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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

What is up with the in your face banner ads?


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Actually I was never a critique in mind...  I was only showing a point of view from noob perspective.   ;)   I'm all in!

Understood. Ciao

Resident buddy...every rose has a few of them but they is still popular with the ladies!!! Lol! :). Besides...thorns or not we need big hearted folks like I guess your stuck with us....bwaahhaahhaa!!! ;o)

Agreed... Shabs is one of our good guys around here..No doubt.. And I like his humor too

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I have no idea how to get rid of the ads, they are disgusting and who wants to look at that everytime we :shrug:  go to this site?

A member suggested to check Firefox add-ons and download AdBlock Plus....

Adam he just beats to a different drummer. I don't think he is a malicious person.

Of course not... Malicious? Why should anybody think such a thing about him?

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I definately think webmasters and people operating forums deserve to make some money, I really don't mind ads but I sorta agree these ones are sort of disruptive to the reading experience. I see these ads on almost every site these days but normally its at the bottom of an article I wouldn't even care if they were at the bottom but just below first post just gets in the way and creates extra scrolling. Can someone confirm they go away if you sign up for VIP? If so I may consider it been on the fence for a while have a bit of free cash comming in soon so may join.

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