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  1.!/dad088f353 This is atrocious! It is a slap in the faces of every citizen in our country that we are in generational debt slavery to a privately owned bank that creates debt out of thin air! If you wrote checks without any money to back them up, you'd be arrested, but this bank does this every day. we are paying interest that is eating us alive and the money doesn't even exist! they get paid in full, by owning us!
  2. I've tried this for the past couple of years now, and I'm tired of the process. I've taken a few steps back, but still, they call me to see if I believe the guy. I didn't get into this for the problems of trying to assuage the fears of people who have over-extended themselves, it's just too damned stressful, Even when I was in the hospital after chemo, two of them called me at 3 in the morning to ask me if I had listened to the guy!
  3. I am disturbed by the deaths at the schools and other places in our country, but to say that there need s to be a ban and a listing of people who should not own a gun sounds a little fascist to me. I can appreciate that the kids are making their voices heard, but to demand a ban on so-called "assault rifles" is a bit of an overreach. These students seem to be in a trance of sorts, lost in a fog and for them to demand an end to gun ownership is a fight that they can't win. Eliminate all guns? Not a chance my young protestors. Having made no inroads into why gun ownership is such an important right for citizens, they are reacting to a lack of policing on the parts of the Sheriff's office, and NOT to the use of rifles to kill people. The incidence of texting and driving related deaths is approximately ten times that of rifle-related deaths, and this fact is never relayed by the Communist News Network (CNN). And others of their like. I would love for something like school killings to never take place, but I don't blame it on the gns I blame it on the person using iit to kill people with. No one is calling for a ban on people under 21 to not have access to the cell phones that they use to text and drive, so why should we listen to them abouot banning gns? I'm more than certain that there are at least a few gun owners here, and I'd bet my life that their guns have never lost control and went on a rampage and killed a bunch of people! The truth here is that we're hearing a call to lose rights, and not protect children. We have to be willing to call it truthfully. Placing kids out front to sell a point is a trick the Naxis used in Germany to take guns away from their citizens. well, not in America my friends! Imagine if al the gun owners just went berzerk and started shooting up schools and malls, who could stop ot? These kids are being used and it's shaneful to see. we lost enough of our civil liberites after 9/11, I say "no more" to that. having more of this done to law-abiding citizens iis where I call, B.S.!
  4. Let me get this: I didn't ask for myself, I asked if there was any information I could offer to my friends who are driving me crazy. I'm in, and I don't have a problem waiting. as for my maturity or lack thereof, that's not for you to decide. I got what I wanted, but this seems to have taken on a life of its own. I don't know how much they have, only my own investment. I didn't want a go-for-it, just a little info. I've told them there is no one who knows what's really happening, but they've been listening to someone named TNT Tony or something like that, and they don't hear me. So, if I've upset you with my seeking for information, you are apologized to. But as for my search, it's not for me. So I leave you to your judgment of who or what you think I am.
  5. My title? Oh, that's a reference to a point on the map, it has nothing to do with my attitude or my being negative, (which I am not!) I am waiting patiently, my friends are the ones who are panicking. Oh well, it's not important, no one seems to know the point, so I'll let it go at that. Did I say this in an incomprehensible way? I asked for some info based on my friend's feeling antsy about the Dinar RV. I know it will take time, but convincing them has been the problem. I don't know when or if this will happen, but I'm waiting it out, like everyone else. are we clear on this now? I was merely asking a question, but I've been maligned and dispelled because of this, I guess this forum is not as open-minded as I thought. I'm out, for now, peace for all!
  6. It was they who brought the dinar info to me. I just study it more. They thought that it would happen in a few weeks, so they went a bit wild and purchased more than they could actually afford at the time. I was the one who told them to ease up, but like I said, they purchased by borrowing from others and borrowing payday loans. I tried to, no, I begged them to slow down, and now, I'm the focus of their anxiety about the RV.
