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  1. DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The FBI raided a DeKalb County home and business Wednesday morning. Our cameras were rolling at a currency exchange company on Buford Highway and a house on East Brookhaven Drive as agents removed boxes of evidence. FBI agents, along with the Brookhaven Police Department, descended on the home before 7 a.m. and stayed through the day. We first showed you the scene on Channel 2 Action News at Noon, and again on Channel 2 Action News at 5 p.m. as agents continued to go in and out of the home. Agents were seen taking equipment in and removing plastic gloves when exiting
  2. Hope this happens tomorrow, and the same time hunker down for the long haul. Simple as that.
  3. Simple. Maliki ordered all Iraqi military units to flee once ISIS crossed the border and leave their equipment in place. Maliki figured that if he could create a crisis by allowing ISIS to take over huge swaths of Iraq, he'd be able to stay in power by declaring a state of emergency. Needless to say, that backfired spectacularly. Now we have to help Iraq mop up this ugly mess Maliki and his goons created.
  4. TerryK is always off the hook because he loves using his 3 magical words "Treat as rumor."
  5. Uneek: No need to apologize for bringing Zap over here. Ok so he's irreverent and sometimes hard to read and understand. At this point he is another view on what we see happening out there beyond Dinar Land. Is he accurate? Who knows. At this point every single Guru has swung and missed at this RV so nobody's hands are clean.
  6. I'm not holding my breath as these stories have a familiar ring. Nevertheless it's good to see they are preparing for something.
  7. And that is the challenge that I sometimes have here. To many people spend their energy mocking instead of asking the right questions. It's going to happen sooner than later, so be hopeful. He may be wrong but at this point what do we have to loose?
  8. My wife is a Cardiology Nurse in a very prestigious heart clinic, and all the patients are being advised to abide by the dietary standards that this doctor is recommending. He's spot on.
  9. I joined January 28th, 2011. I was very active my 1st year, but have been very inactive the past 3 years due to a lot of negative nellies who turned this place into a bullying zone. However I've started to pop back in here as it looks like a lot of the bullies have faded away, and the sites where I have been active are either filled up with sheeple who only want to worship the resident Guru and can't stand independent thought, or people who have agendas and try to link their agendas to the RV.
  10. I get really tired of people out in Dinar Land who believe that we have to have some sort of magical and mystical revealing of the "Republic" before we will ever see any sort of RV of any currencies. So for those individuals who are so inclined, I have written a song for you. Enjoy!! Sung to The Beatles "Revolution" You say you want a Revolution Well you know We all want to change the world You tell me that the Cabal is evil Well you know We all want to change the world But when you talk about overthrow Don't you know that you can count me out Don't you know it's gonna b
  11. 35.In Wilbur, Washington, you can be fined for riding an ugly horse. The only thing significant about Wilbur, WA is that it has the only Key Bank east of the Cascades. Beyond that it's a total non-event small town......but the horses are pretty nice. LOL
  12. I've been on this Dinar journey for over 4 years now and I love it when the roller coaster ride is at it's peak, and I hate it when it bottoms out. I listened to the TNT call at it was one of those "Bottom of the Roller Coaster" days, so I decided to express my feelings using the first verse, last verse, and chorus of Don McLean's American Pie. It doesn't mean I'm getting out, just sometimes my creative brain goes this direction and the creativity helps me cope. I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to create your own verses that go in the middle of the song, feel free to do so. I guess now
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