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  1. Dear Reader, A colleague of mine recently sent me a photo of a bizarre new billboard. He spotted it near the Bangkok airport and snapped a picture. The billboard was promoting a "New World Currency". Here's the photo he sent... I was stunned when I first saw it. attachment=7924:image.jpg] Most people have no idea what this billboard really means. But I've been following this story for the past six months. And despite the fact that it's received almost no attention from the mainstream press, this is a huge new development in the currency markets, and it's definitely going to affect you, your money, and your retirement. For the past 20 years, I've covered extraordinary currency situations like the collapse of the Russian ruble in '98 (and again just recently), the havoc wreaked by the 2013 Argentinian currency crisis, and the collapse of the Japanese yen over the last 3 years. But I believe the currency story behind this billboard will be one of the defining events of my career. It could trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetime. This is from Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
  2. Not that my opinion means anything here but I no longer believe in an RV. I think we will see a gradual rise in value but no RV.
  3. You are correct. I see you've been doin some investigating. I have too. Got tons of info. Doesn't look good.
  4. Bull, how can the rate come out at 1.16 or 1.19 when they are only introducing, a new 50 which will have buying power of 50,000, and a 100 with buying power of 100,000. If they were coming out at a 1to 1 they would be releasing lower denominations , 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. Obviously since they are only releasing 50 and 100, the value will not be equal to 1.00.
  5. Thanks Adam, was beginning to wonder if we are in for another long year living month to month in order for nothing good to happen (concerning Dinar). I'm liking your enthusiasm!!!!! Looking forward to hearing more good news tomorrow!
  6. 1st 2 lines were tricky but then it clicked.
  7. Thanks Robby. I'm curious as to where you get it because I understand it's by prescription.
  8. Get rid of Bush then I'll take the best out of who's left after the debates start.
  9. We don't need that riff raff in Florida! Bet he'll end up in Miami. Big criminal element there.
  10. Well LGD, you can't trust government, you can't trust big pharma and you can't trust doctors because they've all been bought by big pharma. This is from "US Experts" so they are telling us not to worry about high cholesterol. Well that flies in the face of big pharm and doctors, who want us to be concerned and to buy drugs to fix it. Go figure.
  11. MALIKI. There, I revealed one. Now just look at everyone associated with him and you are on your way!
  12. So basically anyone on statins can quit them?
  13. Everytime they are the verge of success they manage to run it off the rails.
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