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  1. This is just my observation. If the majority of Iraq's economy is done in oil exports (which brings in US dollars) and the price oil drops thus affecting your cash supply. This you would think would force an increase in IQD to open your economy to other sources of income. As long as the price of oil is high, there is no need for them to increase the IQD because they are running on the US dollar.
  2. Best speech I ever heard. Those who can't take 6 minutes are simply the sheep.
  3. The best advice on IQD. The only one to watch is what the CBI is doing period. Everything else is pure speculation and opinion.
  4. Soro"s has a special kind of place waiting for him in Hell. All his money and power will not prevent his fate.
  5. Better to have a game plan than none at all. LOL, all plans change. At least that has been my experience.
  6. Already have my team in place. Hopefully they are not retired before the RV happens. LOL
  7. Yes. After 15% taxes invest balance into PMB which dividends are completely tax exempt. Like I said I could make it on 330K a year tax free no problem.
  8. I just spoke to my friend who has his own company as a wealth manager. It will fall under long term capital gains at 15%. He did suggest to me if it is significant gain that for me to put it into Pennsylvania municipal bonds ( that is the state I live in). Collect 5.5% dividends and give the IRS the middle finger the rest of my life because it's non taxable. With the amount I hold that might be a wise option. In a 1 to 1 scenario after taxes I think I could make it on $330K a year tax free and pass the principle on to my son when it comes time.
  9. Anybody that doesn't know or understand that Iraq is at a program rate should not be in this investment. That is the only reason I am here.
  10. With all the news coming out, I recall many years ago (so I do not have the article) when Iraq increased value in the Dinar it always took place in April and a couple of times in September. Here is to hoping they stick to their old agenda!
  11. Very lonely people seeking attention. It's really Pathetic. The thing that is sad is there are people that believe this crap.
  12. It always amazes me when you try to help someone out and they give you a negative. The problem is that you allow this to exist in your life. If your friends are driving you insane then cut them loose. Just because you can not get the answer you like doesn't make the ones you get any less true. Like I said before NOBODY KNOWS NOTHING PERIOD! You ask for an adult conversation yet you are the one that needs to grow up. Everyone here tried to help you. Not one insulted or ridiculed you. Enjoy your chaos.
  13. I have been in this for 9 years. For myself I learned a long time ago that there is no top secret intell, no experts, no sources. Once I accepted this as fact my stress over when an RV was going to happen went away. What I have come to realize is that my only responsibility in this investment was when I purchased Dinar. That's it. Nothing more. I keep tabs on it now and then but I no longer check in on a daily basis. I value my peace of mind. Do I believe that there will be an increase in value? YES! The bottom line is Iraq is moving to their own plan and they don't give two s**** about us and
  14. 22nd is a good possibility. 22 is the most powerful of master number in numerology," The Master builder" can turn the most ambitious dreams into reality. On top of that 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11 "The Dreamer" represents illumination. Two of the three Master numbers in numerology on the same date. Could be it? We will see. The one thing I know for sure is that the powers that be conduct all their business according to Numerology.
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