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  1. Where is Adam? He's not posting weekly anymore? And if he is where is his post???
  2. All jokes aside, it’s strange we haven’t heard from him in a month! Seriously wondering why!!! Hope we haven’t been forgotten about!
  3. waited soooo many years for this, sure hope the money is not used for a Nursing Home!!!’ Geeeeezzz SO TIRED OF WAITING FOR AN RV !!🙄
  4. 😕Looks like the weekend chat isn’t working out!
  5. Seems a little strange..Did anyone get an email about him taking personal time off? Seems he just vanished..also, I don't see hardly anyone in the chat room anymore.I don't know what to say or think..
  6. I do look foward to Adam touching base with us weekly even if it's not much news.. ....It's what keeps me motivated from week to week.. I hang on to everything he says..Now waiting another week...
  7. I have no idea how to get rid of the ads, they are disgusting and who wants to look at that everytime we go to this site?
  8. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so ready for this to happen!!!
  9. :)When I first started investing in the Dinar 5 years ago, I had a long list of *things* I wanted to buy when it RV'd...Now 5 yrs later, my list has somewhat changed ...New house is on the list, but helping my family and peace of mind seems to be more important to me now. I have been blessed already and this RV is just the icing on the cake.
  10. This is why I rarely come to the forums..I just wait on Adam on Wednesday.
  11. I can see there is a lot of argueing about this topic, and I don't pretend to fully understand it all, but it's for this reason that I don't come in the forums too often. I just wait until Wednesday's to hear what Adam has to say. I'm sure he will touch on this tomorrow..
  12. It will be interesting to see what Adam has to say about this tomorrow in chat.. Positive thoughts people!!!
  13. Wish I could press that button myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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