy to support the rate increase so the currency doesn't tank as a result. Thus, we wait...
  7. I would wager they did this, or are doing this, because of the recent actions taken by the CBI to guarantee the dinar both at home and abroad. The idea being if the citizens have confidence in the banks, via these new guarantees, they'll bring their dinar into the banks and make deposits. The banks will then, in turn, loan this money out to citizens for things like cars, houses, small businesses, etc...thus stimulating the economy and thus bringing us one step closer to our goal. If people start bringing it in [their dinar] the bank employees are going to need to know how to count, sort, verif
  8. My favorite part of the article right here... "He Ghadhban, that "the strategy will include the diversification of sources of income and stimulate investment and build an attractive investment climate for investors and the private sector, and the simplification of procedures and away the state gradually for care of the projects," asserting that "these fundamental factors will work to achieve and is also present within the government program where a lot of service sectors will be transferred to the private sector." While I don't think this spells RV in Feburary I think its very clear that thi
  9. Is there a DV link to that Feb 12 article anywhere? I skimmed the news section here and couldn't find any discussion on it. Maybe I'm blind.
  10. In addition to the previous post the dinar being now international is a bit of a misnomer as the dinar has been international now for a while at .1166 just very thinly traded. If it's recognized at the BIS it can be recognized anywhere else a vendor is willing to take it.
  11. I think it's better to be realistic than overtly optimistic. I'm all for the RV ASAP but the fact is, dontlop is right, Iraq needs to diversify. Every time Iraq goes in for their annual consult with the IMF one of the primary things they recommend, because that's all they (IMF) can do, is diversification. Look at Abadi in Davos last week. What was his message? Market economy, diversification, forward movement. They're not going to do this on oil alone, quite frankly, because they can't.
  12. You do realize that iraqbusinessnews is about as far away from Iraq as Texas is. Maybe that's because that's where the website originates from.
  13. Better than prime time TV this is. The suspense is killing. Big thanks to Yota et al for bringing the morning entertainment. Here's hoping the other 75% will be done and voted on next time I look at this screen.
  14. For the love of all that's good somebody please close this thread.
  15. I really should have stayed out of this... LGD, I guess, as related to the primary topic at hand, the primary difference between you and I is I'm not living in fear, or under the assumption, that a Muslim is going to one day try and kill me. Nor am I under the assumption that they all want to. Sure, a small amount do, but those people are terrorists. People who use the name of their god in order to create chaos and destruction. As for the secondary topic of defining evil... I define evil as anything I do that seperates me from God. Call it sin if you will. I make no distinction between t
  16. I think the will of the father is that you love the lord your God above anything else and beyond that love thy neighbor as thyself. That includes not only the guy next door but the guy across the pond. Let's not forget Jesus spent a fair amount of time turning the other cheak, especially when on the cross, shortlo after commanding us to love our enemies. Evil is best expelled in love not via threads on the internet condemning a nation of people as satanists.
  17. I'm curious to know how so? One example or two is fine. LGD: There's really going to be no talking to you on this matter so I'm down to just agree to disagree and move on. Nobody wins in an internet debate. Not sure why I jumped in on this one actually.
  18. Nah man I wouldn't neg anyone for their opinion. Your opinion, albeit different than mine, is yours none the less and you're certainly entitled to it. I'm not here to debate the religion of our sitting president. But for talking purposes let's just say one day we did have an openly Muslim president what would be the so "pitiful" about that? I mean I suppose we could rewrite the Constitution and get that whole bit about religious freedom out of there, but being as we were founded upon that I figure that'd probably be a bad idea, no?
  19. I'm not leftist I'm moderate I just think stuff like what's going on in this discussion breeds hate and don't really see any point in it. That's all.
  20. What does this have to do with anything? He's right ya know...Terrorists are no the more Muslim than Klansman are Christian. This thread should be closed.
  21. Sounds like their intention here is to assist private banks in providing loans / small business loans to create jobs / bolster the economy. That said, I'm no expert.
  22. Budgets aren't based or calculated by rate of international exchange so, no, .1166 was not the rate in the budget. Budgets are based on percentages and allocations which, for Iraq, are by and large based upon the price per barrel of oil.
  23. Yeah but if you dial the right number quick enough, use the proper terminology, and sign an NDA they'll pay you 28:1 on that .04 rate, lol.
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