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  1. What is 100% confirmed... is that this a 100% a rumor.
  2. It's almost enough to make me not want to check in to the site. I can't stand these kinds of in your face ads.
  3. Will the chat be at 7:00pm? or will it be at some other weird time like the past several weeks?
  4. You can always tell when it's Thursday. The stuff fly's right before payday.
  5. How many times did this post say "it's done... but don't go to the bank!" Don't go to the bank because it's not done and they will laugh in your face... It done when our email and texts go crazy...nuff said!
  6. Why woul is his friend/pastor just nowv be starting a Dinar dealer site if the RV is going to happen by labor day? And asked his MODS to post adds from time to time? with just one week until Labor Day does time to time mean every other hour maybe? Who really believes this guy?
  7. Let's add #11 Let's f#*^@ing RV already!!!!!!
  8. can someone give us one reason to believe anything we hear from/about Okie... one thing?
  9. flahenry


    It can't Rv Tomorrow becuase it'd raining in Florida.
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