  8. Extremely informative, if not a bit long to read.
  9. Parliamentary Finance: The budget needs the intervention of the Federal Court to end the dispute Wednesday 28 March 2018 | 10:27 am BAGHDAD / The Federal Finance Committee confirmed on Wednesday that the Federal Budget Law now requires the intervention of the Federal Court to resolve the ongoing dispute between the Presidency of the Republic, the Parliament and the Government. The committee member Ahmed Hama told “Iraq News” that “the Presidency of the Republic, the Federal Budget Law to Parliament on 13 of this month to intercept 21 articles in accordance with our meeting with the adviser to the President yesterday, he made clear that there is a determination of the President not to vote on The budget without modifying the articles objected, which includes violations of constitutional and legal, “noting that” the re-budget by the Presidency of the Parliament to the presidency without an amendment, did not put a solution to divorce because the two parties are not responsible for the amendment, but the amendment comes from the government. ” He added that “this dispute between the three authorities and the lack of responsibility of Parliament and the Presidency of the Republic to make an amendment to the draft budget, it requires the provision of an explanation to the Federal Court by one of the deputies and therefore is the one to decide the matter and resolve the dispute and accelerate the end of the debate on the draft budget.” On March 13, President Fuad Masoum rejected the 2018 budget and ordered it to be returned to the House of Representatives. The Presidency of the Republic said in a statement that infallible “decided to return the draft (the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018) and voted by the Council on 3/3/2018, to the House of Representatives for the revision of form and content of the constitutional, legal and financial, The existence of about 31 points intersect with the legislation in force. ” The Bureau explained that “the re-budget came after the experts and legal and financial advisers studied and scrutinized in detail to diagnose the most important constitutional, legal and financial irregularities of some of the articles or items or paragraphs that need to be addressed before ratification as well as to address any imbalance in its formulations. The House of Representatives decided in its meeting on Monday, the re-law of the federal budget for the year 2018 to the Presidency of the Republic. The House of Representatives voted, in its session held on Saturday (March 3, 2018) on the federal budget for the current fiscal year by boycotting the Kurdish deputies .. Ended 3
  10. Direction Press / Special The dollar exchange rate, Wednesday, stabilized against the dinar in the local currency market. According to the figures received by “Trend Press” the dollar sale price in Baghdad today 122 thousand and 500 and the purchase price 123 thousand and 500 dinars to $ 100. On the Basra Stock Exchange, the sale price today was 125 thousand and 800 dinars, and the purchase price 126 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars. The sale price of the dollar on the Arbil Stock Exchange today was 125 thousand and 250 dinars, the purchase price 125 thousand and 200 dinars compared to 100 dollars, while yesterday was 125 thousand and 450 dinars, and the purchase price 125 thousand and 400 dinars to 100 dollars. The price of Iraqi gold, today, to 224 thousand dinars for the weight of one. The price of gold 21 caliber, today 224 thousand and 500 dinars, while yesterday was also 223 thousand. It is noted that the weight of one gold is equal to 5 grams.
  11. The results of the foreign currency sale window on Thursday 2018/3/29 and issued on Wednesday 2018/3/28 Announcement No. (3665) Date of sale – on Thursday 2018/3/29 and executed on Wednesday 2018/3/28 the details: Amount Total sales for the purposes of strengthening assets abroad (transfers, credits) 111,755,236 Total cash sales 31,210,000 Total sales total 142,965,236 Note that: The sale price of the amounts transferred to the accounts of banks abroad (1190) dinars per dollar. Cash sale price (1190) dinars.
  12. That's the point, this is the info that my friends keep getting for their sources, and then they pile on me to give them the straight dope. I tell them to just hang on to the stuff and wait it out, I can't tell them anything other than what its value is at the moment, but my phone rings all day with frantic requests for news. I'm not the one who skeptical, (at least not more so than usual) so for me to be told by someone here that I should let it go and be happy, was a bit insulting to me. I only asked for any new info that I might not have heard in order to pass it along to my friends. I know it could take a few more years. I have heard on youtube something about Iraq might change to a gold-backed economy, if that's anything new to anyone.
  13. For each insult, I simply SMH and wonder why I ever ask questions in the first place. I didn't insult anyone else on this site, and after coming here just for some info, I have a low tolerance for the bull of others. I am in it to win it, my inquiries are to alleviate the fears of a few friends who are having problems in being patient and believing that this isn't just another scam. Thanks for the support though, it really means a lot that someone would see cogent questions as a reason to ridicule. Ease up a bit, you'll be a happier person. If you don't want to add something positive to the conversation, be adult enough to leave it alone. See? No problem, pilgrim.
  14. My pessimism is based on the latest information coming out of the region makes it appear that the Dnar might be abandoned for another form of currency and most speculators will be left out in the cold. My point is made on the fluctuation profile, it's so wild at times, and it never goes into positive territory that gives a feeling of confidence, I'm in it for the long run, but that doesn't mean that I'm not seeing a trend that is not a bit disturbing to me. I do thank each for their input, but still, we can all read a currency exchange chart. I have friends who keep asking me about when the R.V. will happen, and a few of them spend a lot of time on the phone listening to "experts" who up until now, have known nothing at all about what's really going on. All I want is to be able to give them and myself, a little bit to go on other than the info they keep getting from these "sources". So again, thanks for the input.
  15. I've been in this for quite some time now, and I watch the value of the Dinar every day, so far, it fluctuates as wildly as an out of control rollercoaster that is unable to be stopped. So many "Experts" are out here and telling us that they possess "insider information" and that their "sources" have given them intel that we can't know, all we need to do is be available by the phone at this time on this date, that I don't know if I believe any of this anymore. I would love to feel comfortable with the prospect of a revaluation, but ith dollar sitting in such a precarious situation, I doubt that the Dinar is going to stand a chance against the attacks that the dollar is facing. We have to be honest about this; it does seem like er are wasting our time here, but I am in it for the long haul, after all, patience is the only way for some investments to pay off. But are we certain that this one is still worth using the energy to exercise this quality? Can anyone else, say that they have been waiting for what seems like an unusually long period of time, for something that was billed as a "sure thing" so long ago?
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