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CBI rates look funny


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I see the debt clock, but what is abnormal about it or am I missing something??

When I look all the spots are blank?

Chances are tomorrow it will be back to normal.  But for today I will enjoy the thoughts of an rv running through my head.

I don't want normal. I want an abnormal-ly large RV of $1.16 tomorrow. Go Go Go Go Go Go RV

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WOW!! when the rate does not show, it sure gets everybody talking about all sorts of possable reasons..I have to admit, it is strange, but lets just sit back and wait to see what happens,,ya know..just keep on doing what you normaly do and don't get to excited...till something REALLY happens. After all.. we can guess all we want but we still do not know for sure why the rate did not show..sit back in your easy chair till you get the OK to go to the bank.... :twocents:

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Just checked and the exchange rate section on Arabic version is still removed.

Confirmed I now see no Arabic rate.

Let's visualize everybody!!

Here is something someone sent akin to that electronic hypnosis gadget. This one is to delete blocks - now everyone GET BUSY!

:D reformat brain neurons and frequencies.

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Last year the ministry of finance said they couldn't change the currency because the budget is already using the current currency

Well since the budget is about to be ratified

Maybe this will be the year

I would think they would change the currency when the budget is ratified

So are they able to restructure the currency in time for this budget ?

The cbi has said for years the project for the deletion of zeros is complete

Then they always said timing issues of one kind or another prevented it

So we wait for that budget again

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They need to rv for our sake


Yes please

Did you guys see this post about a spike in the value last week? It would be closer to the .10 mark...

If they had an upload feature on the iPhone I would toss up screen shots but you can access here

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