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  1. :moon-from-car:Another so called expert on the RV.....ovarB11
  2. I am not saying that all in here are brain dead..just the majority of they make all kinds of calls on how we should get ready..then..nothing..those are the ones that really needs to get real and stop all the heads up BS. If they can't back up what they say, then don't say anything.
  3. OMG!!! sooooo much crap going on in here!!! are there really that many stupid meatheads that really think this going to happen soon? It would really be nice to have someone come in here and have some truth to share instead of a bucket of sh*t to spread...GET REAL
  4. See what? an RV??...LOL...LOL...Is Tlar some sort of a God??...NO..has he ever been wrong?..yes...have we heard the same sh_t only worded different?..yes..should we hang on that info?..No...Should we get ready to go to the Bank??...No...should we just chalk it up as just more Guru talk and just move on with our lives and not expect an RV anytime soon??..Yes. Just not going to fall for anymore crap no matter where or who the info comes from...IF it will happen it will happen with no warning from any sort of intel of any kind. come on people! We have all been on this wagon far to long to keep falling for that crap...Just move on and it will (maybe) happen when it happens.
  5. Banker stories are a dime a dozen, and sort of hard to swallow.
  6. I agree with reinman! expose them and go all out!!
  7. Monday Monday.. EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!
  8. YUP!!...Told ya he would be back..(thought he would come back as a different name)..but anyway..he came back!
  9. If you LIKE your Dinars, you can KEEP your Dinars!...(your going to have to for a LONG time)
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